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Brandi Glanville & Eden Sassoon Commiserate About Their Time On RHOBH & Former Co-Stars!

While they never starred on RHOBH at the same time, Brandi Glanville and Eden Sassoon recently discovered that they have many things in common, and several common enemies!

Eden joined Brandi on an episode of her podcast, Unfiltered, and when it came to their former co-stars both blondes were just that, unfiltered!

Eden was brought onto RHOBH last season as a “friend” of the housewives in a part-time role, and although she caused quite the stir amongst the cast, she won’t be back for season 8; Eden didn’t even get a full season to prove herself, because she uniquely began filming mid-season after rumors were circulating that season 7 was lacking drama.

Let’s be honest Lisa Rinna needs her paycheck. Without her this past season, it would have been really boring,” Brandi admitted. Yet the compliment didn’t last too long because she quickly added, “She’s f*cking insane. She’s absolutely bat shit crazy.

Evidently, Brandi watched season 7 very closely, and she’s still very caught up in the drama of the show; her co-stars couldn’t be happier that she’s gone though because Brandi has a tendency to hit below the belt over and over again!

I joke that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle [Richards] took last season off,” Brandi pathetically revealed. Clarifying, “They didn’t do a damn thing.

Eden agreed with Brandi’s observations adding, “Nope.” Then she explained her theory regarding Kyle and LVP’s easy season 7, and Eden truly believes that they let Dorit Kemsley do their dirty work.

Eden has addressed her time on RHOBH many times since she announced her exit almost immediately after the reunion aired; it’s assumed that Bravo let her go, which was the best decision for everyone involved since she doesn’t have a natural relationship with anyone in the group.

So did any of Eden’s season 7 co-stars reach out once the news of her Bravo fate was revealed? Yes, and in a strange turn of events, it was her biggest enemy Kyle Richards! “It’s interesting because on camera we didn’t really get along. She gave me the hardest time on and off camera about how forgiving I am, I get it,” she confessed.

Eden and Brandi both agreed that Eileen Davidson is the only one of their former co-stars that they still like and respect. “Eileen and I had moments. She saw me for me.” Eden claimed.

Brandi continued, “She’s normal. And that is exactly why Eileen wasn’t meant to be a Housewife. She’s normal, busy on her own, doesn’t need the money, and is actually a nice person. The only strange thing there was her loyalty to Rinna (who has done a lot of questionable things),” she recalled.

Eden replied, “It’s very interesting between the two of them. They must have had a past life together.”
Brandi was a divorced mother of 2 who has been very vocal about joining RHOBH for her Bravo Bucks, finished by mocking she that made her famous; while we all LOVE the glitz and glamour, she does have a point when comparing life in the 90210 to the rest of the country!

You want to see what happens like in Atlanta Housewives. That’s real sh*t. People are going to jail. New Jersey: real sh*t. It’s going down and everyone’s being themselves. It’s almost to the point where how many diamonds and rose can we have and fights over Kim‘s sobriety?” Brandi wrapped.

Eden was clearly very impressed by Brandi and really enjoyed getting to know her, yet something tells me they would not be friends if they were on RHOBH together, or if they were it would be fake, phony, and calculated for Brandi’s benefit!

Now only one question remains; what did Kim Richards think of the new duo? Most likely she’d be against it, which could be why Brandi neglected to post anything about the gossip session!

EdenSassoon: It’s so nice to just talk, openly with a woman who sees life and keeps it real !!! I want @brandiglanvilleback #RHOBH season 8 ?? please bring back REAL …. ? I wish we did it together #therealdealcrazy, truth, love & all! Oh well, I’m happy that our past brought us together ? Thank you for having me today, we kept it nice & sweet

Thoughts on Brandi’s interview with Eden? Do you agree about Lisa Rinna? What about Eileen? Did LVP and Kyle have an easy season? Did they let Dorit do their dirty work? Do you miss Brandi on RHOBH? Will you miss Eden? Do you think they would get along on the show? Do you like this duo? Should Bravo bring them back?

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  • OMG Brandi looks like if Geena Davis got ran over by a truck in that last photo. ENOUGH WITH THE FILLERS!!

  • Everyone is surviving without these nutballs. In the crazier than crazy feelings – Eden matches Brandi’s behavior – hate tweeting LisaR/LisaV/kyle/Kim and even andy.

    Kyle has an amazing life – her kids are loved and some are going to college and little portia! this summer was awesome for them, vacationing all over the world with her hubby and children.

    KimR is respecting her sobriety – not paying attention to sassloon

  • Kyle is doing great. Her marriage, his business, her kids. Brandi is a jealous loser and no one ever cared about the other one.

    • I would agree that Kyle has the most picture perfect life , her home, her business, her gorgeous kids , handsome husband etc etc .

    • I doubt it’s jealousy . Kyle was nasty mean girl to her from jump . Pump filled her with poo, she knew stuff from Kim as well , she spoke on it and secret keeper didn’t like that . It is what it is . I think they’re both fine not being friends .

  • The part about Kyle is exactly what I’ve always been saying ?. Kyle feuds on camera but seems to be quite friendly with these women off camera, wether it’s Rinna , Eden etc. Confusing , no?
    I’m not dissing Kyle ?, just an observation. Don’t want my Kirby mad at me ??

    • I’d never be mad at you Mother ???. Kyle is my favorite for sure and I think she’s very forgiving and doesn’t hold on to grudges and I think that’s admirable

      • You’ve made me view Kyle differently , kiddo. I do think she is forgiving mas doesn’t like too much drama in her life ???
        But I know why you REALLY like her !! ????

    • Kyle is a people pleaser most of the time. There is a hierarchy of those she wishes to please, however, as I see it. She does not waste her time with the others. Just my opinion. I am no fan of Kyle.
      I think Eden is too sensitive to be a Housewife. She just is not up to it. Brandi, on the other hand, is just trouble wherever she goes. I actually felt sorry for her in her first episodes, especially when the Richards sisters were mean girls, taking her crutches away and laughing about it. I saw her true colors emerge over time, however, and she is a heavy drinker and a narcissist. The less I see of Brandy, the better.

      • I think you’re right about Kyle being a pleaser . Eden was all kinds of wrong and her ‘meltdowns ‘ were let’s just say, interesting . I didn’t used to watch from the beginning so I don’t know the history and the story with the crutches . Funny, last night I stumbled across Hollywood Medium and Brandi was on. Her parents were in the episode too and they were really cute as usual .
        Love you ??????

          • Her grandfather came through and Brandi was saying they had a special bond and how she misses him. She looked pretty, had a very Kyle-like dress, and was somewhat on her best behavior ??