D’Andra Simmons Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of Dallas - RHOD

D’Andra Simmons Explains Why She Joined ‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Even Though Many People Disapproved

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS -- Season:2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kameron Westcott, D'Andra Callway Simmons, Brandi Redmond, Carey Deuber, Stephanie Hollman, LeeAnn Locken -- (Photo by: Michael Larsen/F. Scott Schafer/Bravo)

At this point, any Real Housewives fan knows there are a ton pitfalls to appearing on reality TV which makes many wonder why so many fabulous ladies jump at the chance to join a Housewives franchise…especially a flailing one.

It’s no secret that the Real Housewives of Dallas got off to a rocky start during their first season. In fact, many questioned why Bravo would even dare greenlight a second season considering how cringe worthy the freshman season was.

Despite critics, Bravo went ahead with season two of RHOD and surprisingly it’s better than anyone could have ever expected. The success of RHOD season two is largely due to the two newest additions to the cast D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott.

Now, D’Andra maybe a Housewives newbie but she’s not unfamiliar to RHOD fans.

If you recall during season one of RHOD LeeAnne Locken and Cary Deuber got into a random and intense argument over D’Andra’s wedding, which apparently was the social event of the season. This proves that D’Andra’s is part of the who’s who of Dallas and is someone that needs to be a Real Housewife.

So, D’Andra joining RHOD was a logical move for her and Bravo considering the pre-existing and authentic relationships she has with the cast.

According to D’Andra joining RHOD wasn’t the easiest move as many people in her Dallas social circle had a huge problem with the show.

During a recent appearance on Kate Casey’s Reality Life podcast, D’Andra opens up about her pre-Housewives life and why she agreed to join RHOD.

“I knew LeeAnne Locken. We were personal friends, and she mentioned to me that she thought I would be a good addition to the cast,” D’Andra says. “I also knew Cary Deuber and Stephanie Hollman a little bit, and of course, Kameron [Westcott] was also considering being in the cast. We thought maybe we should do it together and it would be fun for us to do together.”

Even thought D’Andra wanted to be a Real Housewife, she received significant push back from her social circle.

“As far as the local people in Dallas, I have my good friends that are going to stay beside me no matter what, but a lot of people went away. They didn’t approve of it. I remember at some charity event I was at, some of the very prominent social life women cornered me.”

D’Andra continued, “My husband- who’s just so wonderful- came up and interjected and said ‘D’Andra is doing this because she has a business. I have a business. This is something that we feel is going to increase our brand. We thought about it and prayed about it as a family, and this is the right decision for us.’”

Meanwhile, D’Andra admits that the best part of being a Real Housewife is how it will help promote and grow her brand.

“It was a way for me to have a platform for different causes that I’m passionate about, but the main thing was to build my business and build my brand,” D’Andra explains.

I think D’Andra is a great fit for RHOD. I love RHOD so far, and I still can’t believe I’m saying that considering how much I hated season one. It seems like Bravo got their shit together and we able to salvage the franchise – hopefully they can do the same for some other franchises. I’m not surprised people gave D’Andra shit for joining RHOD but as she said it’s a great opportunity for her business.

Are you surprised people gave D’Andra shit for joining RHOD? Is there a negative connotation with being attached to the Real Housewives? Is D’Andra a good fit for RHOD? How do you like season 2 of RHOD? Do you remember D’Andra from season 1 of RHOD?

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  • I cannot stand hearing Cameron’s very affected Valley Girl accent. Entitled snot. It’s like nails on a chalkboard every time she opens her whining idiotic mouth. She’s a dog. That must be why she wants pink dog food to eat. Bah.

  • I agree and watched the most recent episode yesterday on DVR. MOST IMPROVED SHOW, if they do that award. I was thinking, thank goodness they got the Charity stuff off, then…BOOM there is was. But all in all, this is a good show. The new additions are great. Now powers that be, fix OC.

  • I haven’t purchased any other RH junk and I sure wouldn’t start with her. Hi hum, pedal your wares somewhere else. RHOD is not QVC and that’s why I have tuned in, thus far. Also, a high five from Leeann, of all people, doesn’t endure her to me either.

    Oooh, do I sound down on TH? Maybe it’s because I’ve grown weary of them all. Overload. js…

    • Yeah I think being on overload from all the pettiness and every franchise recycling bs makes me feisty lol!!! BUT, I do like this franchise and just hope that they get rid of Crazy Pants Leanne !!

        • Is it me or is every Bravo franchise now recruiting the craziest ,borderline dangerous M’Effers they can???? Hostile work environment in which they need to start getting hazardous duty pay lol

          • No, it’s not just you. Ever since Tre’s table flip and NeRex’s Bloop, Bravo has pushed the limit on the type of woman they chose to be on a show. It only became worse as each season ended. Now they go for the bottom of the barrel somewhat wealthy, attractive women to “bring the heat”, ergo, bring the audience. Well, its not working anymore. Even the somewhat of level headed HWs hired to offset the rabid ones are getting infected and becoming wilder and crazier. Its disgusting and I’m oh so weary of it.

  • Enjoying Season 2 and D’Andra is great but I CANNOT STAND that ridiculous valley girl acting Kameron Westcott. Does she really act that way all the time or is it just for the cameras? How does her husband stand that shit? .

    • Right on! Kameron must think she that Valley little Girl talk is cute. She sure has affected her image as a fool., I press forward when she comes on before she opens that irritating stupid mouth. How can her husband stand her> Get that dog some pink food to eat. Pronto.