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Bethenny Frankel Extends Support to Jill Zarin’s Husband Bobby Amid Cancer Battle

Bethenny Frankel has put her issues with Jill Zarin to the side in order to show support for Jill’s ailing husband Bobby Zarin.

The former friends and Real Housewives of New York co-stars haven’t spoken in years after a major falling out.

However, Bethenny recently swallowed her pride and put her drama with Jill on the back burner.

Instead, Bethenny showed support for the Zarin family and sent them a thoughtful gift.

In fact, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stranger dished about the situation on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast.

“Bobby’s dying. He doesn’t have a lot of time,” Patti said. “This is not something to play around with. Network antics aside, me and Andy [Cohen] have been texting and emailing, and this last week, Bethenny did send a basket of goodies to Bobby.”

Patti added, “At the end of the day, if you get sick—like Bobby—you need support, and we can all get sick.”

Patti also says she hopes that Bethenny and Jill can reconcile and move forward with their problems.

“I’m sick of the feud. I hope it ends,” Patti admitted. “[Bethenny and I] have a lot in common. She’s single. It’s not easy being a single woman. I don’t care how much money you have.”

Meanwhile, Jill’s husband Bobby continues to battle thyroid cancer and a brain tumor.

“It’s been a difficult year since his brain tumor diagnosis but ironically that’s not even the issue,” Jill previously told E! News. “His papillary thyroid cancer has morphed into something called anaplastic thyroid cancer. It’s very, very rare.”

Adding, “Right now Bobby’s okay, he’s stable. Our friends have been unbelievable in rallying around us.”

I’m so happy to hear that Bethenny sent Bobby and Jill a gift. I’m sure that the couple appreciates it so much. Perhaps this is the first step in Bethenny and Jill ending their feud.

Are you surprised Bethenny sent Bobby and Jill a gift? Do you think Jill and Bethenny can end their feud and be friends? Does Jill need all the support she can get as Bobby’s health deteriorates?

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  • it was nice that Bethany sent something to Bobby that all that matters
    Stop trying to read between the lines

  • Did anyone listen to this interview with Patti on Heather McDonald’s podcast? Patti has to be one of the most annoying people ever. She’s best friends with everyone from Kim Zolciak to Jennifer Aniston. She knows everything. She knows who had what work done by whom. She’s an insufferable liar. I think she should start dating Brooks.

    • She’s a matchmaker who herself isn’t married…I’ve never cared for her. She’s loud and pushy. And she’s always in everyone’s business. This is obviously a sensitive subject and something for Jill to talk about if she chooses. No need for Patti to go on this podcast and tell the world how he’s dying.

  • Not being friends anymore doesn’t mean they have a FEUD. They don’t have to ever be friends again but nice to know they still love and support to one another in times of need. Also isn’t Patti Stanger to be discussing a gift that wasn’t sent by or to her.

  • Who needs a basketful of goodies when you’re dying smh show your love and support while it can truly be appreciated and when it means something!!

    • To be fair, most people bring food at times of stress, sadness. The food is to give comfort/solace and show your support for those supporting their loved one. I think it was a nice gesture and one I and most I know were raised to do.

      • I was raised that way too which is why I made that statement cause honestly it’s the last thing I’d want. Now what a boring world it would be if we all had the same opinions

  • I’m glad that Bethenny sent a gift to Bobby – decent. But she did answer at the reunion – no relationship at all and I think the reunion was taped after finding out Bobby’s has treatment resistant cancer.

    • Hey Hey Sammy. Just doing a quick drive by, and off to the BB blog. Big night tonight. Double eviction. LIVE…ON BiiiiiiiiiG BROTHER. I need an intervention, hahahahaha.

      Did a fast read thru on this site. Not interested in the housewives anymore, or at least for now. Same old same old boring regurgitated crap.

      I miss the next day re-caps of the previous nights HW airing. Really, NYC reunion part one last night and nothing. But we get to read about Rin Tin Tins Super Noodles ( super model daughters)… Cancer scammer Crooks…Booze Bags house for sale continues. Eh.

      Have a great day.

      • hey there bud! did you watch the reunion – holy smokes – rabid RH after Lu! Live evictions cool! Yeah I miss the caps too, wonder why they quit!! ok you BB ‘aholic! enjoy have fun and happy thursday!! ?

  • Stop forcing people to reconcile. Nothing wrong with Bethanny not wanting to be friends with Jill anymore.