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Paul Kemsley Will Take a ‘Step Back’ From ‘RHOBH’ Season 8 After Erika Girardi Drama


Paul “PK” Kemsley will be less involved in the upcoming eighth season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills following his dramatic showdown with Erika Girardi during season 7.

“I know he had a rough season. I think he took it well; he’s a big boy,” Dorit Kemsley told Us Weekly. “This season, I think that PK took a step back. He took a back seat and kept it simple.”

If you recall last season, PK alleged that he caught a glimpse of Erika’s lady party when she wasn’t wearing panties.

Then at the season 7 reunion, Erika accused PK of saying he “quite like[d] the view,” which PK denied, firing back “It’s very frustrating when you’re accused of something you didn’t do.”

Despite the drama, Dorit stood by her husband.“The thing is, he and I always support each other,” she explained. “We’re partners in this life together. We roam through life together, and we will be there for each other.”

As for season 8, Dorit played coy when asked if PK and Erika have made peace but did tease what fans can expect from her.

“It had been five years since I put out a swim line and now the ideas are pouring out of me,” Dorit shared. “But you’ll see me trying to balance that with being a mom. It wasn’t easy for me to do as a career woman because I wasn’t a mother when I was doing my career before, and I think I can do it.”

While we don’t know if PK and Erika have reconciled, it seems that Dorit and Erika have put the past behind them and may be friends right now.

They recently spent a Saturday together driving fast cars and documented the outing on Instagram.

I’m so happy to hear that PK will be taking a step back for season 8 because honestly, we don’t need the men getting involved in the drama. I’m happy that Dorit is back and am excited to see what she brings during her second season. I really think I will like Erika and Dorit being friends so hopefully, it’s true!

Are you glad that PK is taking a “step back” on RHOBH? Do you think PK and Erika have reconciled? Are you surprised Erika and Dorit have made amends? Will Erika and Dorit’s reconciliation last?

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  • I’m not really thrilled that she is coming back and he is just creepy. Glad he isn’t going to try to be front and center this time around at least. I have to laugh about her juggling work and kids, haha….how many nannies does she have again? And, here we go with being on a reality show for a minute and next trying to get people to buy your crap. If I like you or not I’m still not buying your book, sweater, vodka, lipstick, pantie liners, whatever it is.

  • Erikan’t gave 10 billion F*&ks per episode cuz he caught a glimpse! Erikant accused and dragged both Dorit and him – without one piece of concrete evidence…til the end..Erikant finally asks about what was told to her – everything was false!

    No one gives a F&%k about you bare dragged it all you are more popular..awesome einstein!

    Hubbies – take a damn seat! unless your wife is being jumped by the other famewhores at onece!

  • Oh lord like PervK was wanted around as cast lol.. Self absorbed douche .
    And her ? Girl pick a story(line)!!!
    Thought you were oh so busy ” working” already hence , the village raising your kids??? Yep it’s been a hot minute since you really did anything poser . Ugh. Not happy about this return but if she can finally act like a grown up away from pepperoni tits then yeehaw.

    • I forgot about the village ??? the girl is outsourcing ??

      It’s obvious to me she needs approval and that’s a quality that any gown woman needs to overcome . I think she really likes Erika in some weird way and wants to be her friend . Maybe Erika will throw her a ‘bone ‘ ! ?? or a pus ! Whichever !

      • Yes, Rain! She is desperate for Erika to like her, really, really like her! Wish she could be her??? Either way, no more perv is fine with me!

        • Agree on all counts ??. Erika is the type of woman who just declares someone her bestie. She said that already. Plus she said she doesn’t trust women . Then to have a perv ogle the puss !! Just wasn’t working well for Dorit that season. Maybe this time arorund . I actually thought Erika was very nice to her at the reunion encouraging to pursue her designing and telling her how nice she thought they were

      • Hey !!! Side eye, Wakile eyeroll- all of it lol. I’d like to try and give her fresh slate since he won’t be around but everytime she talks, I take it back lol

        • I know what you’re saying! She opens her mouth, with that home grown accent, and she loses any and all credibility with me. Anyone so pretentious they make up an accent to speak you know lies will follow. Give me a frigging break. LOL, everytime I think of her, I picture her in that bird CRAP hat she wore to Lisa’s party!! ?

  • Guess he found enough Aquafina for his thirst ?
    I think this is good news. This needs to be all about Dorit and who she is . Hopefully she can not be distracted by his shenanigans and have the focus be on her , as it should be .

    He’s still fugly ! he sure married up