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Phaedra Parks Resurfaces At Church And Is Channeling Her Inner Whoopi Goldberg!

Phaedra Parks may have lost her Real Housewives of Atlanta peach, but she hasn’t lost her faith in the Lord.

The former RHOA star has been missing in action for months and recently resurfaced at the Atlanta Dream Center for a Friday night church service.

The night also doubled as an album release party for Phaedra’s friend and gospel singer, Tasha Cobbs Leonard.

Phaedra was caught on camera channeling her inner Whoopi Goldberg and rocking her little heart out.

Check out the clip from TMZ below!

Perhaps it’s a good move for Phaedra to step away from the limelight and get back to basics. Phaedra looks super happy in the clip and seems to be having a blast.

Thoughts on video? Do you think it was good for Phaedra to leave RHOA? Will you miss Phaedra on RHOA?

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  • I’m surprised the church didn’t burst into flames as she walked thru the door. Shocking they let her in there!

  • Is there confirmation from Bravo she’s off show ?
    I like seeing her with real friends , I’ll miss her on show if she is gone.
    She had some cringeworthy moments but at this stage of the game – they all do . If she’s gone because of the Kandi coated crap then I’ll know Bravo is full of p••••es. And if she’s gone , then most of the cast should be as well . In any case , she has her beautiful little family and she has work away from the show so she’ll be fine .

  • Where did this disgusting creature crawl up from? Why can’t she stay gone like the ‘nothing’ she is

  • First and foremost I found this article headline tone dead when it was listed on TMZ and not surprised that you guys used the same Tacky tag line. First off she’s a service and Concert for her Good Friend Gospel Recording Artist Tasha Cobbs Album release. Tasha briefly appeared on last season perhaps you may have noticed. Also Black Folks have been shouting and praising God in church long before the Sister Act came along…Please hire a staff member who is invested in following and writing about the RHOA or don’t do it all together because you continually miss the mark. If only you were as invested in the details of this show the same way you were RHONJ imagine how much better the blog stories about it would be. It’s worth considering also since Atlanta consistently has higher ratings than every other show in the franchise.

    • to be real,this site has never been RHOA strong. I’m ok with that cuz then I can just post about whatever …about the RHOA crew.

      I thought this specific story was awesome about Phaedra cuz she was deep within her “I love Jesus” and that is an awesome positive place to be..imo…only

  • I’m gonna miss Phaedra. She f’ed up last season, but shes a funny woman to watch. RHOA has become so nasty that I might not even give it a shot this season, especially with the return of moose.

  • If andy did fire Phaedra – that is a bitch move!

    – Phaedra repeated rumor given to her by RHOA producer
    – Porsha AND Kandi giggled about it numerous times on National TV and via text
    – Kandi could have pressed charges if she wanted to – if she was affected in her
    real not “staged rhoa”life….nothing

    and yet

    – the RHOA producer returned to Bravo and was given a new reality show
    – Vile repeats rumors left right and center she remains on RHOC
    – Vile scams cancer patients and is not fired
    – Ramona and Sonja (RHNY) repeat rumors they are not fired

    How is this fair to Phaedra?


    • They’re not allowed to sue as long as they’re housewives , since you’re all so knowledgeable . It’s in their contracts. You seem to always stick up for criminals so I’m not surprised this is your opinion

    • Thanks for the 2 upvotes samael. I thought the first one was a mistake on your part but I guess it wasn’t . Have a great day ??

    • That’s some bs if she was let go and I like the examples provided . Don’t forget all of the physical altercations in NJ and Jacaloon breaking contract skipping reunion, leaving info on Twitter , bringing lawsuit upon Bravo for using stiletto as weapon with Joey Gorga against Johnny The Greek

      • you know I agree right! There are so many RH and friends of (KimD) that have done worse (context?) I super hope she is not fired! she does not deserve it in my books!

    • She doesn’t need your forgiveness or anyone else’s. Also forgiveness from God is a very simple concept that requires no dancing and chanting.