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Ramona Singer Caught In A Fashion Faux Pas At RHONY Reunion!

Ramona Singer may have just become one of the most relatable Housewives ever – shocking, I know.

The Real Housewives of New York star was caught in a fashion faux pas following part one of the reunion.

In stills from the reunion, Ramona can be seen sporting a price sticker on the bottom of her shoe.

So, how much did Ramona pay for her reunion footwear?

Well, it turns out Ramona likes a bargain just like the rest of us and purchased her shoes at Ross for a whopping $2.69!

Okay, well some claim the price tag read $2.69 while Ramona’s RHONY co-star Bethenny Frankel claims the shoes cost $129.

On Instagram, Bethenny poked fun at Ramona’s reunion shoes having the price tag on them; calling it a “priceless” moment.

I think it’s hilarious that Ramona left the price tag on her shoes.

Are you surprised Ramona left the price tag on her reunion shoes? What’s more shocking – the fact that Ramona shops at Ross or that she wore shoes costing $2.69 to the RHONY reunion? Was Ramona’s fashion faux pas a “priceless” reunion moment?

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  • That is an admitted photoshopped picture from a FB group I follow. The FB girl used a price tag she had in her house. The real sticker on the bottom of the shoe that Bethany references is $129 from TJMaxx but it’s not as clear.

    • Interesting. That makes sense. So much that is posted for all to see is not real.

      Thanks for that info.

  • OMG! Nothing wrong with being frugal and shopping for great sales, though that is really embarrassing.
    Those sole tags are hard to get off too…maybe some Goof Off or something would work?
    Love it!!


  • Lol … maybe as she was getting ready for the reunion she treated ‘the help’ rather rudely. And, this assistant tagged her for it. 😀

    JillZ had that happen to her also at a reunion. Not sure what year it was. Just saying.

  • Lol. Funny that this happened to her. There’s Nobody with their nose higher in the air and she deserves a little reality check. That said, that tag isn’t for those shoes. The tag is for a one size item, not shoes. Lol still funny though .

    • Yes I’m sure she just stepped on that pricetag and it stuck on her shoe– and now all this drama about the shoes costing nothing.

    • I too noticed that “one size” language on the sticker (so it couldn’t pertain to shoes) and then the irony hit me. Because, as Bethenny said, the shoes cost $129. As for the other sticker, it appears that as Ramona tried them out, walking about the store, she stepped on a sticker that pertained to another item that ended up sticking to the sole of her shoe.

  • Don’t care if her shoes were 2 bucks or 2 grand. I just love that picture of Ramona, everyone’s worst nightmare is a picture like that. Haha

  • Quite a few RH shop at real stores..a couple of weeks ago, Kyle sent an instagram out when a fan said “are you really at walmart” kyle instagrammed back yup, with a pick of her at walmart.