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Blind Item: Does One of the Real Housewives Have A Girlfriend And Only Fake-Dates Men For TV?

Want some juicy scoop?

Come a little closer, even closer, okay okay not that close.

Now, remember this scoop needs to stay between us, got it?

BlindGossip.com is reporting that a Real Housewife who’s been a part of the franchise for more than one season and spends a lot of time a lot of flaunting her relationships with men may not be into men after all.

“It’s an act. She is not interested in men at all. However, to be on Real Housewives, she had to be willing to talk about her men and other people’s men and creates drama around it, so she plays the game. Not sure if Andy Cohen knows this. She will never get fake-married like some people, but she will do fake-dating.  She actually has a very nice girlfriend named [redacted] who, of course, will never be on the show,” Blind Gossip sources allege.

Hmmm….this is very, very juicy.

I wonder which Real Housewife this could be. Honestly, one Housewife, in particular, popped in my head when I read this.

Who do you think this blind item could be referring to? Have you ever suspected a Real Housewife might be gay? Are you surprised a Real Housewife would fake-date men for TV? Sound off below!

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  • Am I crazy for saying Bethany Just because she was married so what I think it’s her always thought she was just like Eddie

  • I do not believe this. Bravo would welcome a lesbian HW with open arms. So if there’s someone who really is a lesbian, she’s choosing to pretend to be straight for herself, not Bravo.

    • Unless her social circle frowns upon it? I really don’t have a guess, drawing blank lol. I think some drink and kiss girls but still like the ” D” lol so I got nothing .

  • I agree with others here. Although I totally thought Sonja first because of all the young boys who maybe she is not sleeping with really so she can pretend she is with when they are really not, I do remember as I was writing before, when they all went to the Berkshires, the Countess started crying saying she was worried that Sonya would end up going home with the wrong guy and end up dead and Bethenny and the other women agreed. So That takes me to Porsha, who wanted Kandi.

  • I live for Real Housewives gossip. Of course, Kenya came to mind but since they specifically said not fake married, she’s out. The thing that’s weird is that it talks about only more than one season that she’s been on the show. That means it could be anyone because it could be a longtime housewife or recent one. But the number one person who comes to mind is Sonja. She is always talking about men, and flaunts them. And Bethenny recently said she saw her making out with Alex McCord several seasons ago. And when she got drunk on the Mexican trip, she was all over all the women. But what doesn’t make sense is the fact that, when they were at the Xmas Berkshires at Dorinda’s, the girls were talking about how worried they were that Sonya would bring someone home and end up like looking for Mr. goodbar. That meant that she was going home with random men. So I was sure Sonja until I wasn’t, lolz.

    • Sonja was my first thought too but then I remembered her marriage to Morgan and her daughter so the bi-sexual thing made more sense. I don’t watch Dallas so I have no idea about those women.

  • Sonja only because of Mexico trip but that’s to obvious she does like kissing women when she’s drunk. Also Carol Radziwell allegedly it’s been said her husband was gay. Could Adam been her beard? Never seen Carol flirt with men or date other men.

  • I don’t know why, but I always kind of felt Leeanne from RHOD could quite possibly fit this description. I don’t believe anything is real concerning her “real” life.

      • But, hasn’t she been living with that guy, like, forever? I’d say Darby???

        Hi, btw! So this is the wk I’ll catch up with GOT me thinks! Just can’t wait anymore lol!

        • Yes catch up !!! 2 more episodes left !! I’m besides myself ???. I don’t feel things are wrapping up as they should , so im afraid they’ll leave some things open ended . My theory is that they will have a theatrical movie to pick up where the series leaves off ??

                    • Ha! I barely do as it is! Due to spinal stenosis, I don’t get around much anymore. I live for a good English crime mystery series!

                    • Well honey you and I both in terms of health problems ?????? I’m so sorry that you are dealing with this . I’m living with MS myself and some days are good and some days are challenging . But we have to keep chugging don’t we ? !!

                      You may enjoy ‘Marcella ‘ on Netflix then , I just finished watching it recently and loved it . I’m assuming you’ve watched ‘Broadchurch’ ?

                    • Birds of a feather… Yes, I’ve watched that! Excellent and there was a show on network tv that was our version as well, altho I can’t remember it’s name. ??????

  • hmm… if this is true about a RH that is sad. Hiding your sexual orientation is such a mind F* – I hate that celebs do this and now RH do this but that is more about society than about the person The backlash after being outted is inhumane and abusive. Hopefully this RH will have people surrounding them with love when she discloses/shares.

    It is possible this person is bi-sexual and for some odd reason that is taboo…everywhere.