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Peter Thomas’ Bravo Spin-Off Allegedly A Go; Will You Be Watching?!

Peter Thomas’ time on RHOA is up, now that he is officially divorced from the model and season 10 housewife Cynthia Bailey!

Producers gave him extra time in front of the camera once they announced their separation, and it’s confusing as to why they think that fans are a fan of Peter and his obsession with the ”women’s business!”

Last season Peter acknowledged that there will not be a place for him in season 10, but he was working with RHOA producers on a spinoff that they’re all hoping will air on Bravo!

The show isn’t about Peter’s life, nor do we have to watch him get back into the dating scene (thank god), but we will see him as the boss and owner of his newest venture Club One Charlotte; insiders encouraged fans to think of the “Vanderpump Rules” format.

Allegedly, “the show will cover Peter’s life owning and managing the club in the aftermath of his breakup with Cynthia last year on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,'” a production source told TMZ. Nothing that it is “highly unlikely” that Cynthia will appear as a guest, yet something tells me they’re doing all that they can to get her to guest star!

Are you surprised Peter is getting a spinoff? Will you be watching? Do you think Cynthia will make a guest appearance on Peter’s show?

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  • This sounds…awful. Just awful. He has no television presence. Maybe it could work if the focus is on the employees (who ideally would be way more entertaining and exciting as Peter).

  • HELL NO, I WON’T WATCH HIS SHOW!! What idiot thought we’d be interested in anything that Peter does, and approved this? It just goes to show how out of touch Bravo is with the fan base. They should get their heads out of the sand before the fans, disillusioned with the continuing dark direction the franchise’s are taking, exit en masse. A show for Peter… ridiculous.

    • Very well said ???. They’re trying to compete with Vh1 for the black audience but they’ve lost that battle already but they have to keep trying I guess?? What was that ridiculous vacation Cabo show ? ???

      • I know!! Hahaha. I never watched it tho. Next they’ll have a show where a family from the hood exchange houses with one from the burbs, and a hit show is born!!

        • Bravo just can’t compete with the mega success of Love and Hip Hop , Basketball wives etc. VH1 simply found a way to dominate that market. Rhoa is still very successful so they should stick with that . All those other dumb shows seem amateurish ??? I would be much more interested in a show maybe about Cynthia’s daughter and Sherees son embarking on their modeling careers together. Something fun and light and not just always conflict driven dramatic nonsense

          • You are spot on Rain! But, even RHOA is getting old and tired. Hopefully, with MudDuck gone, the tone of the show will change somewhat. Of course, now we’re burdened with the ridiculous riff between duck lips and keyonce, which I’m already weary of. Hopefully the kids will be part of their mother’s storylines. That would be refreshing!

            • I think of all the spin offs Bravo can come up with from Rhoa , Peter isn’t it ???

              I had decided I’m not watching RHOA anymore anyways but Kim’s shenanigans is making that decision easier. I will probably watch any scene though that shows Porscha having her head bitten by Nene of anyone else . How did evolution miss Porscha ??

              Love you xoxo

              • Think I’m close to quitting as well altho I will watch a few episodes to see, hopefully, changes but then I just remembered NeRex is coming back too, ugh!

  • Nobody is going to watch that bs; Peter became a real a**hole during his marriage to Cynthia – that’s wat he’s no longer Mr Cynthia Bailey

  • Put me down as a solid NO. Never liked him and don’t care to watch another failed attempt at a business from him. I was hoping papa Smurf was gonna sail off into the sunset.

  • LOL! Peter gets his own show. There’s a long list of women screaming WHYYYYYY!!!! Stassi. Kenya. Jacaholic. etc etc etc. hahaha!!!

  • Heck Yes I will be watching!! Seeing Peter dish out wisdom and advice to his employees – Priceless!!!! Highly entertaining.

  • Vanderpump Rules,’ southern-style. And of course Cynthia will appear. She’s always been ALL about the Benjamins. Hell, if Peter becomes a hit and he the financial success she always wanted him to be, I smell a reconciliation seduction by Miss Cynthia. Like maybe, she’s been booted from her show but now his is going strong and so she wants him back. How cool would it be if he rejected her because of her naked avarice?