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Tinsley Mortimer Drops a Few More Details About Her Boyfriend

Tinsley Mortimer has finally found love again, and she’s ready to shout it from the rooftops.

The Real Housewives of New York star is opening up about her new man Coupon Cabin CEO Scott Kluth and their on going romance.

While we already know how Tinsley and Scott met since we witnessed their very awkward first date on RHONY, there’s so much we don’t know about the newest reality TV couple.

“He’s a good friend of Carole Radziwill, and she set us up. It was toward the end of filming the season, and we went on a blind date. I didn’t really know many details, but I took Carole’s word that he was a good guy. I had so much fun on the date, and it went a lot longer than we expected,” she recently told Fashion Week Daily. “Then we went down to Miami for a couple of days, and we’re still together now.”

Tinsley went on to say that Scott is “really successful” and is entirely different than the type of guys she regularly goes for.

“He’s not like a lot of the guys I thought I would date or would have ever met. He’s just this smart, funny, generous, kind person,” she said. “I’m really lucky to have him,” Tinsley explained.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen earlier this summer Tinsley revealed she started working for Scott at Coupon Cabin.

“I started at [Scott’s] company a few months ago as an account manager. I don’t report directly to him. We work with Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales, Intermix, Shopbop and different stores selling advertisement space on their site. Any promotional code you’re looking for is on Coupon Cabin. It’s a no-brainer! I’m very lucky he gave me a job,” she said.

Tinsley and Scott’s relationship may still be quite new, but they are very serious. In fact, they are so serious that Scott is moving to NYC from Chicago to be near his love.

So, could wedding bells soon be ringing for the RHONY couple?

“Look, I have never been afraid of falling in love! It’s still new, but I would not be with him unless I thought he was the one or in it for the long haul. So, of course, I want to get married again,” Tinsley said. “It’s too new right now to say anything, but I’d be a lucky girl.

I love that Tinsley and Scott have lasted! Scott seemed like such an awesome guy the few times he appeared on RHONY. Perhaps we will have another RHONY wedding in our future!

Are you surprised that Scott and Tinsley have lasted? Is it odd that Tinsley is now working for Scott’s company? Do you think Scott and Tinsley will get married? Do you want Tinsley to return to RHONY for season 10?

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  • I love him for her. He seems like a real person and not at all the “WASP”ey type she seems to have gone for in the past. He just seems like an all-around nice guy and she appeared in a MUCH better place on the reunion. Good for them.

  • Carole set them up. So I guess this means we won’t be dropping Carole from HW any time soon? I love Tins and Scott seems nice, but Carole needs to go, ASAP.

  • He’s a boyfriend. Why always the rush to ask about marriage? So dumb. But he does get better looking the longer he’s with her. He was a dumpy geek before in the early days of his career. Cleaning up quite nicely I’d say! Hope they remain happy.

  • This is off topic but it’s about her so …
    One day recently came across old episode of Dr Phil on WE . It was about meddling moms and bratty kids . The year was 2010 so imagine my laughter upon seeing Tinsley ( described as socialite) and her mommy on LOL. I guess my intuition was right about the adult child act .

    • Yeah I wasn’t impressed with her at all during season and double standards flew with this cast . She’s a grown temper tantrum child. She put her mouth on anything with a pulse . She drinks like a fish . Tell me why do others hws get verbal beat downs for same or less and she’s under radar? No bashing ? No typical gang ups?

      • Afternoon Sammy. BB was on at the same time. I watched BB and recorded NY. Then fell asleep half way thru it. The snore fest made me snooze. Better than an Ambien (sleeping med).

        Gotta say I’m not that interested in any of the HW’s shows at this point. I used to look forward to some of them, especially NY and Beverly. Now, not so much…’cept Jersey.

        • Sucks that Bravo and Andy let this franchise dig it’s way below the gutter. the ones that I want hope for

          – New Jersey
          – Beverly Hills
          – Summer house
          – Million$ listing
          – VPR
          – just started watching Jax
          – flipping out

          Andy and Bravo need to wake up and stop ignoring the veiwers.

          cool about the coupons – let me know whattup…wonder if available in Canada?

  • Team Tinsley! I hope they fall in love, get married, have a family. And don’t document any of this on tv like Lu did.

  • I am so happy for Tinsley!! don’t like the way Sonja beat an apology out of Tinsley last night! Dumbest reunion ever