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Lisa Rinna Is Returning To Her Roots!

Lisa Rinna is plotting something big, and it’s not a takedown of one of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars.

The actress turned reality TV star is returning to her roots and is plotting her return to daytime television!

Lisa is set to return to Days of Our Lives in early 2018 and reprise her role as Billie Reed for the first time since 2013.

While the network hasn’t confirmed Rinna’s return, Lisa pretty much let the cat out of the bag by retweeting the news on Twitter.

The RHOBH star first joined Days in 1992 and popped in and out of the soap opera throughout the years.

However, Days of Our Lives isn’t the only TV show Lisa will be popping up on.

Lisa recently taped an appearance on ABC’s comedy The Middle.

The Middle star Patricia Heaton gushed about working with Lisa writing, “Had SO much fun with @lisarinna this week! She is really funny and fun and a true pro!!!”

Meanwhile, Lisa said she “loved every minute” of being back in front of the TV cameras!

I’m so happy for Lisa! It’s great to see her returning to her acting roots. I never watched Days of Our Lives (I’m more of a General Hospital girl 😉 but I caught a few glimpses of the show here and there, and I always remember seeing Rinna.

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  • Good for Lisa for getting jobs, but her parenting skills lately are atrocious! Her 15 year old daughter who just turned 16 has spent the last year drinking and partying in nightclubs all over LA and New York (there are paparazzi pics by the hundreds online). Worse Lisa is the one pushing the paparazzi to follow and photograph her underage daughters at these hotspots and the 15/16 year old is dressed so inappropriately for that age I cringe. I have a daughter the exact same age and I can not imagine her dressed this provactively and imagine her around 21-30 year olds partying every night. It is also obvious her daughters at 16 and 18 are now plumping/injecting their lips and messing with plastic surgery. Lisa is driven hard for fame (I will do anything for it she says often) and she is now pushing her daughters to be “famous models” or just Kardashian or Paris Hilton types at any cost. I lived in the LA area a long time and this is a fast, very adult crowd Lisa is pushing her daughters into. I think she should wake up and realize selling your daughters as commodities may be too high a price to pay. (Boy are her and Kyle worlds apart how they raise and promote their daughters.) Yolanda worked hard with her daughters to build their modeling career, but Yolanda never had Gigi at 15 and 16 dressed in scantily clad clothes in LA nightclubs each night hoping for paparazzi pics the next day. There is a line where it’s too much.

  • I don’t watch, but good for her! ?

    Now, Rinna must brace herself for Vanderpuppets viciously trying to ruin this gig for her, like they tried with her QVC line. Attacking somebody’s livelihood and why? Because she dared cross LVC. Beyond despicable.

  • This is what I respect about LR – she backs her blubberlips up with action! Last season she told her husband “you’ve wanted the luxury of choosing your projects – you did for me – now it is my turn – I’ve got it” and LR hustle is awesome!!

    I still think she would be awesome with Ryan Murphy’s creation of any sequel to America’s Horror Story!

  • Loved the Billie Reed character! Good for LisaR. She’s got a job. Bills will be paid. Harry Hamlin can rest easy now. LOL!

  • I don’t watch DOOL but I remember she was Billie who was with Bo. What did her character do when she left in 2013?