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AATRH Exclusive: Filming For Season 3 of RHOP Begins; Plus Is Katie Price Returning To “Bring the Drama?!?!”

Real Housewives of Potomac is coming back for a third seasonshocking, I know!

While season 2 of RHOP was way better than season 1 the AllAboutTRH Team is still shocked that Bravo is bringing the franchise back for a third season.

We recently chatted with one of our RHOP insiders who dished all they know about season 3 so far!

Joining the season 3 cast will be a new, unidentified Housewife and returning season 1 Housewife Katie Price.

Our source says that Katie’s return will cause a “big shake up” with the cast and that she is intent on “bringing the drama” for season 3.

However,  insiders are also telling us that the Potomac Housewives know they are on Bravo’s chopping block.

“RHOP is going into its third season, so production told the women to BRING IT or get demoted,” a source revealed.

“Gizelle, Charrisse, Ashley, Monique, and Katie are bringing it, so they will most likely be full-time cast members,” a source explained. Karen and Robin will probably be demoted.”

Meanwhile,  our source says the new girl, who happens to be friends with Monique, will be full-time.

As for drama, we hear that Katie and Gizelle have “significant issues” while Gizelle and Monique have put last seasons drama behind them and are “good.”

This tea makes it seem like we might get some excellent drama out of RHOP. I’ll be honest I didn’t watch all of season 2 of RHOP, but I did catch the reunion episodes, and they were good, like super good!  Hopefully, the ladies can bring that type of drama to season 3! I’m not sure how I feel about Katie coming back – it could be good, or it could be awful.

Thoughts on our RHOP scoop? Are you surprised RHOP is coming back for a third season? Could RHOP be over if they don’t make season 3 a hit? Are you excited for Katie’s return? Should Karen and Robin be demoted to friends? Do you think the RHOP can deliver the drama for season 3?

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  • shortygrape

    Who the heck is Katie Price? I think you meant Katie Rost maybe returning to RHOP. I like the show and I really hope all the ladies return. I hope they do not make Robin a part-time housewife; it will be interesting to see Robin and Katie go at it and Robin’s problems with Ashley haven’t been fully resolved. Will Robin divorce Juan? Will Ashley save her marriage? Will Charissie get seven figures in her divorce settlement? Will Giselle find a man and a new hair stylist? Her always looks terrible on camera but not in person. hmm Who is Monique friend who will possibly join the cast? If Karen does return – leave the grand act at the door, we all know they are in the same boat as Robin and Juan.

  • Alison

    Please correct your article. Unless Katie Rost got married her name is not Katie Price. And if she got married give us the details on that.

  • RubyRomaine

    First, I’m shocked they are even back. Season 2 was underwhelming. Second, I was hoping they’d kick Monique off, she didn’t really vibe with the other ladies and she is too pretentious with her husbands money.

  • Diamonds & Rosé

    Katie Price is a British celebrity known for tabloids, posing in men’s magazines and plastic surgery. She and Katie Rost are nothing alike…

  • bridge17

    RHOP has to have some of the dumbest and most petty arguments out of any show in the franchise. Who cares if a black person is Jewish? Who cares what box someone’s biracial children will check in the future? Who cares what race you’re claim to be if you’re biracial? It’s 2017 and it’s sad some of these wome do. If Karen gets demoted then good. She wasn’t real anfbwas trying to live a life that was above her. Frankly the true “stray” in the group is her. I hope Katie comes back and idk why she wasn’t welcomed back season 2. I just hope she doesn’t pester anything guy about marriage.

  • Nathan Hastings

    Will Katie be “Clean” this season? I didn’t care for her but I respected the fact that she always stood her ground.


    Bring it or get demoted, really? When will Bravo start listening to it’s viewers? Ever? I’m sorry but Potomac was never a favorite of mine and I questioned why they even brought it back. It ran last season looking for the worse with all the juvenile fighting and the women’s self promoting. I stopped watching the ratchet show last year and based on this article, if even true, I won’t be watching the new season either. Geez, these shows are so trite now.

    • VtheFashionista

      RHOC has never been a favorite of mine yet they bring that back. Point is just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean other people don’t

  • michers

    The only thing Katie brings is nonsense .


    This blog is so lazy when it comes to reporting on the Housewives Franchises that feature Women of Color. Hire someone who is generally interested in reporting the info or don’t do it but this constant half ass stuff is annoying. Furthermore RHOP ratings season 2 average better than RHONY, RHOD AND RHOC so it’s no surprise they are getting a third season.

    • Cindy

      They don’t even look like ladies of color (except the last one and I forgot her name already) lol I honestly believe they are of mixed heritage (Not that it matters at all) but they make it a point to let you know that they are!! SMH

      • Vita40

        You’re incorrect. Robyn and Gizelle have adimantly stated over and over that they are Black. Not mixed. The only one who is mixed on the current cast is Ashley. There are many different shades of Black. Oh and person color refers to any non Caucasian person living in the US. The only cast member who made it a point to point out their mixed heritage was Katie who isn’t pictured.

        • Rain

          Yes that was a big discussion in season 1 about Gizelle and Robyn. I quite enjoy this show

        • FUCHESS

          I think they are all mixed, whether they want to admit it or not, except for the coach’s wife. I should say the only reason I am even making a comment on these women’s “color”, which is ridiculous, is because some of them have the audacity to infer they are not mixed. It is assured that somewhere in their family, a non Afro American was there. So stupid!

          • Rain

            Charrise is my least favorite . That ‘champagne room’ was ridiculous ???

            • FUCHESS

              Since I don’t watch this show I don’t know about a “champagne room”, but it sure sounds stupidly pretentious. U es, Charisse was my least fav as well, along with Karen, I believe, in the light blue dress…hated her! All of them, really…..I didn’t like.

              • Rain

                Happy Friday gorgeous ???. It’s really the best show out there but they still haven’t reached the level of evil that the others have. But I’m sure that’s about to change . So I’m expecting a closeted husband storyline , bankruptcy, cheating etc etc

                • FUCHESS

                  Hahahateehehehohoho! You enjoy yourself Then!

                  TGIF, MOTHER!! ???

      • HW JUNKIE

        Not only am I unsure of your point I’m completely unsure of the purpose of your comment. Having a mixed ancestry doesn’t them any less women of color nor does how they appear to look. “TO YOU!”

    • Jorge Ruiz

      I think “lazy” is harsh. But I agree with sentiment that sometime tends to feel off for me about the reporting on Potomac. I saw potential in S1 and was sold completely by S2. I get it may not be a few of the contributor’s cup of tea but don’t write it off just yet.

      I haven’t felt similarly with RHOA reporting – and wasn’t a reader during RHOM (which I didn’t watch either) – so I don’t see the all women of color franchises aspect.

  • JohnDoe54

    This is lazy–it’s Katie Rost, not Katie Price. And Robin is spelled Robyn. These tidbits also seem to be taken from several Twitter accounts who post these verbatim.

    • Bradley Forrester

      Thank you!!!! This chick is terrible at this!


      Completely AGREE!!

  • Rain

    Oh they’re ‘brining it’? ??? is that code for insane trashy accusations and scenes ? Ah well

    • Hanky Panky

      You mean like when they confronted Ashley at her business to scream at her? That was really trashy.

      • Rain

        so so trashy !!! I liked Robyn first season but this season was horrible for her . Then their excuse was ‘Ashely didn’t ask is to go to another room ‘
        Really ??

    • Kirby

      Mother ??? . This show doesn’t intrigue me at all unfortunately

      • Rain

        Kirby ?????????


      That’s how I’m reading it. Typical Bravo…

      • Rain

        I kinda enjoyed that show, I hope they won’t ruin it ??

        • FUCHESS

          From your mouth….


          • Rain

            Love you ?????????????????

            • FUCHESS

              BACKATCHA!! ??

              • Rain

                Hope you have nice weekend plans sweetums ???. Also hope your weather has gotten a bit cooler ??