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Have Former RHOBH Enemies Dorit Kemsley & Erika Girardi Made Up During Season 8 Filming?!

RHOBH Season 8 has been filming for weeks but unfortunately for us, not many spoilers have leaked; the fabulous 90210 ladies are keeping the drama and the fun under wraps!

The major drama of season 7 was “panty gate,” which targeted Erika Girardi for not wearing underwear with a gorgeous dress. Newbie Dorit Kemsley and her creepy husband PK were the ones who kept this scandal going, and once this drama began and lasted all season; it was even the major controversy at the finale!

When it was confirmed that Dorit and Erika would be back for season 8 fans assumed that “panty gate” would live on this season, which no one was looking forward to; however it seems that the RHOBH stars have put the past behind them and may actually be friends right now!

They spent Saturday together driving fast cars, and although Erika didn’t post about it herself, she did respond to Dorit’s Instagram picture. It’s clear that Dorit seems more excited than Erika about the newfound friendship, and we’ll have to wait until the episode airs to see exactly how, and why they ended up at the race track!

DoritKemsley:??? had such a great day driving cars with you @theprettymess ?”

doritkemsley?? @theprettymess

Again, Erika didn’t post anything about their hangout, but she did comment “speed demons” under Dorit’s first picture; clearly Dorit was way more excited about putting an end to their feud than Erika is. There was so much bad blood between these two that I don’t think one morning of racing cars would really end their fighting, especially because sleazy PK got involved, while Tom Girardi acted like a man and focused on his real job!

Later that day Dorit headed to Vegas to celebrate PK’s 50th Birthday with some of her other co-stars, so something tells us that the RHOBH cameras were rolling; hopefully we don’t have to see too much of him this season, although he’s doing all that he can to be a part of the season.

We’ll have more RHOBH season 8 filming details this week, so make sure to keep up with AATRH…..Bravo expects us to wait until December to know more, but All About The Truth can’t wait that long, and we know our readers can’t either!

Thoughts on Dorit and Erika’s hang out session? Is Dorit way more excited than Erika? Do you think they really made up? Why didn’t Erika post about it, but Dorit posted twice? Are you excited for RHOBH season 8? Who do you think is feuding? Is “panty gate” really over? Will Dorit and Erika’s truce last? Let’s Discuss!


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  • Who cares about pantygate when the real scoop needs to come out that Dorit used a surrogate to carry and deliver her kids. Especially the daughter.

  • I love how this article had to state “Dorit seemed more excited than Erika” over and over again as if the writer was actually there:( the jabs at Dorit seem unecessary kinda like PK’s comments last year towards Erika. so that’s also creepy.. and I hope these ladies do have a relationship that develops beyond the predictable cattiness..they are both fun to watch!

  • Nasty PPk is 50? He looks so much older! I sure hope they’re not filming him a lot, otherwise I’ll quit this show too (it’s becoming easier to quit these shows). I do not turn in to see him! I’m sure Dullrito is more than jazzed that Erika is speaking to her! I sure hope pantygate is over, but I bet dollars to donuts (where does that come from, anyway?) that someone brings it up, as a joke..haha..and whaddaya bet it’s VP, and the BS starts all over… Please, I hope not! Anyway, I’m looking forward to anew season.

    • As you said , it will all be reginited by a ‘joke’ then Erika will take the blame for ‘not being able to let it go ‘ ??? geez , we could be producers on these shows now lol

    • FUCHESS , have you watched ‘Disjointed’ on Netflix ? It’s such a funny kush/MaryJane comedy with Kathy Bates. Ironically , I watched it while high as a kite but I died laughing ? ?? . Give it a try

    • PK is the biggest creep . Any MAN worth his salt would not engage in many conversations about a woman’s lack of panties . Once maybe to bring it to his wife’s attention , but that’s it !!! He and Dorit were practically salivating everytime they told the story . This is not how any man should behave , let alone somebody who considers himself an English gentleman blah blah blah. It’s not even about Erika , it’s about this guy stooping so low and embarrassing himself .

      • Proud of you Kirby ???. But PK is trash trying to pass as a gentleman. Men shouldn’t talk about women’s vaginas just like women shouldn’t sit around and discuss women’s bulges and pensies . You didn’t hear any HW discussing PKs tits !!???
        The sexist view that because a woman is an artist, dancer , stripper or even a hooker , that it entitles others , including men, to comment on her vagina, is mind boggling . But we all know this all comes back to LVP and how she feels about Erika ???.

  • I think these two would be really fun together! All of the drama last season was blown away out of proportion.

  • This blog’s hatred for Dorit is creepy. Erika was the one who kept pantygate going as the footage clearly showed. If Erika is (finally) letting it go, why keep hating? Because Dorit is too pretty or something?

    • All blogs are biased . It’s not CNN. How is this different than when they go after Vicki or Peggy? Or you only complain when it’s convenient?

  • Gosh, I thought it was 100% Erika who held on to pantygate over, over and over again all season and would not let it go after a million apologies (the Eileen playbook)–I apologize, can we move past it, yes, I forgive you, no you better apologize, I am past it, you need to apologize a better way for joking about me not wearing panties (even though Erika posed nude on social media and changed clothes completely naked for the RHBH cameras in front of her “dream team,” it is a scandal beyond all scandal to even joke she did not wear panties in between these nude shots she put out there) apology, apology, apology, Erika eye role. Something tells me sadly Erika will be the first to bring it up again this season, how she perservered past this unforgivable slight to her pristine character, and found posting nude pics on social media really helped her cope with the effects of the utterly slanderous joke.

  • You have no idea if PK’s doing all he can to be on this season as you have no actual information about the season only things that you ‘think.’ Furthermore PK got involved in the women’s issue at Lisa’s party because Erika asked him a direct question. Many may not have liked his answer but it was solicited. As far as Tom I don’t think he’s on the show because he has no interest it in and leaves more to be his wife’s thing. PK is on the show because he clearly spends more time with his wife and their business and personal lives seem to be intertwined no need to compare that’s just the dynamics of their different relationships. I think PK made the show more because his commentary was more snarky and salacious but it was his and Dorit’s first season and I think they’ve now had a chance to adjust. Especially considering at the end of the day Dorit kept up pantygate the least out of everybody last season when you actually watch it back so whether she was right or wrong in how she initially addressed she wasn’t the one to keep it going. Rinna took care of that all by herself while Erika told her they were good and she was over it every time it came up until she flipped her lid in Honk Kong ‘Wacko Jacko’ Style.

  • If Dorit is cool with this – awesome! Ericant needs to deal with her issue’s about women, she creates situations that are unnecessary! and btw, ericant and Dorit have had pic’s of themselves together throughout the time of after the reunion to taping. I would like to believe this is an actual friendship in the making – not “for Bravo eyes only”

    about pk..non issue, why even care about whether or not he is on the show..he is a husband of a RH…like Erikant’s/Lr/Kyle