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AATRH Exclusive: Are the RHOA Planning To Expose Kenya Moore’s Fake Marriage? Plus Could This Be Kenya’s Last Season?!

Want some juicy scoop on season 10 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Well, the AATRH team recently chatted with one of our Bravo insiders who gave us some major dirt and confirmed that our favorite Georgia Peaches are intent on making season 10 epic!

Our insider reveals that the OG’s of Atlanta are bringing the drama and are banding together to expose their enemies.

“Nene, Kim, and Sheree will expose Kenya and her fake marriage.” our source explains. Adding, that “Cynthia also takes their side.”

“The only wife that is cool with Kenya is Kandi,” claims our source.

We also hear that this could be Kenya’s last season on RHOA. Our source explains, “Kenya will get caught in her fake marriage lie and will go down just like Phaedra did last season.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Kandi and Porsha patch things up, but the same can’t be said for NeNe and Porsha.

“Kandi and Porsha resolve their issues, but NeNe does not like Porsha and tries to isolate her from the group,” our insider explains.

Whew! This info is “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” if I do say so myself! I’m super excited for season 10 of RHOA – I can’t wait for NeNe and Kim to be back together!  Oh, the drama and the shade!

Thoughts on our insider info? Do you believe Kenya’s marriage is fake? Are you excited for season 10? Do you think season 10 will be Kenya’s last? Are you surprised Kandi and Porsha have reconciled? Why do you think NeNe hates Porsha so much?

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  • So this blog barely cover RHOA and we’re supposed to believe they have inside source on the show? * eye roll *

  • Why did they bring back Kim’s fake butt back. I use to adore her. She’s not worth the money Bravo. Find a Dorinda or someone who would appreciate that pay check! I just can’t w Kim and her attitude when she was everything she accuses everyone else if being before Kroy .

  • I’m def not a fan of Kenya’s, but in the Kenya x Kim war, I’m afraid I’d have to side with Kenya. Plus, I mean, one must have priorities. Take Porsha out first, ladies.

    Re: Kenya’s marriage – and I think I’ve said this before – whether it’s real or fake, Andy/Bravo must be fuming that she kept it off-camera. I would not be surprised if they went after her big time.

  • Not true at all follow most of them and look at their pages from time to time IG lets you know when someone you follow likes a pic and Kenya Nene Cynthia all seem to be on good terms as they comment on eachothers posts like eachothers posts Kenya even reposted one of Porshas hurricane relief posts the other day the only person gunning for Kenya this season from what I have seen is Kim, potentially Marlo and I think Sheree is just being shady as usual.

    • I was gonna say this post is rubbish. Kenya and Cynthia just spent the weekend together in Houston!

      I find these writers a bit lazy when it comes to research. I read twice they were implying Vicki from RHOC had broke up with her partner. But 1 look at her instagram post and you’ll find Steve replying and being very sweet. Plus she even said so on her twitter page.
      I say bring back Roxy!

  • O/T for the All My Children fans, the actor who played Mark – Erica’s brother, has died from lung cancer. Sad. I think he was 68. Great show back in the day! Memories.

  • O/T Just read in the New York Post how Lisa RHOM posted a pic in front of a private jet before she evacuated Miami right before the hurricane hit. Love how she doesn’t back down from the back-lash of being able to afford a private jet to evacuate in the first place. Team Lisa!

    • Hey there September24

      Yeah, I read that too – don’t know who she is, wow way to moosh it in the #hurricaneIrma’s victims face!

      beyond insensitive!

      • It was a friends private commercial jet, not Lisa and her husbands. Their friend offered the seats to Lisa and her husband. They had every intent of staying in their home because they didnt want to leave their pets behind. Sad how people are so judgmental minus the facts.

        • Vita40

          I like when people give me the information that I missed..which is what happened in this case.

          “Sad how people are so judgemental minus facts”

          – we react to people crying cuz the bus/plane/train is full
          – we react to airports turning away people
          – we react to babies being carried by first responders

          When a perceived injustice is presented – we have opinions. Don’t judge us on our opinions.

          read lower thread Shipp made me aware – zero judgement from Shipp

          thanks Vita40

          • Sam this comment wasn’t directed at you! But, sorry if I made you uncomfortable or offended you!
            Something I appreciate about you, your ability to say oh, ok now I have all the information, and I feel differently now. But again, sorry if you felt I was being a douche to you!

            • Good morning Vita40

              holy smokes your are not a douche! nope

              I like that I can be honest about how I see things – I was responding to – Fuchess had the same information I she reacted the same way, Fuchess is a super nice person.

              My mind changed when I got the full 411 from Shipp and you and I appreciate the updates and full info.

              I never thought you were a douche

              you and Fuchess are super nice people! ?

    • you will note:

      “Our source explains”
      “our insider explains”

      actually means, this site didn’t just run with an inane “sources” said as Radar of lies does..this site has their own sources that do ask questions after story comes out.

      So far this site’s “sources” not one fail!

  • I like how Mooremouth tries to hide how terrified she is of NeNe and Kim!

    sloppy seconds being called out only for one thing..crap!

    good exclusive Lara!!

  • I wish she would get exposed for good and not be in THIS season but we all know it probz won’t happen . She has already been exposed as a fraud a few times on top of intervening between a husband and wife and still there . Bravo is a fan of their own created monsters . Walter, African Prince, Matt, Apollo marital crap …. Lord only knows what else and I’m willing to bet this marriage was set up for filming and not real . It’s nonsense ; based on all the Matt drama alone coupled with timeline LOL!!!

    • I won’t be watching but I’ll be reading ???. All the HW now are about ‘exposing ‘ !! Did you notice that ?! It’s like fu**ing Dateline or something . Geez

    • You really hate her, huh?! One thing she has been good at being…..the villainess! You have to no know there was no marital crap with Apollo and lying ass phaeky. He even confirmed it! Granted she AND her whiny voice are annoying, but surely no less than Ne-Rex. The show is like WWE……all flash, drama and no substance. She was just better at it than the rest. She made enough money to be set for awhile…..

        • Heyyyyyyyy FUCHESS!!!!!! How are you? Missed you as well. Where have ya been? Y’all just leave a brotha hangin…..mad love for ya

          • Sorry, just saw this comment after rereading your previous post again and commenting on it again, lol!!

            GREAT to see you again. I’ve missed you!! ?

      • I know you ain’t talking with the way you show “love” to Nene LOL !!!!! I do not care for her one bit . Whether you like Phaedra or not, Keyonce participated in being disrespectful ; I don’t know one wife that would be cool with any of that . I good you are doing good !!! Hello to the Mrs from me XO.

        • Sending love back to you and yours. No, I don’t at all care for Ne-Rex’s behavior. I’ve said it many times (and your girl, my wife will attest)……. I hate the way these shows denigrate my black sistas, with their permission and participation! Sure it’s an “act”, but why does it have to be THAT act? We have survived being used and abused “for entertainment purposes” and should aspire to use our platforms for positive gain. My question is always this…….if black men acted like these women, how many of you would be on the “black men are dogs” bandwagon? I’m not talking about promiscuity, I’m talking about wretched behavior. Oh yeah, I forgot…..those men are on Love and Hip Hop! I would simply love to see us not live down to these expectations under the guise of entertainment. It’s neither funny nor positive reinforcement. Oh look………a soapbox. I’m getting off. Again, much love to you and yours, sis. I’ve missed talking to you.

          • Oh, Q… I am standing on my chair, cheering, clapping and whistling regarding your outstanding post!!! You’ve put so elegantly into words what I believe and have been trying to say, for years!! This show and these “ladies” some of them anyway, are a constant embarrassment to Black women, women everywhere and they should be ashamed of themselves!!!

            Bravo Q ! Holla!