Let's Discuss: Ramona Singer Real Housewives of New York - RHONY

Ramona Singer Is Back On the Market

Ramona Singer is a single lady once again.

Page Six is reporting that the Real Housewives of New York star is no longer dating Steven Gerber.

However, Ramona isn’t too broken up about their split.

“Things happen for a reason,” the insider said.

Ramona and Steve were spotted together at a charity event in the Hamptons this past weekend. The two had been spotted all over the Hamptons social scene this summer.

During part two of the RHONY reunion, Ramona revealed that she was dating someone and that she “liked him a lot.” 

This was Ramona first serious public relationship since her split with ex Mario Singer in 2014.

Damn, I’m shocked. Ramona seemed happy and smitten when she talked about Steve at the RHONY reunion. I for sure thought Ramona and Steve would be more than a summer fling.

Are you surprised Ramon and Steve are over? Why do you think Ramona and Steve split?

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  • Pell Mell of Snicker Hell

    I for one don’t buy that Ramona is happy and enjoying the dating scene. She may crazy but she seems like she really craves a traditional monogamous relationship.

  • Simon St Regis

    I wonder if she’ll ever get married again. I can see the wedding now… guest swigging from bottles of Ramona Pinot while she tosses her hair and bats those crazy eyes.

    “Ramona, do you take this man to be your husband?”

    “You know what, I do. And you know what, this is a truly monumental occasion. I feel like I’m renewing myself. And you know what? It feels great. And in all sincerity, I love you, almost as much as I love renewing myself.”

    • michers

      LMAO! You have her down !!!!

      • Simon

        Thanks! She really is made for TV with her exaggerated movements and dramatic way of speaking. Hilarious!

        • michers

          I think that’s why I still hang on to her . She is a hot mess and a hoot – I love it lol

    • HelenWheels68

      I actually read that in Ramona’s voice and it’s like I could see her saying it. Feel free to quit your day job.

      • Simon

        Hahah, thanks! Always love making people laugh. ?

        Honestly though, I wonder how many times she’s renewed herself at this point… she’s 60 years old, so I’d guess 90 times? Gotta announce that it’s been a new beginning at least twice per year.

        • HelenWheels68

          You should look into writing recaps for this site. Your wit would really take it to another level.

          • Simon

            That means a lot!! I’d really enjoy writing about the Housewives, aka the greatest social experiment ever. 😉

            • HelenWheels68

              I’m serious. Email the owner and really pursue it. You really do seem to have the knack for it and, if I may make an assumption from your name, a male perspective is more than overdue as far as the recaps go. Bryan Moylan over at Vulture actually makes me laugh out loud.

              • Simon

                I totally agree about the male perspective. Gay or not, tons of men watch these shows and I think many blogs are totally missing that angle. I also LOL at Bryan’s pieces. Funny stuff!

                • HelenWheels68

                  Please look into it if you have the time/inclination.

      • samael

        too hilarious! ???

    • bren

      BRAVO! LOL

    • BM Barbie

      What Helen said. Slow mfing clap, my friend. You nailed it.

  • rhfan

    I’m shocked that a “relationship” Ramona announced on the same day Mario announced his engagement, is over. LOL, that announcement was classic Ramona and clearly just a “see I’m happy too”. R won’t find anyone that’s more than a “fling” until she’s over Mario and done trying to one up him.

    • michers

      I think it’s weird he’s marrying a stalker . I think she had legal documents against her lol . Meh , to each their own !

  • Lola

    I hope Ramona finds a companion to spend the rest of her life with. Someone that can put up w her crazy

  • Mel2244

    If he is at all normal he should have smoke coming out his a$$! She is bat shit crazy!

  • samael

    She is a single woman who is enjoying the dating scene. Good for her – have fun and enjoy life!!

    • September24

      Exactly. Hope she enjoys her dating life.

  • justanothermary

    All she would have to do is to laugh that horrible laugh she has and any man would run in the other direction.