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Would Sonja Morgan Ever Date Or Be-Friend Tom D’Agostino Again?!

LuAnn D’Agostino was gushing over her soul mate Tom since last season, and she even went so far as to make a giddy scene about their future as husband and wife. Last season Sonja Morgan’s famous quote, “he may be her soul mate, but I’ve been doing him forever” will never be forgotten; then she exposed a 10-year “friends with benefits” relationship had with Tom for nearly a decade!

Ramona Singer only shared one dinner with Tom, yet she was devastated to hear that he had chosen LuAnn, and made a huge deal of the drama amongst the cast; she bad-mouthed LuAnn all over NYC, and even made their engagement party all about herself and Sonja. She caused them both to cry and egged Sonja on about how they had both had past romantic times with Tom. Then she even called out LuAnn for stealing their man, and made Sonja upset for absolutely no reason; talk about the wrong time and place for a sloppy sob session!

As much as Ramona tried to make their one date seem like love at first site, it wasn’t. So since the D’Agostino’s announced their split, Ramona’s past involvement in the situation has become completely irrelevant; but as for Sonja, people do care what she has to say about her BFF and former lover’s bombshell divorce announcement!

People Now reached out to Sonja to see if she would ever give Tom another chance now that they are both single and her answer was a big fat NO, and she didn’t even hesitate to respond!

That’s done,” she insisted. Elaborating, “Absolutely. Because for me friend, girlfriends come first. I would never go out with a girlfriend’s ex-husband or ex-boyfriend. That’s just a rule for me. I wouldn’t do it,” Sonja asserted.

The lifetime eligible bachelor Tom refuted Sonja’s claims that they hooked up on and off for 10 years, and said that they “only got together once!” Following his remarks, Sonja changed the status of their past from “friends with benefits” to “drinking buddies!

Tom and I were good friends for much longer time than Luann knew him obviously,” she confirmed. Adding, “And even though Dorinda [Medley] said she knew him for 10 years, she didn’t know him like I knew Tom. We’re good buddies. He was my drinking buddy. I really knew him to be the bachelor he is,” she recalled.

Then Sonja defended LuAnn and proved that she’s currently a “girls’ girl” and is 100% following the “girl code,” however, she was quick to admit that she “wasn’t surprised” to hear about the split!

Sonja ended by refuting any rumors of her loyalty lying with Tom, or even speculation that she’s been reaching out to her former flame; she wants it to be known loud and clear that her friendship (or romance) with Tom is absolutely over!

No, no, I’m not there for Tom. I’m there for Luann,” Sonja wrapped.

Thank god Sonja’s interview proved that she’s a girls’ girl because Tom is sleazy and everyone should know it! Now if Ramona were to give this same interview, I’m not 100% sure that she feels the same, nor would she give the same answers; her future with Tom may seem like a possibility, especially since she blames LuAnn for the abrupt ending to their dating!

Thoughts on Sonja’s interview>]? Are you shocked to hear that she’s on Team LuAnn? Is Sonja following girl code more-so than LuAnn? Is LuAnn lucky to have a friend like Sonja in her life? Would Ramona have been more empathetic towards Tom? Will Tom re-surface again on RHONY once the divorce is final?

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  • Hmmm, see it wouldn’t surprise me if RaMOANa or SonJa would see him again, especially Sonja, although they’d never admit it. LuMan broke the girl code and Karma took care of the rest. Frankly, I don’t see what all the fuss about Tom is anyway.

  • I think both Sonja and Ramona would jump on Tom in a heartbeat. They don’t care about girlfriends, they care about getting their ego boosted by men.

    • Agreed. If either one thought they could have a relationship with him they’d jump at the chance.

      • I think Son would do FWB again but I have to say ( and hate to do it ) that I disagree with Jenna above ! Ramona wasn’t going on and on to make like her and Tom were anything more ; Son I think had real feelings for him . Reason Mona kept saying anything was due to Luann trying to block out the fact HE went through her friends first before ” choosing ” her . Lu tried to rewrite or erase histories .

        • Sonja didn’t have feelings for him. She said she slept with him maybe five times over ten years. That’s called a sloppy random late night f*ck buddy. Then for storyline purposes he suddenly was this great love of hers that she fake cried over on the yacht. Please! Talk about desperate for a storyline.

          • Yes that’s a friend with benefits lol!! I think she did have the feels for him . Maybe not love but he obvsies made her inner Goddess do backflips !

  • The man is so unattractive so other than maybe he has a donkey d**k, I don’t see why any of these women ever dated him

  • Sonja can say whatever she wants, now; but per her own words, she was “hurt” when she found out abut Lu/Tom. I think she thought much more of him than a “drinking buddy”. Good for Sonja saying she’s Team Lu but I do think if the situation arises she’ll hop back on that Yacht with Tom, lol. Who needs girl code when there’s a yacht, Lol