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Who Does Dorinda Medley Blame for Luann de Lesseps and Tom D’Agostino’s Divorce?

Boyfriends, marriages, and relationships come and go in the world of the Real Housewives. However, few relationships in the history of Housewives have been as scrutinized and discussed as Luann de Lesseps and Tom D’Agostino’s short lived romance.

While many of Luann’s Real Housewives of New York co-stars have openly questioned her and Tom’s relationship, Dorinda Medley stood behind the once upon a time couple and supported them every step of the way. And even now following the news of the RHONY couple’s split, Dorinda is still showing support for Lu and Tom.

In a new interview with The Daily Dish Podcast, Dorinda reveals what she thinks caused Luann and Tom’s split.

“I don’t think it was a matter of not loving each other. I think it was too much, too soon,” Dorinda explained.

“It’s a change in life. And maybe Tom wasn’t so much ready for that. You know, Luann loves to be married. She does.”

Dorinda also hinted that maybe Tom’s “friends” didn’t help things.

“I didn’t think that helped that all these old friends that were maybe once-girlfriends that were still all hanging around. Not that anything was going on. I just think a new marriage needs to be left alone.”

Dorinda says she calls Lu every few days to check in on her but says “She’s a strong woman, she’ll get through this.”

Love how Dorinda speaks the truth but makes it “nice.”

Thoughts on Dorinda’s comments? Who do you think is blame for Luann and Tom’s split? Do you think Luann and Tom were doomed from the start? Did Tom’s “friends” cause issues in his relationship with Luann? Was Tom ready for marriage?

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  • Is the media playing a joke ? Come on…enough . Now Dorinda weighs in on same damn tired ass obvious situation ????

  • I like that the whore completed an interview and it was released one hour before Lu’s one on one – the interview included him admitting “everything she says in the one on one is true”.

    I am happy that Lu never zoomed into victim mode – during her one on one – she said she multiple times that the whore is not 100% to blame for the divorce..good of Ramona to make the statement “I won’t date the whore cuz that is not the “girl code”” it was a good laugh.

  • Lu & Tom are both to blame. As D said, “too much too soon”. LOL, now lets ALL move on. I know I’m ready to leave it all behind.

    • The two in the mess have moved on lol.. I was over the first time he cheated when she was dramatically still protesting her soulmate love and shading her friends knowing full well this was going to be how it ended the minute marriage . IMO. 🙂