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LeeAnne Locken Spills On RHOD Season 2 Drama & Friendships; Insists “It’s A Whole New Ball Game!”

RHOD season 2 is off to a heated start, and it’s evident that the ladies stepped it up because they had to bring it, or their franchise would be axed faster than it began; in their defense, the cast wasn’t originally told that they were filming for The Real Housewives, but for a show about the charity scene in Dallas.

Some things haven’t changed since last season, one being the fierce LeeAnne Locken; although she has been working to improve some of her anger issues, she still speaks her mind and doesn’t hold back, which is even more refreshing than usual since most of LeeAnne’s season 1 co-stars were (and still are) all about people-pleasing, especially for the cameras!

In a recent interview on The Reality Rundown Podcast LeeAnne opened up about RHOD season 2 and the drama we can expect to see in the next few months. She got candid on the evolving friendships amongst her co-stars, and what makes this season so much better than last!

The feel of the new season, the look of the new season – I would call it a rebirth of RHOD,” she began. LeAnne went on to describe season 2 as, “a whole new ball game.

Last season the “Carney Kid” brought Tiffany Hendra and Marie Reyes into the group, but neither one of them made the cut for season 2; in fact, her relationship with Marie is over, and her (now) enemy Marie was a huge part of making her look bad and leading fans to form a negative opinion right away. As we know from the season 2 premiere, the police were even involved at one point! So where do LeeAnne and Marie stand today? When asked she replied, “I don’t say that name. I don’t say that name in my house. That name doesn’t exist in my universe and I don’t think that it will ever exist.

Allegedly Tiffany “left the show” to “focus on other projects,” which is a nice way of saying that she wasn’t asked to return because she lacked a storyline and refused to participate in the drama; in fact, she insisted on remaining neutral and was a major bore! However, LeeAnne hinted that we still may get a glimpse of Tiffany later on this season. “It’s kind of hard to show my life without Tiffany in it, she’s been my best friend for thirty years,” she teased.

This season LeeAnne introduced newbie D’Andra Simmons to the group, and so far she’s proving to be a fan-favorite! The working woman is already bringing a lot to the show, and from the sounds of it, her friendship with LeeAnne survives this season of RHOD.

Where we’re currently at in the season LeeAnne is also close with Brandi Redmond, which was a major shock to RHOD fans, although we told you about this months ago! They were brought together after Brandi had a falling-out with Stephanie Hollman; yet we also told you months ago that they eventually find their way back to BFF status, leaving LeeAnne on the outs, again!

As of now, LeeAnne didn’t have much to spill when it came to Brandi, and all she could say (most likely as per Bravo) is that “it’s going to be interesting to see how her friendship with Brandi will play out once they film the reunion.” It’s disappointing to hear that Brandi didn’t stay loyal to LeeAnne because it’s actually been fun to watch them together; even more, LeeAnne gave Brandi a second chance while she was working on herself, only to be screwed over in the end!

Nothing has changed between LeeAnne and her co-stars Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber; in fact, things may gotten worse. LeeAnne gave us some shade and slammed the BFF’s for being “delusional” and “boring” for obvious reasons!

I have to admit that I agree with a lot of LeeAnne’s claims about season 2 so far, and as much as I dislike the idea of Brandi’s reconciliation with Stephanie, it’s far too early to form a solid opinion on what goes down that leads them back to BFF’s!

Let’s just hope that next season the un-authentic Housewives of Dallas go back to being fans, so LeeAnne and the rest of the group can show us real drama and make the Southern franchise everything Andy promised us and more!

Thoughts on LeeAnne’s interview? Do you agree that season 2 has a different feel? Were you shocked to see her friendship with Brandi? Are you glad Marie is gone? What about Tiffany? Are Stephanie and Cary delusional and boring? Should they be fired after this season? Are you bummed to hear that Brandi and Stephanie make up? Does LeeAnne have a right to be upset about it? Thoughts on D’Andra? Thoughts on season 2 so far? Lets Discuss!

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  • texaswoman2

    LeeAnn is the woman you meet once and never want to see again. Going to someone’s home for a party dressed to humiliate the hostess??? She talks non-stop trash behind everyone’s back. . Lee Ann is a pathetic, jealous social climber and shat stirrer. I don’t know why the other women even film with her.

  • ladiva525

    lee ann isn’t a wife, isn’t a mother, isn’t rich and isn’t a housewife. why is she on the show? lmao at her criticizing stephanie, carey and marie for being boring and not having a storyline – and lee ann’s storyline is what? her various mental breakdown? the only good thing about lee ann is that she has rich friends but she herself is not necessary.

  • dallascowboygirl

    That trashy mouthy shit-stirring, nut job LeeAnn She loves it when others are hurt by her cruelty. What’s her story line? Backstabbing
    and wearing hideous clothes with all that pink on her fat face

  • iarláith

    I’m loving the new season although I don’t care for the new blonde woman.