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Kelly Bensimon Insinuates That Tom D’Agostino Cheated On Luann de Lesseps; Do You Think Tom Was Unfaithful?

Kelly Bensimon showed support for her friend and former Real Housewives of New York co-star Luann de Lesseps during her one-on-one sit down Andy Cohen.

During the special, Kelly tweeted her support and love for the former Countess, calling Luann “elegant” and “gracious.”

Kelly also praised Luann for the “integrity” she’s shown during her split with ex-Tom D’Agostino.

“Congrats to @CountessLuann for having so much integrity. You are a role model for all women,” Kelly said.

Adding, “I love how gracious @CountessLuann is handling the #oneonone. She’s so elegant. And she’s so much fun!”

However, Kelly also dropped a MAJOR bombshell about Luann and Tom’s marriage on Twitter when she claimed that Tom did, in fact, cheat on Luann during their marriage.

“I’m def watching @Andy talk to @CountessLuann. It’s heartbreaking when a man cheats. I’ve been there. #heartbroke,” Kelly tweeted while sharing a photo of her and Luann.

I don’t think Kelly’s going to score any friendship points with Luann after dropping that bomb.  It’s clear Tom was NEVER faithful to Luann especially considering how fast he’s moved on.

Do you think Tom cheated on Luann during their marriage? Will Luann be mad about Kelly’s slip? How do you think Luann has been handling herself following her and Tom’s split?

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  • bridge17

    Who didn’t he cheat on Lu with isnthe true question

  • Cori

    Heck, he probably slept with someone in the limo on the way to the church day of the wedding. Would anyone be surprised? Didn’t think so.

  • Kristen

    I mean is anyone surprised?

    • michers

      Didn’t we already know this this again and again and again ?

  • September24

    Tom may not have slept with another woman while he and Lu were together but he made it obvious he was thinking about it!

  • samael

    I am shocked and appalled!! ????

    • michers

      …. Said no one ever …

  • michers

    Really …..

    • Rain

      I heard tom cheated with the homeless lady at the corner of his building ? Who hasn’t Tom banged is probably a shorter list

      • michers

        Yeah really lol!!!

        • Rain

          Apparently he’s beaten Debbie and done Dallas ?

          • michers

            I second that emoji