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Ashlee Holmes Celebrates Her Son Turning 1

It seems like Ashlee Holmes’ son, Cameron Hendrix Malleo, was just born yesterday but the Real Housewives of New Jersey tot is already one year old.

Ashlee posted several adorable photos of Cameron on Instagram and also wrote a heartwarming message to her baby boy.

“Cameron Hendrix Malleo is ONE YEAR OLD today!!! Cam, thank you for choosing me to be your mommy. I am so incredibly lucky. You’re the happiest baby, my best friend, and the love of my life. You bring me so much joy every day,” Ashlee wrote. “Your sweet little laugh is so contagious. You will carry my heart forever. I’m SO grateful for the memories we’ve created this first year as a family, and I can’t wait for what’s next! Happy 1st birthday! And here’s to many many MANY more Bubbas!”

Meanwhile, “Glamma” Jacqueline Laurita also celebrated her grandbaby’s first birthday on Instagram.

“HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO OUR @cameronmalleo #GlammaLife #Grandson #BeautifulBaby You are SO loved,” Jacqueline wrote.

Wow, I can’t believe Ashlee’s son is one already! Cameron is definitely a cutie!

Can you believe Ashlee’s son is already one? How do you think Ashlee is doing as a mom? Do you wish we got the chance to see Ashlee as a mom and Jacqueline as a grandma on RHONJ?

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  • When is this loser broad gonna get a job? All the money she spends in photo shoots for her kid she can be getting employment so she can finally get outta Drunkelines house. A house full of misery and lurking…feel sorry for the kids..these ppl are clowns

  • Well her baby is 1 year old yahoo….! is he baptized? is she married? does she have a job??, why ? is she still living with Jacqueline?, btw the baby looks like Ashley and he isn’t CUTE he’s UGLY, I doubt Ashley will get married, I guess this makes it look like easy street for Ashley ( freeloading still ) off Jacqueline WHATEVER


  • ASHLEE WHO ?????


  • Fraud judgements, house in foreclosure, (it’s rough enough not to afford your own place, but the house your mooching off is in foreclosure too– ouch, not good), unpaid taxes for half a million dollars, another half a million in unpaid legal fees part of another lawsuit — 3 million plus in the hole that’s public, and probably much more that not public but exists– but hey let’s hear it for the professional photo shoot for the one year old. Yeah! All kidding aside, I wish Ashley all the best for her son. However, I believe the best gift Ashley and her mom could give their kids is to live within their means, pay their taxes so when they loose their home they can still rent even so many tax liens and judgments against them, and stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. Digital cameras are so great now you save hundreds on kids and baby pictures. And please No need for the $5,000-$10,000 1-year old baby party the kid won’t remember — splurge when they are 6,7,8 and you give them a party with friends that’s magical they won’t forget. A family under constant threat, stress, negative stories in the news, financial hardship is not a great environment for kids. Or you all can keep spending like crazy, here come the clowns!

    • I’m pretty sure momma Jaq and her attention starved daughter thought season 8 would be all about Ashley getting married! I think their first sign that Jaq’s season 7 behavior hurt her future full-time contract status was when Jaq announced Cam might make an appearance at the season 7 reunion. Yet, the only family Jaq had with her was Chris!

      IMO, Jaq ruined season 7 by acting like the cowardly lion when she verbally started drama on camera only to run away like a scaredy cat when it came time to get a rebuttal from her targets, Tre and Melissa. Yet, Jaq and Ashley sure enjoyed harassing Tre off camera—on social media! At one time I thought it ingenious when Housewives fought off camera. It made their show seem more authentic and realistic. But, Jaq and Ashley took things too far. They never have to answer for their cruel and evil behavior and below the belt attacks

      • Totally agree! I didn’t watch last season but caught the episode with Jac screaming in the restaurant. I think it was in Vermont? Anyway, that was the PHONIEST screaming I’ve ever heard on any HW show. She definitely sealed her own fate.

  • We’re not missing anything by not seeing those horrible women on our TV. We can see the cute kid from Instagram.

      • thanks, it is a mystery

        Chris – no job
        Jack Ass – no job
        Asscrack – no job
        Asscrack’s boyfriend – job?

        where is the $$$ coming from? 7 people living on ???

            • I mean you bring up valid points Sam especially when Lurker is finally getting handed legal consequences . Who adults in that family? I bet CJ gets a job and pays bills before his parents or sister !

              • that is a disgusting situation..lumps..sitting around ..looking at each other ..day after day! I can’t even figure out how to be comfortable with that.

                I wonder if they live on Jac’s $$ she gets when she speaks on autism!

                • Ugh . Maybe her friend Cheeseballs can get her a mortgage loan or something…Or lend her money from his whistleblowing sham ? OY vey .

      • thanks luvs!

        btw Lord of the losers just competed another interview – “the real reason she did not return to RHNJ” – “to spend more time with nick” – she is so drunk she can’t keep her lies straight!