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Could Kim Richards Be Heading To Jail?!?!


Kim Richards‘ ongoing legal issue has reared its ugly heads once again.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is at risk of heading back to jail if she doesn’t comply with the court requirements.

“Kim has not completed her community service and was supposed to have it done by last Thursday,” an AllAboutTRH source explains.

While our source was “certain” jail would be Kim’s fate this time around it looks like Kim has received another get out jail free card.

E! News reports that Kim now has until December 19th, 2017 to finish completing her 450 hours of community service.

This news comes after Kim’s attorney went to court on behalf of her and showed proof that Kim is working on completing her community service. The court let Kim off the hook because her attorney proved that she has completed 180 hours of community service so far and has plans to complete the rest.

Kim’s community service is part of her plea deal from her 2015 arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Currently, Kim volunteers at a horse sanctuary to help with her recovery and spends time with her kids and grandson.

“My recovery has been amazing, and I love how I feel,” Kim recently told E! News.

I’m glad to hear that Kim is doing so well with her recovery but C’mon girl get your community service done and put it all behind you. Kim has the time to complete her community service since she doesn’t have a full-time job so what’s stopping her? I don’t know why Kim continues to let this hang over her head.

Are you surprised Kim still hasn’t completed her community service? What do you think is preventing Kim from completing her community service? Why do you think Kim keeps avoiding jail? Do you think Kim will complete her community service by December?

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  • Debbie Carr

    I would love to know if she still has the dog Kingsley, who has bitten a few people. Just wondering.

  • lebronfan

    Kim Richards is a drunk that takes no responsibility. An old manipulative ( haggard) has-been who should be in jail and off TV!!!! She makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth.

  • Gene Hyde

    Lock her up!

  • bridge17

    Kim needs to start owning her crap. It’s really starting to get old. If I got paid for every time she said “I’m focused on my sobriety” I would be rich. She is full of excuses and jail would be the best thing for her. Watch what happens if she points her finger in an inmates face!

  • Steve

    Being from California, I do not want my tax payer money being used to provide room and board for a self-entitled little twit who was a d-=list celebrity as a child and still think she has fans. If they want to extend her time for community service, so be it. Just don’t make me pay for her incarceration. She is not worth it.

    This woman is and will self-destruct. Sad, but all that has happened to her is the result of her own actions and decisions.

  • Khipp
  • RubyRomaine

    This is ridiculous. Her case is being treated like a joke. She shoplifted, was driving around drunk, stopped at the BHH and she KICKED a cop! Any other person would be facing serious jail time.

    • BuckJohnson


    • bingo32

      Not in LA they wouldn’t. Besides you are putting a lot of things together and making assumptions. She was not charged w a DUI. Stopping at BHH is not a crime. Kicking a cop when wasted is not new to cops in BH. On a separate occasion, IMO-she did not shoplift in the literal sense. Rather I think she was too high to realize what she was doing. The court treated her accordingly like they do everyone else. She actually got more than most first time offenders

  • samael


    Kim deserves to be sober
    Kim is responsible for her sobriety
    Kim needs to respect her sobriety
    Kim needs to stop blaming the viewers for her staggering off the wagon…yet, she was NEVER on the wagon

    Entitlement is a douche move kim! accountability or lack of it – game changers!

  • September24

    LOL! So entitled. So hollywood warped. Let her get the same cell her niece had. They can trade war stories!

    • michers

      LOL war stories … I can’t

  • Comment Reader

    I understand Kim needed time to get herself well enough to even try to do community service… but she didn’t complete 1/2 of it in TWO YEARS!! I feel for all struggling with addiction, but it’s not like she has to work to support herself. I wish her well, but my hardworking butt would be in the clink if I pulled that. Js