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Carole Radziwill and Adam Kenworthy Split

It looks like Carole Radziwill and her longtime love Adam Kenworthy have broken up for good.

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that the Real Housewives of New York couple is officially over.

The breakup comes only months after Adam moved out of Carole’s apartment, as depicted on RHONY, and moved downtown.

Sources say the split has been “really difficult” for the former couple and that they even struggled to admit their relationship was over.

Adding that Adam and Carole remain friendly.

Carole’s rep refused to comment or confirm the split only telling ET, “I never comment on Carole’s personal life.”

However, speculation, and unofficial confirmation, of their split came out this weekend when Carole unfollowed Adam on Instagram.

Throughout season 9 of RHONY, Carole admitted that living with Adam took a toll on their relationship.

“Living together, our relationship evolved past the point where either of us felt comfortable,” Radziwill said in her confessional. “I didn’t want to keep reminding him to pick up his socks. I’m not that girl.”

While telling BFF Bethenny Frankel, “It’s not like we don’t love each other. I feel like there’s balance again. Our relationship is not one where we should be living together.”

I’m so sad to hear about Carole and Adam’s split. I enjoyed them together and thought they had immediate chemistry from the moment they met.

Are you surprised that Carole and Adam have broken up? Did you see their split coming? Sound off below!

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  • I can’t remember who said it but on WWHL Dorinda was on and it was brought up that Adam was on a dating site. If Carole unfollowed him after that, it may be part of it, who knows? Dorindas changed the subject like the smart cookie she is. I hope they can at least be friends. I hate seeing couples love one another only to end up hating.

  • Did she ever finish that book from 3 seasons ago? Did “Widow’s Guide” ever get made into a tv show? Does Carole ever finish anything? Didn’t she and Adam have a cookbook coming out?

  • Sad news. They did seem to be happy together, until they moved in together. That didn’t seem to work out well at all, and she spoke about her unhappiness a lot. When we found out he moved out, and she was so much happier, I didn’t think things were as great as she said. Oh well, at least they weren’t married…

  • Carole stated in the pass that Adam would like to have children and Carole doesn’t, so that is a good reason to call it quits. Whatever makes them happy.

  • I surprisingly liked these two together, but I feel like Carole is the type of girl who doesn’t need to have a boyfriend. She’s very independent and likes her space. Her husband was her one true love.

  • They really need to take show title and dump it . I think they are all single on cast ! No HWs, nothing with kids or even at their homes … It’s a spinoff and bad shake up of Sex and The City lol

  • Some things aren’t meant to last – they’re meant to be what they were while they were. Carole seems perfectly content to be on her own – but I’m looking forward to watching her and Bethenny’s antics next season as single ladies in NYC.

    • I agree. I never saw this as a forever relationship…just a we make each other happy right now at this time in our lives type of thing.

  • I’m sad. They were such a cute couple, but I have a feeling Adam was a little too controlling for Carole.

    • Sometimes the age difference shows itself in subtle ways and that may have been one of them. They are in different places in their lives , including how or what they feel about relationships

  • Yeah, not surprised about the news of their split. IMO, him moving out was their end. They had dated for quite a while, “shacked up” and it didn’t work for them, done. The cougar and the chef with few common interests lasted longer than I thought, lol. Good luck to them!

    • Not just that , I think that since she was married once and her husband passed , she’s content with just going with flow, shacking up, being cougar( at times lol) and not being THAT serious again and , that’s ok too ! Not everyone has to remarry . I also love that her rep said they would never comment on her personal life !

      • I think when they rock climbed, & she spoke to the girl with them, started the ball, I don’t think either are surprised or hurt, ..Hey Mich

  • Wonder if the split had to do with Adam “I think it’s sexy” comment about Tinsley?

    what kind of rep….. “I never comment on Carole’s personal life.” – #rhny is supposed to be about their
    personal life! wth

    anyways, both looked immediately happy when Adam escaped…ummm..moved out. Carole is def. happier.

    • This is my first season watching NY so I’m watching with virgin eyes/ears, if you will. Each time Tinsley was around Adam I got the feeling that he was pretty enamored with her. He acted like a schoolboy with a crush. Didn’t anyone else notice that?