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Erika Girardi Reflects on the Drama of RHOBH Season 7; Plus Hints About What She Hopes Happens During Season 8!

Season 7 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had it all laughs, tears, freakouts, Xanax smoothies, a bad energy bunny, and so much more.

So, now that season 7 is long gone, RHOBH star Erika Girardi is reflecting on the ups and downs of her sophomore season as a Housewife.

“What can I say it was interesting. But I had a good time for sure,” Erika confessed.

While we know Erika’s been spotted filming season 8; she’s still playing coy about her return to RHOBH.

“You know I think if I were to come back I would love to move forward. I would like really like to grow my friendships with the women and have a good time. I mean there’s no need for conflict really.”

Check out the video below to see what Erika had to say!

I’m a huge Erika fan, but I have to admit I found her to be very closed off during her second season. I wish she would have opened up a bit more, but perhaps that’s just who she is. Hopefully, we will get to know Erika more and see a new side of the rising star during season 8. I hope Erika connects more with her co-stars and I’m super curious to see how her relationship’s with Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and Dorit Kemsley evolve.

Do you think Erika had a “good time” during season 7? Why do you think Erika is playing coy about her season 8 return? Can Erika and her co-stars move forward from last season’s drama? Will Erika and Dorit be able to be friends and put the past behind them? Do you think Erika can avoid conflict with her RHOBH co-stars?

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  • Love Erika! To me, she’s the only RHOBH who actually keeps it real. Yes, she is closed off, but I hope that will be explored more on her third season. I, for one, LOVE her music and videos. Best of luck to Erika!

  • I think Tom’s money has taken care of Erika for a very long time so I’m not sure how “independent” she really is but I did like Erika until she made an alliance with bat shit crazy anyone could defend that crazy is beyond me!

    • As most of the husbands take care of their women- why is Erika different ? Hubby and wife , nothing new ! I think she’s independent in the sense that she isn’t up his ass needing him to do for her as she has her own thing and makes money as well ; like Kyle and Mo, Pump and Ken.

      • alternate universe…alternate universe… now we herald the detached marriage arrangement of old man and pretty young girl- provide money do your thing look pretty and ill see you when i do, and ask you to shut up and go to your room on national TV for interrupting(showing the fragility of such relationship i.e. put up or i put you out), to a real marriage of 2 people a la pump and ken and Kyle & mo who have tried to build everything together in their years together are very close couples and try to keep each other involved in their everyday decisions?? Now i know which type marriage arrangement i hope my children fall into in their adult life out of the 2 i have seen mentioned above…..

        • Wow , calm down killer and perhaps you read wayyyy too much into my comment. Let’s not play dumb. I think you know what someone means by most of what was typed . You come from a universe where all is perfect in all the land ? Didn’t think so . The Girardis have been married just as long , if not longer , than others on the cast . The Todd marriage is far from perfect dear , just sayin’. Hey – anyone looking for a good purse or dog handler?

  • Grow her friendships with who??? Eileeen is gone. She must mean grown her alliance with Rinna and her surface relationship with Kyle. She never gave Dorit a chance this season just like she didn’t give Vanderpump one the season before. Can’t Grow what doesn’t exist. I like Erika in theory as a character on the show but she’s far from anybodies friend as she’s all about herself.

    • I think people are reacting to Erikas’ independance. She has pretty much taken care of herself. I think the only one she really listens to is het husband. They respect each other a lot. I think it’s a great relationship. Who would give Dorit a second look- she and her hubby are really nasty.

  • Erika is awesome ?????. She’s definitely not your typical HW and I don’t think she’s trying to be . But just like with my darling Shannon, I’m never shy about admitting where they could improve or why I think some viewers don’t like them. They’re both polarizing. She has channeled her RHOBH exposure into great success and name recognition ?????????.
    I think one of erikas ‘problems’ is that she can’t play the RH game , so she’s not going to pretend to be someone’s friend or form an alliance with someone just for the sake of the show . Maybe by this season she will trust more of the women to open up more. But the idea is to be herself , not we the viewers wish for her to be .
    Even if this her last season, she got what she wanted out of the show and hopefully she’s not like the some of the other needy HWs who just linger on for years years . Move on!

  • Erikant is the one RH I would like to give another chance to – but she punked RH viewers by actually showing her ass last season. Erikant gave 12K f##k’s every episode about a human looking at her bare bum – she giggled about it and bashed Dorit and hubby all season for it.
    then poor little “broken” Erikant showed everything at the end of the season – after dragging Dorit and hubby.

    To me that is a bitch movie – honesty is applauded and Erikant had women on her side all season till her bare body declaration..of what..and even then, she blamed her “friend” for nude pix.

    Erikant lies like a wall to wall rug – and manipulates the RHBH viewer..then give a big F##k you to the RHBH viewers at the end of the season! As to her career – wow she is bangin hot right now – Erikant is working her fame as she should – as all do. She spends 40K on her beauty a month and has yet to name charity she gives a voice to- with her platform.

    Maybe her book will give me insight to Erikant.