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RHOP’s Ashley Darby’s Husband’s Alleged Gay Lover Comes Forward

The Real Housewives of Potomac just got very interesting.

It turns out back in November AllAboutTRH and every other site missed a very juicy story that’s only now come to our attention.

Months ago claims surfaced that Ashley Darby‘s husband Michael MAY have cheated on her with a man!

The unidentified homewrecking man-whore man reportedly met Michael while on a business trip in London.

According to sources, Michael and his lover spent two days together at a hotel, but it turns out the dude had no clue that Michael was married until he turned on his TV and saw him with his wife.

To keep his alleged lover quiet Michael showered him with swag including a Cartier love charm and Chanel aftershave.

See the photos and messages that were allegedly exchanged between Michael and his side piece below. (WARNING: dick pics below – I did my best to make them less graphic)

Hold on a second and let me pick my jaw up off the floor. All I can say is wow. I NEVER heard this rumor or saw any stories about it anywhere. WTF. Insane.

Do you think there’s any truth to these claims? Sound off below!

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  • She knew her hubby was bi before marriage but if he wants better tips on how to remain DL asks Lisa husband on Married to Medicine

  • This is old news. Many sites reported this last year. Why does this site keep stealing pics from other sites?

  • Um, the hand stroking his dick in the uncensored pics definitely looks like a man’s hand. I think some of you guys are a little naive as to how many men actually fool around on the side, yes with men also. Many more men are bi than are willing to admit it, because it’s deemed shameful by society.

  • I’d cost more the Chanel aftershave.That stuff is awful.Don’t believe a word of it.Unless she catches him at Regency Hotel another series. So all the men in All these different FRANCHISE’S straight.

  • Unless the marriage was biz arrangement and fake for tv , then I’m not quick to believe this . I just don’t think that man would go through all this tv humiliating shit if he is gay .

    • I completely agree . He seems so love with her and into her . As you said , why go through all this if it was fake

  • I’m saying bring on S3 haha this is some true tea watch Robyn use this to her advantage for talking about her and Juan

  • Why is there a husband being accused of being closeted in almost all of the RH shows lol ?! Coincidence?

    • Hey Gaga ????. That’s actually an interesting question. I find the obsession with outing people quite silly actually. That’s something between the person and their spouse . Critics don’t care about that persons well being, it’s about juicy scandalous gossip

      • Agree, I have said if Eddie is , whoever who cares, it’s the married couples business, so many couples swing all sorts of ways , If It makes them happy who gives a hoot…hoot hoot

          • I think that’s it— if true- if he had a horrible upbringing-that doesn’t mean it should follow him all his life- when your young , what happens to you isn’t your fault-but can take decades to heal from if ever– Like I said don’t care its their business…

            • I think men have it harder in this regard. If a woman is bisexual, she gets a high 5, but if a man is bisexual then it’s the biggest scandal ever ????

      • Hi Rain. How are you ? I hope I didn’t bother you the other day when I asked if I could copy your comment , you never responded lol

        • Oh Gaga????????? Of course you didn’t bother me , I thought I reposnded. I’m sorry if you felt that way , my bad . So how are you doing, cutie ?

          • Phew , I was worried lol. I get very sensitive on blogs when somebody doesn’t respond . I assume I bothered them in some way

            • Well rest assured that you didn’t bother me at all . You’re a total sweetheart and I enjoy talking to you . Have a lovely evening ???????

      • What do you think your doing here then? Pot calling the kettle black! You are saying it’s crappie for him to be outing him yet you all come to this site to read and comment on juicy gossip! If you were really concerned about that then stop participating in gossip and condem every site that reports on outing him!

        • Sure , ’emmy’ ! Till then I’ll be the biggest god damn hypocrite and say whatever I god dam please
          You keep creating different names and you think I don’t know who you are . It’s kinda sad lol.
          This is my one and only response to you, ‘Emmy’ , since I’m blocking you now , until you create a new one , which of course you will . Your pathetic attempts to stop me posting here are not going to work : you have some serious issues LOL .
          Rant away ! Xoxo

        • I really don’t care too much for the “are they gay or not ?” and the shows or people using being gay as insult . Someone’s personal sexual preference shouldn’t be so invested in , but I’m commenting .. Sigh …


  • The viewers always knew he was on the down low. But Miss “I’m better than everyone cuz my dad is White” always has her raggedy mouth open about other people’s affairs…wonder what the clown has to say now!

  • If you actually watched the show/kept up with ALL Housewives news, this would be nothing new to you. There have been questions/rumors about Michaels sexuality from day 1. But, it seems this is only a Housewives blog for particular Housewives shows, often times the juicy rumors swirling around RHOA and RHOP are not addressed on this site.

    • I guess I’m in minority lol! I didn’t question it . Maybe I just didn’t care too much about he and his wife to question it ?