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Gretchen Rossi Denies That She’s Homophobic; Says Vicki Gunvalson Never Set Anything Up!

Gretchen Rossi is denying claims that she is homophobic and was trying to “out” Tamra Judge’s husband, Eddie.

During Monday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County Gretchen, Vicki Gunvalson, Kelly Dodd, Lizzie Rosvek, and Tamra’s former Best Man, Ricky, sat around and spread stupid lies about Eddie’s sexuality.

However, Gretchen says that she and the group were merely confirming that Tamra already knew about this rumor long before Vicki ever said anything to Kelly.

In an Instagram post, Gretchen defended herself saying, “Talk about reaching, this post takes the cake even for Tamra. Some of my dearest & best friends are part of the LGBTQ community…I am not homophobic in any way! No one was trying to “out” anyone.”

Adding, “Kelly was only pointing out that Vicki didn’t start the rumor and Lizzie pointed out that Tamra has known about this rumor going around town for years. By the reaction on all our faces, no one could have anticipated what Ricky was going to say when asked if he knew if Eddie was gay (which I only asked him because I knew he had been best friends with Tamra for 13 plus years and if anyone he might know).”

To wrap up, Gretchen defended Vicki against claims that she set up the whole conversation.

“Besides it’s only “outing” someone if he is actually gay….which she adamantly denies and just for the record Vicki Did not set anything up,” Gretchen concluded.

Previously, Gretchen and her man-child Slade Smiley revealed that they were certain Eddie was gay and that Tamra is “manufacturing a relationship for television.”

I’m sorry, but Gretchen is so thirsty! I really would like to have her back just because RHOC is desperate for drama but that whole display last night was disgusting. If Tamra was having that conversation, they would crucify her, but somehow when they do it, it’s okay.

Thoughts on Gretchen’s response to Tamra? Are you Team Gretchen/Vicki or Team Tamra? Do you think Gretchen is homophobic? Did Vicki set up that conversation? Do you believe the group knew what Ricky was going to say? Sound off below!

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  • Trampra is a POS. Eddie, not at all. He is the one who gentles Tamra, and she doesn’t in the least deserve him. Who but Tamra would set Eddie up in a bathtub scene. There was an hysterical scene where Eddie was guzzling a gallon-jug of wine before he got in the tub with Tamra. I can’t remember where I saw that, but it was really and truly LOL, cause, as I said right off the bat, Tamra is a POS.

  • In this politically correct world everything seems to be subject to criticism. Hasn’t everyone asked “Is he/she gay?” at one time or another? Haven’t we all said things that could be considered homophobic or “racist”? I have heard my gay friends make fun of straight people so does that make them heterophobic? Come on people, live and let live and stop being so judgmental about every word spoken. Life is too short. I refuse to police everything that comes out of my mouth so as not to offend someone. I know who I am and so do the people who mean the most to me so that’s good enough for me. All of you word police are missing out on life while you spend all of your time sitting judgment of other people.

  • Weird that drunk Kelly mentions that she’s good friends with Lizzie at Vicki’s sad birthday party. Speaking of pathetic, how lame is Vicki that she has to buy herself her own engagement ring, presents (we all know she paid fir that coat Crooks gave her!), and now throwing herself her own birthday party? When she walked in looking pregnant and did her lame as she “come on guys” I wanted t throw something at my screen. But I digress.

    Viktim is a bad friend. I’m I’ve her, her shrieks, her “whooping it ups” and her deflated face!

  • This whole storyline is so stupid. IMO, Tamra wasn’t mad about the rumor itself, she was mad that Vicki, who is supposed to be one of her closest friends, was spreading the rumor to others, including crazy Kelly.

  • Gretchen, it doesn’t matter if tamra already heard the rumor! The point, you dumb bimbo is that Vicki was talking about tamra & Eddie behind Tamra’s back! AGAIN! And Vicki was supposedly trying to rebuild her relationship with tamra! That dinner was a complete set up! Kelly and Vicki were both in on it and that’s why they brought tamra’s “friend” on! Kelly has some nerve too! How many times has Kelly brought up how she was set up but has no problem doing it to others! She set up Shannon and now tamra! Hypocrites!

    • I totally forgot about Kelly “being set up” and now she has done the same. This will definitely be brought up at the reunion. This season has been so poor. annoyingly ratings are doing well so Bravo will probably keep up this cast feud.

  • Yeah Right !! , Such extremely bad acting during this episode , and why in the ^*&$ would Ricky , tamaras bestie even be there in the 1st place !! SET UP , thats why , and guess what Gretchen , Vicki and Kelly …. no one is buying that Eddie is gay , so try again . Time to fire Vicki from this franchise imo .

    • It was definitely a set up and a stupid one. I don’t agree that no one is buying that Eddie is gay, I just think no one cares. Whether he swings one way or both, who cares. It’s such a dumb rumor because it actually doesn’t matter one way or the other. They really do like to flog a dead horse as Diko would say and Peggy wouldn’t get.

  • Shannon set up Kelly with her pitbulls Nina and Jaci last year. These women ALL set up each other (with the help of producers). Singling out Vicki or Gretchen is hypocritical.

  • Almost forgot, that was such a total set-up that the only thing missing was the written outline detailing who was to say what and when. Vicki pretty much admitted it in her talking head when she said, “Tell me more.”

  • They’re all terrible people. And if I was forced to place a bet, I’d bet the house Eddie is so deep in the closet he can’t find the door.

  • I don’t know that Gretchen is homophobic. I do know that she’s DESPERATE to be on tv. It seems she’ll do anything even befriend VG a woman who was nasty to her. Sad!

  • sooy to say but….. The Thirt is real with all of them!!! I used to love to watch them all .NOw it seams they are all screaming and hating for story lines. REally Shannon has nothing better to say then Vicky lied about the cancer!!!! Move the F on it is so old. I think tamara and Shannon are no better than the others. I thimk it the I better than you attitudes that just make me want to cringe

  • All I heard was lie, blah, blah, blah, lie…..rinse and repeat. Stop interviewing Gretchen already. Sheesh, it’s enough. I don’t care or believe pretty much anything she says.

  • Am I correct that this guy was Lizzie’s date for the party? I am confused WTH this guy was there & friends with them. Wasn’t he very close to Tamra? Someone fill me in please.
    And Gretchen is just as PATHETIC as Vicki – the only thing that brings them together is trying to mess with Tamra. Get a freaking life (both of them)

    • Yep he was in her wedding . Did you notice all the has beens who couldn’t take Tamra down completely , VG once feuded with, and now invited them to her party for filming? So petty .

      • Indeed ?. Maybe she is waiting for Bravo to pay for her wedding and give her a special. She’s not the type to marry without cameras

        • michers , you still watching LHH? You think Teairra’s rehab is fake? That producer sure was very emotional ??. I used to like Masika but she’s kinda off this year for me

          • I love LHH! They’ve been saying for a few years that Teairra had a drinking problem, I dont think its fake. But I did question why she needed to pack her entire house of like she was leaving for life. Masika’s head has gotten too big for herself. I read yesterday that Alexis Sky is pregnant with Fetty’s baby…so this might blow up in her face!

            • No way ??? Fetty’s baby ? Omg ???? masika’s refusal to film with most people is just stupid . Why is Niki Baby still on ? ??.
              I wish Teairra the best but I wasn’t sure if that was real or fake
              Thank you for your response ???

          • Oh snap I missed last two weeks . Last I saw when rays was acting like video producer and princess left all pussy . Pissy Princess lol

        • Oh! Can I jump in on the LHH convo too? I can’t help but watch the shows, have from the beginning. Zell is messy and gives it a little life. I wondered if the Tierra story was real too, but 4itsrox on YouTube thinks its real and she has a pretty good pulse on these people. Someone said the producers sometimes put them up in a temporary condo while they film, so maybe that is why she packed stuff? Why is Nia or Fizz still on? Oh Lord, when Potato Head/Cisco showed up, what a freakin joke/fake story line.

          • I can’t with Cisco. They tried this crossover crap with Rich Dollaz and that was enough although I feel he and Moneice were more ” real” . Speaking of , idk why but I love Moneice lol

            • I like Moneice too, but am not sure about her mothering. But she gives a variety of responses, so it keeps me guessing and is cast well for this show.