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RHONJ Cast Wants Danielle Staub Gone After Her Racist Rant Resurfaces!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast wants returning Housewife Danielle Staub to be edited out of the upcoming eighth season after a video of her engaging in racist rant recently resurfaced.

TMZ reports that the RHONJ cast is demanding a meeting with producers to discuss Danielle’s role in the upcoming season.

In the video, Danielle can be seen using the N-word several times and calling her ex-boyfriend a “stupid fucking Mexican.”

While Danielle was not part of RHONJ at the time the video was shot in 2015, she is a major player in season 8.

Now the current cast is worried that having Danielle part of the cast will hurt their reputations and the show’s ratings.

Danielle is said to have an enormous amount of airtime during season 8 despite only being a friend of the Housewives and that editing her out would not be easy for Bravo.

Previously, sources told AllAboutTRH that Bravo wanted to make sure season 8 was a hit.

This even meant pushing the premiere of season 8 until “the fall’ to ensure that the “RHONJ ratings would skyrocket.”

AllAboutTRH was sent the below clip of Danielle back in August. At the time we wrote it off as old news but are now sharing it since the video has been re-released.

*Warning the video contains explicit audio and visual.*

I find this audio clip of Danielle utterly disgusting, but I highly doubt Bravo will edit her out of RHONJ. Bravo is looking for a successful season of RHONJ, and I think they are taking the notion that any publicity is good publicity.

Stick with AllAboutTRH for more details on this developing story.

Thoughts on Danielle’s rant? Do you believe the RHONJ cast wants Danielle edited out of season 8? Do you think Bravo would ever edit Danielle out of season 8? Does Danielle need to address this video? Sound off below!

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  • Wow! The video was incredibly disturbing. The revenge porn aspect was just as grotesque – though I must admit I didn’t pick up on that until reading some of of the posted comments. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    I was a fan of Danielle but am very disappointed at this peek at who she really is – clearly her normal social filters were compromised by intoxication.

    There are so many reasons why, and examples of, people having close ties/relationships with social groups they have some type of prejudice toward. The “they have a friend argument” is so weak. But there are almost no reasons to attack one’s nationality and no reasons to use derogatory racial language.

  • I’m more grossed out about her letting herself be filmed naked washing her a** than I am about what she’s saying. Wtf is wrong with that woman ?!? Her poor kids …

  • I personally don’t think she’s racist,,just said some crazy stuff while intoxicated…I don’t condone that behavior BUT I’m sure she will bring in those ratings with her wonderful comeback…I wasn’t a fan of hers in the early years but grew to like her after she left for some reason…I wonder which cast mates want her gone? Zigzag and DULLores, perhaps? And ASShole just wants her gone cuz she’s mad that her drunk mama got fired! I bet they’re still gonna watch too..

  • Does anyone not notice that the words we are hearing do not match the movement of Danielle’s mouth in this video? Something seems really off. And FYI people, here is the definition of “N*&*&( Weed” from the urban dictionary, as its actually a term used…”n*&%$# weed. Many use this term describing Marijuana that doesn’t have very strong effects or doesn’t easily get you stoned. Why did you waste you money on nigger weed.” Also, I am sure none of us have ever uttered something that could be considered racist. I won’t say it doesn’t sound like Danielle, because it does sound like her voice, but those words don’t seem to go with this video. I almost feel like someone is setting her up but editing and adding a voice over onto this video. Something seems really off.

  • IDK. Nothing stupider than a white person getting faux fashionably offended on behalf of another ethnicity. Just tell her to watch her mouth. No one was hurt. The F bomb is okay tho.

    • How do you know no one was hurt? There are a lot of people who are hurt by comments like this. Nothing stupider than someone not being sensitive enough to care people are offended and to know that words hurt.

    • Hmmm, I get a feeling they definitely plan on sending him to Italy, especially with what’s going on currently in politics…js I could be way off but he is not beloved like his wife, and appeared far more guilty…

      • Good morning Fuchess!

        yeah, ICE def. has plans for Joe Giudice. Since the world first heard the news about this years ago, I have always said, “if they are eligible they should have it” – so ICE is part of it.

    • In season 2 when they all visited Italy Joe family, they said they owned a house and someday they hope to remodel . Living in Italy isn’t a death sentence Italy is beautiful. Teresa can be what we call snowbirds in arizona they live here in the winter and go home in the summer. Unfortunately it’s the innocent girls that are going to be devastated.

      • I’ve never applied “devastating” for the girls- that landed the day their parent’s pled guilty. Since then the Giudice’s have been in survive and conquer mode.

        This family has known Italy as a possibility for years. The one shining point is – their mom and dad will be there for them – help them deal with more changes in their lives.

        I will certainly miss the Giudices and that will end RHNJ

  • 1) Who the hell lets someone take a video of them on the toilet?
    2) Those racist remarks are really, really awful. My kids know not to use those words. This woman does not?
    3) Good lord that is the worst boob job I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  • Just the fact that this sight posted this video is absolutely disgusting. I can’t for the life of me understand why you would do this and I have to say this is an all time low for “All About Truth”. I get it that if she did say those things it’s horrible and completely unacceptable, with that said this was obviously some lowlife ex boyfriend trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. I know this women has done a million questionable and not so stable things but to post a video of her on a toilet butt ass naked is so much worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get slapped with a big fat lawsuit after this, it’s just so wrong on so many levels. Either way she she shouldn’t have ever in a million years said what she said but if their going to fire her for this they better start firing just about every housewife that’s ever been on the Bravo paycheck!

  • W O W ! First time I’ve heard that BS! One would think Bravo would try to be more morally responsible and not hire her back for that alone. I’m totally turned off now. I have to rethink watching the show. Never heard about this before… smh Why should I be surprised? Racism is on the rise..

  • Disgusting, indeed.
    I was never excited about Danielle’s return, despite where she stands with Tre now. There’s just something about her energy, I don’t know, that’s just… wrong. Makes my skin crawl, almost. She is a dark, lost soul and I’ll never trust her.

    • I would have been excited if Jac would be there to rehash some of her own ” truths” but no such luck . Too bad Jac has minion Dolo 🙁

  • Funny…I’m not watching this season because she’s on it! So to have her in this season to boost ratings is too funny to me. Good luck with that!

  • Racist comments are disgusting. That is not up for debate, period. I don’t want to judge this site or get on a soap box but I thought from a woman’s rights perspective that “revenge porn,” a boyfriend posting naked pictures or videos of their ex to harm or hurt an ex or releasing them to the media for publishing is now very much against the law and prosecutors are more and more taking these cases. How is any site being allowed to show this clip without Danielle’s approval. This clearly must have been filmed during a fight with a boyfriend, she is not clothed — so how is this legal to publish? I just read in my paper a similar case prosecuted – a husband posting a naked video of his wife during an argument -it was prosecuted as revenge porn. Am I not interpreting this new law currently and the ramifications here?

    • I actually took a moment and checked the laws for NJ. NJ is one of 38 states that now has revenge porn laws passed by their state legislatures and enforceable. An ex boyfriend, spouse, friend out for revenge or not (revenge does not have to be proven) can not publish themselves or send to the media for publication graphic, nude, sexual images with the intent to have the images seen and published without the person in the photo/video’s consent.

  • I am very disappointed this blog has posted this without speaking to Danielle first, I thought the truth was more important to them.

    Danielle’s best friend is African American. Her boyfriend at the time was Mexican. She is not a racist! Even if it was her voice, she was intoxicated and said stupid things to try to hurt her boyfriend because he is a bad man who was instigating her with ill intentions. We all know Dolores, Jac, Siggy and KimD are behind this and it’s playing very dirty.

    • Lara is not gonna ask Danielle nothing cause they’re all up Siggy’s ass. Siggy is nuts, Shannon of OC and Jacqueline were on twitter together bashing Siggy Bad Time. Shannon was saying how Siggy got through a locked account of hers, shall we say stalker,she called her a fame whore, super crazy, and Teresa gonna make Siggy head spin off. Believe or not Jacqueline is a Fan of Teresa and can’t wait to watch her.Jacqueline words “Siggy going Down” Next day I went back it’s all gone and here is Siggy all over Jacqueline page Oozing love between each other, Pretty sure Siggy saw it too Danielle Staub is Not a Racist.. Danielle is back and she brings it like no other PERIOD sorry Siggy and Dolores you made sure Robyn was Cut not gonna work this time..

    • Sorry but, you can have an AA bestie, and a Mexican boyfriend and STILL be racist. It’s even worse that she has relationships with people and still chooses to use those obsenities.
      So, because my bestie is black (which she is) I’m not racist..and I’m allowed to use the n word? I don’t think so.

      • She said stupid mexican, mexican is not a Race next n—-weed never heard of that term. Let’s all hang her from the highest tree OMG ppl need to chill out. This is nothing but sticks and stones..

        • What you’re addressing really has nothing to do with my overall point. And honestly, I’m not sure what you were trying to say in your first sentence.
          And I’m sorry just my opinion, but you don’t specify Mexican after calling someone stupid without meaning it in a racist way. Why not just call them stupid then?

            • I know the difference thank you for trying to educate me though. Again, you’re missing my overall point trying to educate me where I don’t need to be educated. So would you have considered her racist had she said stupid Latino, or stupid Hispanic? Stop arguing over the logistics and technicalities. It’s clear what the intent was. And again just because you have relationships with people of color, doesn’t mean you can’t be racist.

            • And furthermore, I honestly don’t care if you haven’t heard of n***** weed before, it’s simply not acceptable to use the n word EVER.

          • My husband is part Jap. He knows he is part Japanese. He is not offended by Asian jokes because he is an adult. Mexican guy KNOWs he is Mexican. What is funnier is that YOU are offended. What kind of child thinks they are gonna go thru life never getting insulted. Grow up.

            • Good for you and your husband. What’s actually funny here is how ignorant you are.
              Did I ever say I would never go thru life getting insulted? NO I didn’t. Reading comprehension is your friend.
              I don’t care if your husband is okay with racist jokes, good for you and good for him.

            • And did you ever stop and think that maybe I’m offended because of my life experiences? Maybe because I’ve been called racist names by someone before? Or maybe perhaps people have thought it was funny to make condescending racist jokes to me? You grow up and grow some awareness.

        • Her comments were disgusting. And just because you have never heard of one the insults doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. ALSO — and it pains me to point this out: “let’s all hang her from the highest tree” — yiiiiikes, this is literally what African Americans experienced during lynchings. I’m not trying to be rude but how tone deaf can you be?

          • You think her comments were disgusting so you wanna cut off her income and livelihood so she becomes homeless and lives on the street? Thats disgusting.

            • GROW UP! You’re taking it to the extreme! And btw, I’m a child according to you, but apparently you’re so grown and don’t know how the world works…laughable. Every adult knows that there are consequences to your actions

            • Was she homeless and on the street when she was NOT on television? Oh, she wasn’t? Well, looks like she’ll have to get off the TV and get a job. And btw — ANYBODY who makes these kind of remarks should not be on television.

      • I’m not saying you should run around calling people names, but you know what happens after youre offended? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Grow up.

        • Beth you grow up! If you think racism is ok and you don’t stand for anything that’s on you. I’m allowed to have an opinion and speak up against something that I think is wrong.

          • Beth doesn’t understand the difference between being offensive and being offended. She might need a history book, too, that addresses racism. Wanna chip in so we can send her one from Amazon? lol

      • Vito40 Its amusing how you try to sound smart but you are absolutely clueless.
        I am more concerned with the man who video taped and exploited this woman. I am more concerned with the vengeful hate of JAC and KIMD oh and Asslee. Those 3 are the biggest hateful idiots to come out of jersey.

        • I’m not trying to sound anything honey. I’m simply expressing my opinion. I’m not clueless at all. But, you can think whatever you’d like about me. At the end of the day you don’t pay my bills or contribute to my happiness or well being, so ultimately your opinion of me means NOTHING! I can be concerned about Danielle’s use of racist words and still not be a fan of Ashley, Kim D, and Jac. It’s not one or the other. I never said what the man did was ok. But, the things Danielle said weren’t ok either. That’s all. Have a great day!

  • This rant will “hurt their reputations”. Lol. That’s funny. yeah it’s not the fact that when one googles the show stuff that pops up are the criminal convictions, the bk fraud of the Lauritas, and the numerous public fights and outbursts of the whole cast, but it’s this ‘rant’ will sink their reps, yeah ok lol. I’m no Danielle fan, but whining about this rant is over the top stupid.

  • Who doesn’t want her, Sig or Dull?? Per Danielle’s Twitter it wasn’t her. IDK doesn’t really sound like her.

  • I don’t watch this show but I saw this clip elsewhere . I think Bravo KNEW this existed and knew it would create controversy ……and how convenient is the timing is this ‘leak’ !! A short time before the new season starts ! Ahem , right !

  • I’m so confused by the video. it’s Danielle using a bidet with a voice over of Danielle saying racist things? Huh? Who made this video? And Danielle is clearly trash, that’s not news. Who allows someone to videotape you naked using a bidet? So odd!

  • Racists/homophobia/Physical violence – that is Catnip to Bravo

    btw..innocent , shy Danielle is now saying that is not her…(twitter account)

  • I’d be surprised if fired or edited out and here’s why : Kelly Dodd to name one reason . She had a racist rant surface before her first season on top of other troubles , still is an Ahole and still on . Many other examples throughout franchises.