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Kandi Burruss Responds To Allegations Her Restaurant Has A ‘C’ Rating!

We’ve witnessed Kandi Burruss‘ Old Lady Gang restaurant be built from the ground up so it shocked many fans to learn the Atlanta-based restaurant was graded a “C” by the Georgia Health Inspector.

On August 24, the Old Lady Gang was slapped with several violations from the Georgia Department of Health, including:

  • Adequate handwashing facilities supplied & accessible
  • Food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized
  • Proper cold holding temperatures
  • Personal cleanliness
  • Wiping cloths: properly used and stored
  • Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed and used
  • Physical facilities installed, maintained, and clean

However, on August 28 the restaurant received an “A” rating after correcting the previous infractions.

Now, Kandi is speaking out about turning their “C” rating into an “A” and why she thinks people are trying to purposely make her family look bad by revealing her family restaurants’ hiccup.

“We did receive a C because of minor things like we ran out of paper towels by the sink, or someone was missing a hair net… we quickly corrected those things & now have an A,” Kandi explained.

“I’m sure those people who were googling had to see the A, but they failed to mention it,” Kandi stated after the news of the bad rating went public.

Kandi added, “I just don’t understand why people don’t want my family and I to be great. We love our customers, and someone from my family is always there to greet people and give hugs.”

Are you surprised Kandi’s restaurant received a “C” rating? Did the news of Kandi’s Health Inspection violations go public to make her family look bad? Would you eat at the Old Lady Gang? Do you think Kandi’s restaurants will continue to be successful?

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  • Why do you have to publish when you can let your scores speak for itself self. Take a picture of your city inspection report and shake the haters off. The proof is in the scores a “C” is not a good score in food service.

  • Now that the Ol’Lady Gang’s ratings have come up to an “A” rating….the key here is to keep it there! No one wants to dine at a “C” rated establishment . Somebody needs to check Fakedra’s phone records! Just sayin’.

  • No!!!!Those small things that Kandi claims is not so small in the eyes of Health inspectors. Those were big deals to proper cleanness . It’s nasty and I think she thought because her name was behind that restaurant she would get a pass. Someone was very concerned enough to call health inspectors. And she failed. It has absolutely nothing to do with her family personally . Really. She has this thing about her that because she became so successful in the music industry she can never fail. See she hopped on social media to try and straighten documented failure out like she could just get out here and down health inspector services that everything would be ok. NASTY IS NASTY whether your name is Kandi or not. Admit it,fix it and move on. When u know better you do better.

    • Why do you think someone called the health inspectors? I’ve worked in food service since the late ’70s and health inspections have always been a regular part of the routine. We never know what they are going to show up, but you had better be ready. I’ve also never worked anywhere where the inspectors didn’t find at least ONE thing write up about you. Getting a C rating is not nasty, it’s average and it is easily corrected.

      • I have also been in food service in the early 90’s. I don’t know where you are from but the restaurant I worked in got an A almost all of the time. I remember we received an 99 when someone for got to put the times on the pies but was just put in. I have called DHEC alot on restaurants and they responded promptly if not the same day. Nasty is when you don’t have soap to wash your hands or paper towels. That means the food , silverware, plates, cups are are contaminated. If wash cloths are not put in the cleaning solution to be sanitized then that is NASTY. Food is not the correct temperature than that can cause ecoli. Kandi have too much money and too many resources for that to happen. She can hire people just to be there to do that.

        • That’s shocking that you would continue to work in a restaurant that did not consistently receive an A!

          • Honey I was a manager @ a restaurant @the age of 20. Left @ the age of 25 and have been a nurse for 18 years. When you know better you do better.

        • I’ve worked restaurants and schools in North Dakota and Minnesota. At least here, no one has to call the health inspectors, they just show up. While I agree it’s nasty when there are no paper towels, I have had the inspector show up when the last one was taken a minute ago. The cook even shouted to the custodian to grab some more and they were on the way, it happens. It does not mean that anything was nasty, it just means that sometimes paper towels run out. It would be silly to have someone hired to just go around and look for health code violations. At least for me, the fewer people in my way when I’m cooking , the better.

          • Like I said no soap ,no paper towels, no hand washing…causes food contamination. MRSA can easily be transferred from your hands to food to someone body that may cause even death. That’s y I left food service and now is a nurse of 15 years to help those who are sick from restaurants that receives a C. I have treated more people for restaurant illnesses that i can’t even begin to count.

    • Do you have a comprehension problem? She accepted what happened, the issues were addressed and the restaurant now has an A. Kandi’s point was that the story focuses on the C and did not report that it now had an A. What are you on about her think she’s infallible? Her play endeavour flopped and she accepted that.

  • Not sure why RH have issues with restaurant business, but they do. I don’t think people are targeting Kandi – she needs to shake that out of her head. Health inspectors can shut your business down.

    Glad she brought the place up to snuff and of course I would visit all RH business – to “try” and get a glimpse of the RH. Kandi also needs to remember health inspection and yelp are not the same.

    I still can’t figure out how LVP is able to keep her restaurants open, her health inspection is “A” but people on this site and yelp have given the food a thumbs down. I hope Kandi doesn’t let this happen to her. last year Kandi was being sued for non-payment $22K.

    I know this is Mr.Kandi’s restaurant, but his business (which I still don’t know what he does, only thing we watched – him in his office) – she pays the bills

    either way, I would visit any business the RH has if I was in the area

  • If I’m ever in Atlanta , heck yeah I’d eat there . ??????. I’d eat at Pump too if Schwartzy was hanging around ???, I’d like a shot with that Schwartzy please ?. Saddle up Schwartzy, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride