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Tamra Judge Slams Vicki Gunvalson and Her Cronies For Trying To Humiliate Eddie; Says That Vicki Is Behind It All And Should Be Fired!

Tamra Judge has had enough of Vicki Gunvalson spreading rumors that her husband Eddie Judge is gay.

During last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki, Kelly Dodd, Gretchen Rossi, Lizzie Rosvek, and Tamra’s former Best Man, Ricky, sat around and spread more lies about Eddie’s sexuality.

In fact, Ricky even claims to have seen Eddie make out with a guy once upon a time.

Check out the clip below!

This pow-wow crossed the line and prompted Tamra to finally call out Vicki and her cronies.

Tamra took to Instagram and slammed the group’s lies; calling them “homophobic bullies.”

“How staged and wrong was that? The worst acting I’ve ever seen,” Tamra wrote. “They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it’s okay to try and Out a straight man hoping to humiliate him.”

Adding, “Well guess what it didn’t work! It’s Not the 1920’s and being gay is not something to be ashamed of or mocked. You should all be ashamed of yourself.”

Tamra then puts all the blame on her former BFF Vicki and says that Vicki should be fired from RHOC just like Phaedra was from RHOA.

“Vicki was 100% behind this and I hope she loses her job just like Phaedra,” Tamra wrapped.

Go, Tamra! I found the conversation between Vicki, Kelly, Lizzie, Gretchen, and that dude to be totally staged. It was obvious what was going down anyone could have put it together. As far as we know Eddie is straight so why continue to try and out a straight man. More importantly, who cares if Eddie is gay or bisexual! Vicki and co. claim to be such good friends to the gay community but then they go and do this? Please, bitches. This story line is stupid and is crossing the line in so many ways.

Thoughts on the above clip? Do you think Vicki masterminded her conversation with Ricky, Gretchen, Kelly, and Lizzie? Was that scene was staged? Are Vicki and her cronies trying to humiliate Eddie? Do you believe that Ricky saw Eddie make out with a guy? Are the claims against Eddie crossing the line? Does Vicki need to be fired like Phaedra?

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  • Lizzie looked somewhat uncomfortable with the conversation. Watching Vicki at her birthday party made her seem desperate to be “liked or loved”. She actually looked fatter in that dreadful red dress than Shannon. Tired of “dark & twisty” for a story line. May be time for Vicki to exit the show/

  • Where did any of them say or even imply that being gay is an insult? They were talking about how he’s rumoured to be gay and yet is married to a woman, I’d be talking about that too! And Tamra, the hypocrite, would be absolutely gleeful if it was someone else’s husband

  • First of all, a LOT of people sit around and talk about the people they know. We all gossip and we all repeat things that we’ve heard. It may not be right but it is human nature (maybe at it’s worst), but human nature nevertheless. I have no idea whether or not Eddie is gay and I could care less. Whatever he is or what he prefers is none of my business. The HW shows are all staged to a certain degree so why is anyone surprised that we may have witnessed a “staged” scene? Tamra has real problems with her daughter who is also going public with their very real problems so she should be a little more careful about what she says and does. She has also done her fair share of gossiping and spreading lies about other people during her time on the show. The season is a disaster and the women are gross and uninteresting….let them blather on and we can be the ultimate judges as to whether or not we watch and listen to it.

    • No but she is however telling adults they shouldn’t gay shame , use someone being gay as an insult ! This is becoming a problem too frequently . Also , these are grown women and the leader of this hate pack is grandmother – how would she like someone attacking her son or grandsons in this manner ? The others are just ignorant followers trying to get paid …

        • I took it that way . It’s being accused , gossiped about negatively to use as insult constantly to hurt people .

          • Fair enough. I personally don’t see it as gay shaming. If someone asked me or said I heard you’re gay I wouldn’t take it as an insult. They’re clearly trying to get at Tamra, more about exposing her lies & hypocrisy, and Eddie is caught in the crossfire. Which is a shame but then he married Tamra so he must have known what he was getting into! Lol

            • Thanks for your civility 🙂
              I agree with ” if someone asked me” – not the case quite a few times especially last season and now this one . BUT, I don’t see how Eddie had anything to do with the girl drama , and expose what lies ? Vicki is so juvenile at 50 something ; no one will ever be as crooked as Brooks or herself . It’s really tanked this franchise

              • I think Tamra lies about lots of things, this whole erased parent nonsense for a start. She also had to apologise for making homophobic comments in the past, thus the hypocrisy. I genuinely do think she’d be right in the thick of things if it was someone else’s husband. It is a shame that Eddie has been dragged into things, there are plenty of other things to go after Tamra about

  • I’m sure you do hope that Tamra. You have been trying to be the OG for 3 yrs now. With Andy, I’m sure you will get your wish. I think it was wrong but Vicki can’t make people say these things. They are adults and only responsible for themselves. Its funny how anyone Tamara gets close to ends up in a fight with her and then she gets a group to gang up on them. Gretchen, Vicki, Alexis. A full table of people who worked with her and yet she made enemies if them all. Who the problem?

    • They were all enemies of Vicki at one time too. Gretchen is very thirsty and will do anything to get back on the show. I don’t know the motivations of the others involved, but I wouldn’t put it past a lying cancer scammer to recruit Gretchen with the promise of getting her back on the show.

      • It was a meeting of thirsty bitches. They could have lapped up Viktim’s pool and they’d still be thirsty.

        Lizzie is so desperate for camera time, from peeing to discussing a man’s sexuality there’s no low too low for her. Is she still promoting Club Detox ?

        Gretchen is a waste of space.

  • I could care less about this stupid story. With that said I hate to tell you Tamra you do not have the power to get Vicky fired. Also you have been swirling ugly rumors about so many of your co-stars and their Husbands throughout the years that if anyone should be fired it should be you. Lets see, Slade, Jim, Gretchen and that’s just to name a few people you have said way worse damaging, life changing things about so just stop with the get Vicky fired rant. With any luck they’ll fire you! And no I’m not on Vicky’s side either I just find it funny that now Tamra has her panties in a knot for the same type of thing she’s done over and over to so many other people and their Families! What a joke and contradiction this is and if it’s not true why are you giving it any life?

  • All those pigs are just jealous Tamra has a hot, sweet, loving man! Eddie is not gay! They have been together for 7, 8 years now! Obviously they aren’t faking the relationship for TV! The rest of them have shitty relationships so they are mad Tamra doesn’t! Leave Eddie alone! Lizzie, Gretchen get your ugly mugs off TV! You were both fired, remember? No one cares what you think! Kelly you are a low class hooker! Vicki you are a pathetic, desperate old hag! And you and Lydia need to take your homophobic, bigoted, judgmental ass back into the hole you came out of!

  • Look I would have to see Eddie in the bed having sex with a man to believe Eddie was gay. This is a ladies man and ladies want him on and off the screen. Now I have no problem with gays that’s their life’s and choses. Vickie, Gretchen and Kelly are crazy and after all the things that Vickie did to Gretchen she is sick and just wants back on the OC

  • That whole thing was so scripted, I am embarrassed to say I even watched it. What a joke. And seeing Gretchen again, I have missed her like I would miss a thorn in my ass. Nice try tho. And, I couldn’t care less what or who Eddie does in the bedroom. Could we move on now. This storyline was a fail.

    • Tiu know what thiugh , she already addressed Vicki about this and her feeding into it last season so why is she continuing to make such allegations about someone’s husband? Enough already . Now she had the has beens snd never was group playing along to spite Tamra . It’s out of control and someone needs to say something

      • She lost the daughter storyline and the born again storyline is so lame and unbelievable that this is her storyline to stay relevant. Hate them all. They’re ALL low class trash.

        • It’s small potatoes to me as a viewer because others are worse . They’re all something though lol, but I wouldn’t say all are trash . IMO 🙂

  • Time for that vile Vicki to go. Andy Cohen lets this homophobic crap on his TV show????????? Who cares if Eddie is gay except for Vicki who is jealous of every other woman.

  • How can ANYONE be Team Tamra??? Seriously? What is so great about her that makes anyone wanna be on her team? I’d like to know one thing really. The behavior of just about everyone on this show is disgusting really, especially Tamra and Vicki. How about this – how about Tamra stop adding to the drama of Eddie being gay or not being gay? I just find it suspicious that his own best man said what he said.

    • How can anyone keep hating her compared to Kelly and or Vicki ? Id rather deal with Tamra any day . Also how is she adding to the drama of Eddie ? Sorry maybe I missed something ?

      • Just like she did with her daughter, she keeps this rumor alive on social media..I look at it as her over compensating..there’s something to be said about keeping quiet about that stuff..I don’t see it all over Vicki’s or Kelly’s social media…Tamra is a social media whore really! Me personally, I feel Tamra is way more vindictive and mean/evil then even Kelly. But this is just my opinion.

        • Some need to talk to get feelings out which I get so I ( minority here) dint fault her with her struggle because I can’t imagine how she feels . She’s also not saying anything negative OR giving info that’s not known already . She’s the mom ; kids don’t dictate to us what we do . Vicki is just hypocritical and malicious . And, disgusts me to see the lengths she goes to to hurt others when SHE is the wrong one !! Meh . We shall disagree lol!!!

          • Vicki will do anything to make people stop talking about the cancer scams, even trying to out Eddie as a gay man. Not only is this disgusting, vile behavior, it’s an epic fail. It only makes Vicki look worse, and I didn’t think that was possible.

          • Apparently Tamra has a fake relation so people can hate her for it even there’s no evidence just hearsay from thirsty as people.

            Meanwhile Viktim has revealed she’s not into Steve who is boring and she’s still pining for Brooks but she’ll stick with Steve for now ’cause it makes her look good plus he is attending to her love tank. Yet no one has a problem with this fake relationship!!!

            • Ha! And her” fakesionship “isn’t the only issue . Meanwhile , she’s STILL perpetuating to and adding to and having a team also add to gay shaming Tamras hubby . But sure lets’s say Tamra is trashy … Eyedamnrolls…Vicki is EFFED up all the way around .

        • No one is as mean as Kelly. She has serious issues. If she feels insulted or slighted even the least, she goes in for the attack. It’s disgusting to watch. She’s a grown woman, not a teenager. If she doesn’t know how to have a constructive discussion or disagreement, she needs some serious work. You don’t fight dirty. Ever. It accomplishes nothing. I’ve drilled that into my kids’ heads. It’s just hateful behavior. Argue about the point at hand, don’t go below the belt. Kelly disgusts me.

          • Agree swiz . To attack Meghsn now too , the one true friend who was fair and balanced with her ??? She’s Nucking futs

        • Yup. I do think Tamra can be good sometimes, but she seems more mean than Kelly. Kelly just says what people are thinking. Kelly does not go after people intentionally.

    • Right Tracy. She is adding to drama. Instead, she should act like it is not a bad thing to be gay because it is not. Never understand what wrong for him to be gay even if he is not.Tamra already knows people thought that before Vicki said it. I do believe the rumor to a certain point regardless who says them. He may be pansexual or bisexual or knows and who cares. What Vicki did Tamra would do too. Plus, Brianna already admitted it was true last season in her talking shot-not sure if viewers remember that. Both are trashy. But for Tamra is ok for her to go after others, but when someone goes after her she has a huge fit.

    • That dude was Tamra’s former friend. And his response to Lizzie asking why he had only spoken now said it all. People will do anything to be on TV.

  • The rumor about Eddie being gay has been out there since he started seeing Tamra. He was a paraprofessional or something at his daddy’s law firm and did personal training on the side. I don’t care if he’s gay or bi or what, it makes no difference to me, but the rumor has been out there LOOOOOONG before Vicki said anything about it.

    • It doesn’t make it true though !!! It’s terrible this cast was able to keep feeding that beast and use that hurt people . And as I said elsewhere , if any if it bore truth , someone would have come forward years ago then ! Secondly – if he were gay, I think he would go live his life elsewhere not married to a woman on national tv . IMO

  • I just can’t with Tamra….does she forget when she first started dating Eddie and constantly made gay jokes about him??? She made the jokes with Vickie on camera!! Why doesn’t Bravo flash back to that and show what a hypocrite TAMRAT really is! Does she forget when she purposely tried to get Gretchen drunk so would cheat on Jeff??? If TAMRAT didn’t lose her job why the heck should Vickie? Tamra is sooo boring this season and honestly the best part of the season so far was Gretchen returning. This season sucks and it’s because of Tamra and Shannon. Shannon is depressing and Tamra is fake. I can’t even watch this season anymore. Also the gay Eddie rumors are not new!! Many people said that the whole porno tub scene was to prove that Eddie wasn’t gay. It clearly did not 😉

  • Just for the record, I don’t care if Eddie is bisexual or not. However, I don’t think Vickie’s posse was lying. What does Tamara’s friend and best man have to gain by lying? He was close enough to Tamara and Eddie circle to know. Again, who cares! The problem is Tamara has spent years repeating rumors about her former cast mates. Should she be surprised or hurt that the gossip is now flowing in her direction????

    • EXACTLY! Tamra was the one who shared with the public that Vickie cheated on Don – via twitter. She has spread every nasty thing she has heard about every single cast member besides Heather and Shannon…. we all know that’s because they are the rich ones who she doesn’t want to tick off. Tamra is no better than Vickie and the fact that all of a sudden all of the disgusting things she has done in the past doesn’t matter anymore blows my mind. She said vile things about Slade, Jim Bellino and any other house husband but God forbid Vickie repeat a rumor that has been out there since the day Eddie stepped foot on our tv screens!! Over this season…time to pull a New York and wipe this cast clean and start fresh. Oh yeah I almost forgot everything she said on screen and on twitter about Jeanna and her ex-husband.

      • Vicki DID cheat on Donn and most of what she said about Slade and Jim Bellino was true. Beyond that, no one has done anything more vile and disgusting than trying to con cancer victims. Vicki is pushing this rumor to try and get the heat off of her.

        • Vicki did not con cancer patients. get a grip. nothing she said about slade and jim was true. Tamra is a liar . no wonder her daughter wants nothing to do with her.

          • Vicki tried to con cancer victims with her Club Detox and then her cancer “charity” that was promptly shut down. She’s not a good scammer, as she never profited from her scams, but the fact that she tried is absolutely disgusting and the lowest thing any RH from any franchise has ever done.

    • It’s payback for Vicki to try and damage others because she got caught scamming and lying . She herself stated she was taking them down and I believe she will stop at nothing to try it

    • It’s a matter of Vicki wagging the dog. Vicki thought that if she could get everyone talking about something other than the cancer scams the heat would be off. She knew it had to be something pretty salacious so let’s go after Eddie’s sexuality. It’s been out there, and she could prove that, so she could deny that she started the rumor. What Vicki didn’t count on is the fact that it’s really vile to perpetuate a rumor like this and that most of us don’t really care about Eddie’s sexuality nearly as much as we are disgusted about her conning cancer victims.

  • Vicki had to be mortified when she saw the footage of her in that red dress. That was horrible! I will watch again just to see that.

  • It’s all tit for tat. Tamra has her psychic so Vicki had to find someone to do her dirty work. And Gretchen is stupid.

  • That bitch fest was hilarious…Kelly sucking butt of Vile ..trying to sound casual about – suddenly bringing up sexual orientation of Eddie! Vile and Kelly = skanksRus

    btw – when will the suck twins bring up first marriage? geez

  • How long before fake gay lovers of Eddy are going to come out of the woodwork to get their 15 min? Such a sad sitch
    Thanks again Vicki and the hyena pack !! Atrocious

  • Personally the whole thing is gross and I think Andy felt same on WWHL last night. If cancer con wasn’t enough maybe this will be to rid the show of Vile? Also last night seemed very staged ; was totes obvious . The scene of Briana walking into moms yard to go to talk to her drunk uncle, to the whole disgusting sit down to bash Eddie( again) – disgusting and staged . Tamras ex bestie man – seriously ? Vicki is petty and juvenile to boot . Inviting all she bashed who now hate Tamra to have ” friends” at her party was low and shows how desperate her shady ass is to have a squad . This show is awful . I need to know why this is so important to keep slandering another’s husband , for a few years now? I don’t want to ever hear again that Shannon , Tamra or Meghan are ” trying” to keep Vicki feud going and trying to stay relevant !That table was full of rode hard and irrelevant women .

    • Michers-i always come to this site just to read ur comments!! Always spot on and they make me giggle ??

          • Nah girl you’re a class all on your own !?????? Seriously , you’re a kind and FUN poster and you don’t take these shows too seriously and get all wrapped up in them ???????

            • Guilty ! I used to . We used to have some battle royales around these parts ! But I really do prefer shots and hugs and had to learn to ” bite my tongue” . All good – I enjoy the crowd here lol thanks for your kindness . You’re awesome XO

              • We all learn don’t we ? I’ve learnt that I can’t change anybody’s mind so I’m not going to try . These HW are all living well and my opinions mean zilch to any of them so I’m not going to get way too wrapped , as much as I can. Sometimes we all do and that’s ok ??? you always find the humor in things and manage to find a way to engage others even those who disagree with you and that is a GIFT ?

          • Does Lydia bother you as much as she does me? Her whole, my-little-pony act puts my teeth on edge. And, she’s too much of a contradiction. All, “I am Woman,’ one minute and then the next she can’t explain sex to her sons because that’s the man’s job.

            • I’m so disappointed in Lydia . I enjoyed her so much her first season (and her mother) and thought she was refreshing . I don’t know who this new Lydia is and I can’t believe in this day and age she is bothered by some of the things she claims to be bothered by . She bothers me but also bores me ????????

            • And the way she keeps emasculating her husband, saying they are going to ‘cut off his balls’. No honey, they snip the vas deferens tubes!

              • I think this “balls” thing is Sister Christian’s attempt at being edgy. Instead it just reminds us how phony they both are. Like they don’t know what a minimal procedure a vasectomy is. Christ, it’s an office procedure. Not only that, he seems a little too meekly willing to accept her announcing it like it’s his impending eunuch status. Since we know praying the gay away doesn’t work, maybe he’d like being spayed/neutered so he could go and sin no more. I mean they’ve already taken care of the procreation thing. I know, I’m being a little too – something but, he does make my gaydar ping juuust a little.

            • She’s awful this time around . I can see why her mom smokes so much weed and plays with fairy dust . Dots connected !

        • She can go scratch . If Meghan would have accidentally stuck her foot out on the cliff walk from Hell, I would have looked other way . Just kidding?!?

    • Completely! Vicki only invited Gretchen and Lizzie to that party knowing they would bring the other guy and set up the whole scene. In Vicki’s twisted mind, if she could prove the gay rumors were true, she would somehow be vindicated. She’s an awful person.

      And thank you to production for doing such a great job of showing us her back fat repeatedly during that party. Hysterical. Clearly a sign that no one really likes Vicki. She had a team getting her ready and no one said that dress is awful on you? Even her own sister didn’t save her, and that’s what sisters do best — be brutally honest. And that lipstick! Bless you make up artist who helped Vicki look absolutely horrendous.

    • Michers…well said. I agree, nothing about VG and her cronies says they’ve moved on from ANYTHING. The only thIng I saw from them was desperation to get back on TV.