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Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer Are Still Feuding!

The drama continues between Real Housewives of New York co-stars Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer, and it looks like they won’t be reconciling anytime soon.

Tinsley and Sonja started off as good friends turned roommates, but their friendly relationship quickly soured after Tinsley moved in with Sonja.

The arguments between Sonja and Tinsley were a central storyline during season 9 and seemed to stem from their unusual living situation.

Tinsley says once she moved out of Sonja’s townhouse tensions eased between the two of them.

In fact, she even admitted that the three-part RHONY reunion “ended up being therapeutic,” and that she and Sonja “talked it out.”

However, Sonja is singing another tune and says she still resents Tinley’s behavior when they lived.

“She never did anything,” Sonja explains. “My assistant did everything for her. He cleaned her suite, and each time she never thanked him. She would walk around and say, ‘Where is my computer charger? Where is my TV?’ This is not a hotel.”

“Tinsley is very insecure,” Sonja continues. “I was trying to teach her to be a good friend, but I didn’t.”

“Our friendship is definitely bruised,” Tinsley adds, “and we have a way to go to fix this.”

Sonja and Tinsley agree that a lack of communication affected their friendship.

While Sonja says Tinsley never socialized with her when they were roomies, Tinsley argues, “I was trying to be respectful. In my eyes, a good houseguest stays out of the way.”

Meanwhile, RHONY executive producer and reunion host Andy Cohen hopes Sonja and Tinsley can repair their friendship.

“I just want peace in the Middle East,” Andy tells Life & Style.

Are you surprised Sonja and Tinsley are still having issues? Do you think Tinsley is insecure? Was Tinsley a bad house guest? Do you think Sonja expected Tinsley to spend all her free time with her? Can Tinsley and Sonja repair their friendship? Do you believe Sonja’s claims that Tinsley did nothing for herself?

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  • I heard too that Tinsley’s hotel or wherever she was living would not let Bravo film there so the story then included Sonia’s house. When Lu was staying there she didn’t make her stay in her daughter’s room with the stuffed dolls & animals, I would be furious if I were her daughter if it was still my room & they are filming it while I was at college. When Tinsley’s mother was filmed with her she asked her if she bought Sonja a gift or two & Tinsley said ‘no’! Anyway Lu was not a great house guest when she ended up taking ‘her friend with benefits’ Tom so that was Karma! Sonja & Ramona are disrespectful house guests – rude! Anyway it’s all amusing but I do think Sonja’s house needs an update, maybe she could try selling the Toaster Oven???

  • Sonja just wanted Tinsley to be her lap dog and follow her around and kiss her gray gardens…. She wanted a lil buddy!!

  • Sonja is a petty jealous WHORE. what a disgusting human being, glad Tonally didn’t learn a thing from her. Sonja’s daughter has git to cringe every time she points out how she’s fking this one that one and all of them. NASTY

  • Sonja, who was ‘sober’ for 10 months, was boozing in the house w/ Tins. I’m sorry, but that should just excuse any of Tinsley’s alleged bad behavior. Honestly, I LOVE Sonja, but she needs to start keeping it real with the viewers AND herself! You can still live in Gray Gardens and be honest with those around you. Nothing wrong with enjoying a drink, even getting messed up from time to time, but at least be truthful about it!

  • I don’t see Tinsley being rude on purpose. Laying w a bunch of stuffed animals in Lady Morgan’s hoarder house wouldn’t be easy to keep clean. I think she is jealous of Ts status and used her to get paid per scene from Bravo. T couldn’t leabe without Sonja thinking she was missed out on some ladder climbing. I wonder how generous T was that we will never hear about. That party cost a lot and then a 5000. gift card was plenty of paying her back but of course Sonja didn’t appreciate it. I think Sonja is like that on real life and plays dumb and innocent on the show. She is becoming more of an annoyance to watch. There is a video of Ts house before Palm Springs and it was clean and beautiful. She’s also accomplished more than we saw as she talks about her work life in it. I think its an HDTV video. She needs to avoid Sonja and defend herself, tell Sonja enough or spill the beans. I agree with others, Sonja acts like a spoiled entitled child. She has hit on all their men so she has no right to say what’s proper!

  • Who’s lying ?
    Tinsley just recently said they’re in good place to Andy on WWHL
    Second / their fighting was central lol? No . That was petty bickering and was not core to season stories .

    • They are all lying because reportedly Tinsley lived in the hotel suite the whole time. Maybe she spent a night here and there at Sonjas for taping, but she never lived there. I think that’s also why Tinsley went nuts about the Page Six item. Sonja took a storyline created to bring Tinsley on to the show, pretended it was real, and started making up lies about it.

  • Yeah, Sonja calling someone a “bad houseguest” is pretty funny. IMO Sonja is in no position to call anyone out on manners or being cnsiderate of others. Sonja is constantly tattling on castmates to media, lying about her drinking, insisting she be treated a certain way because she owned yachts, lol and not to mention rifling thru others drawers and wearing things without asking all the while not allowing her guest to even remove a stuffed animal from the room she’s staying in. Give me a break, lol. Sonja wanted a “guest” so Bravo would pay her. IMO Tinsley was a paying “guest” who could come and go as she pleased. If S didn’t like her guests attitude, too bad, I’m sure she still cashed the check. ?

  • the longer Sonja blows life into this feud..she is sounding more and more insecure. as for how to be a respectful houseguest – who claws through a closet – rips open a seal and wears the last gift Dorinda’s husband gave her? And same houseguest that was forced to apologize to Dorinda at the reunion…insincere apology for sure.

    Both are nice people -and I’m not being disrespectful – is this menopausal behavior or cocaine behavior?

  • Is this the same person who goes to someone’s home and takes clothes out of a garment bag to wear? Seriously, Sonja has no class, stop trying to dictate how to act. And, Sonja your house is dirty and cluttered with old tube TV’s. You are not all that lady.

  • Sonja was not a great host either. She constantly contradicted herself, had temper tantrums and treated Tinsley like a child.
    Sonja’s actions this season were bizarre and disappointing, she acted like a spoiled, bratty child and did whatever she wanted and refused to own up to her actions. I think Ramona is really rubbing off on her.

    • Agreed. Pretty sure Sonja can’t say shit for shit about being a good house guest after putting on Dorinda’s PACKED UP nightie and pulling that bat shit crazy room-choosing display in both Vermont and Mexico.