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There’s Something One of a Kind About Teresa Giudice, According to Siggy Flicker

There’s no one quite like Teresa Giudice. Whether you love her or hate her the Real Housewives of New Jersey OG has proved time and time again that she has that special something.

So, it’s not surprising that Teresa’s RHONJ co-star and real life good friend Siggy Flicker is just as obsessed with her as we are. Believe me, I’ve talked to Siggy a ton, and she gushes about Teresa all the time.

During a recent appearance on the podcast, Andy’s Girls, Siggy broke down what makes Teresa special and so unique.

Siggy praised Teresa for being such an open book and says “you can’t compare anybody to Teresa.”

“What you see is what you get. Over and over again. Who can ever say that they met another person who has had to endure the kind of pain and suffering that this woman has gone through? With going to jail, coming home, having your husband go to jail, recently her mother passed away,” Siggy explained. “She truly is a survivor.”

In fact, Siggy praised all the “unbelievable families” on RHONJ and how they make the Jersey franchise unique.

“If you’re ever lucky enough to witness the love between Chris Laurita and Jacqueline Laurita, it’s a love story, I mean, they’re so on board and in tune to one another. Even the Wakiles, I never met a man who was so obsessed with his wife like Richie and Kathy. The love is so strong between the Wakiles, the Lauritas, between the Giudices. Right before Joe [Giudice] went away, I was with him and Teresa where every time you looked at her, his eyes would well with tears. I mean, the love, the love between. I mean, if you ever met my husband, he thinks I’m the first word, and the last word in the dictionary,” Siggy gushed. “Joe Gorga, he’s 100 percent obsessed with Melissa. He loves his family; he loves his wife. That’s what makes Jersey so delicious. It’s that these marriages, these relationships are so strong, authentic, true, and there’s just so much love there that if anybody ever crosses that line and says something about somebody else’s spouse, it’s like, oh my God. War goes. It’s like all hell broke loose.”

Love Siggy! She’s such a huge supporter of Teresa. I can’t wait for season 8 to start! We need a little bit of Jersey back on Bravo!

Thoughts on Siggy’s interview? Is Teresa an open book? Does anyone else compare to Teresa? Are the families what make the RHONJ franchise unique? Are you excited for season 8 of RHONJ?

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  • Marc

    Sit down Sig, you look like more of a fool everyday. Relationship expert my ass.

  • Betty

    Siggys right – Tre is one of a kind. Only housewife to go to jail. Bahahahahahaha

    • Kitty Foyle

      Can’t remember if Melissa went to jail for shoplifting or not? Probably not because she skipped out of town. And Jacqueline did have to appear in court for assault. For sure keep your focus on that one & only person who you are obsessed with along with your old goat.

  • michers

    Ok that’s it . Sig needs rehab cause she must be really hitting the pipes. It was somewhat decent until Laurita then Wakiles . She is really laying it on thick!


    She lost me on those Wakile ms Laurita marriages for sure. I definitely agree Teresa I said FABULICIOUS and that Joe Gorga also really loves Melissa.

  • justanothermary

    And she calls herself a relationship expert – lolololol

  • luvs2ride

    We don’t want or need any horse shit that this exhausting woman is trying to sell us.

    What we want is the prompt removal of her vocal cords.

    What she needs is a haircut. Desperately. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8b554c5368d9f14ee87dc5f522f39f1dd80dcf7ffaf36a9b0a66a230b938d81d.jpg

  • September24

    Zig zag couldn’t get anyone to listen to her bask in the Wakile glow until she mentioned Tre. And Tre’s prison stint. And Tre’s husbands prison stint. Zig Zag said yesterday she is surrounded by sharks. I said I hope a shark eats her. 🙂

  • Khipp

    What the what? You had me ZigZag until you brought the Laurita’s and Wakiles into the conversation. Yup ZigZag you’re still a good “soldier”. Maybe you’ll get a shot of Bailey’s in your coffee, and a free Pizza, fish topping.


  • rhfan

    Wha wha wha wha wha… is that Sig talking or Charlie Browns teacher? Oyyy she’s annoying!

  • September24

    There isn’t an authentic bone in all the Tre-haters Siggy mentions. Why talk about castmembers who all made sure they bad-mouthed Tre and her family? Siggy is a fool. How do you spell b*tch? S-I-G-G-Y

  • Hanky Panky

    What exactly does she constitute as “on board and in tune”? Does she mean Chris making sure there is always booze and meds in the house for Jac? To ignore her when she gets loud and obnoxious?
    AND Richie is obsessed with everyone, he makes it quite obvious. I mean come on, he probably humps the couch…lol

  • Dorothy

    Siggy is not Teresa’s true friend and she wants to take her place and bring back Caroline, Jac, the wakiles and the disgusting KimD.
    THANKS Siggy for reminding the viewers that Teresa has been to jail and so is her husband. Oh and thanks for bringing up her estranged cousins and Jac who helped gather and report evidence against her. Talk about a wolf in sheeps clothing!

    Siggy said she loved me (a complete stranger) on twitter and after I posted a tweet saying to give the new rhonj wife, Margaret a chance, Siggy blocked me but before she did she was very nasty to me and supported her fans publicly attacking me, too. I was surprised because I thought she was kind. She is a real mean girl under the fake facade.

    • Marcy Davis

      This is exactly what I ‘ve been saying for awhile now, how she’s committing suicide on SM to her career and reputation Total strangers I Love You !! Her target Teresa’s know 100% fans and the gay’s are eating it up I love you over and over. #1 Fan of Teresa even mention in her book, Sig starting following him, nicest man ever, loved by all, asked a innocent ? about Margaret Siggy blocked him lmao he was shocked cause she loved him too. Told him to follow Margaret now Margaret follows him. … Siggy Big Big Mistake!!!

    • michers

      Excellent comment . Agreeeeee

    • Ruby

      Wow Siggy is so fake

  • samael

    Teresa’s marriage is strong regardless of backstabbers and posers that support KimD’s crap about Teresa divorcing Joe or Joe cheating on Teresa! nice try Zigzag.

    I am not saying take a side – I’m saying – don’t be surprised by Teresa’s reaction when you don’t bother to correct KimD