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RHOBH Season 8 Filming Spotted; Who Was There & Was There Any Drama?!

RHOBH season 8 filming has been underway for over a month now and unfortunately for all of us, there haven’t been many details leaked on what we can expect from the dynamic 90210 cast!

We’ve been keeping you up to date on any and all casting rumors, and this season and as of now there is only one new name in the mix, Teddi Jo Mellencamp. She is the daughter of music legend John Cougar Mellencamp and has her own fitness blog, The blonde bombshell is married with two children and one step-child, but beyond that Teddi’s life is pretty much a mystery; fame is not something she is used to, but in a few months her life will become very different!

Teddi’s connection to the cast hasn’t been confirmed, but she has been spotted filming all over Beverly Hills and joined the cast on a trip to Vegas a few weeks ago. Whether she’s a friend or a full-time housewife is yet to be determined, but she does have some competition for Eileen Davidson’s diamond. Eileen announced she was leaving RHOBH last month and it’s unclear if this was because she was demoted, or if she was just done, but comments from Andy Cohen confirmed it was her choice to leave and she was not fired; it’s safe to assume that Eileen may pop up again in the future, because he was genuinely sad about her departure.

Speaking of bringing back former housewives, Camille Grammer is rumored to be returning as an official housewife, but that has not been confirmed by a reliable source at this point. What we do know is that we’ll see a whole new side to Camille, because her life has completely changed since she was first on the show.

Yesterday Camille and Teddi were spotted filming together and they were joined by the unlikely duo of Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna.

The foursome was at lunch, not dinner and the location isn’t known at this time. Clearly, they were all very focused on what Kyle had to say, and Teddi even looks a bit shocked! There are so many different theories as to what exactly is going on here, and while they didn’t cause a scene or act obnoxious in public, something about this tells me it wasn’t exactly a friendly lunch.

Several Twitter accounts have claimed that Kyle and Lisa Rinna are feuding this season and that it is very real and extremely heated; with that in mind, this could be a lunch to hash out lingering conflict, or an effort by Camille and Teddi to resolve their drama once and for all?

None of the women posted about the lunch, but Lisa Rinna did add the picture below to social media the night before; it’s a cryptic message implying that she’s against the crowd this season, which is most likely the fall-out from last season’s lies/exaggerations about Kim. With Eileen gone there’s a huge void in Rinna’s support system, especially up against Kyle.

Kyle and Rinna have been fighting on and off since Lisa joined the cast, but Lisa’s lies about Kim Richards last season may have been the final blow to their friendship. We’ll keep you updated on any further details regarding drama of the rich and fabulous RHOBH season 8 cast; for now, we just have to sit back and speculate!

Are you excited for RHOBH season 8? Do you know anything about Teddi or her family? Are you intrigued to learn more? Thoughts on Camille returning as a full-time housewife? Will Teddi also be full-time? Do you believe that Rinna and Kyle feuding right now? Could their friendship be done for good after last season? Does this appear to be a friendly lunch or a dramatic sit-down? Whose side are you on, Kyle or Rinna? Any seaason 8 predictions? Let’s Discuss!

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  • Rinna is a pig and will continue what Brandi used to do. Vomit verbally to keep herself on the show and stirring shit. How her character – I mean that literally, doesn’t affect her QVC business astounds me. I hope Kyle decimates her once and for all. Kyle should have 2 seasons ago.

  • Even though Kyle has basically fought with everyone at some point,I doubt it would longstanding feud with Lips . Kyle’s big on keeping her twenty something year friendships with naughty people lol

  • Why make it so adversarial? We don’t have to choose sides, right? Personally, I like having Camille back. I hope she is full time. I like her sense of humour and hope she brings some fun back into the mix. I’m hope they’re not going right back in arguing and fighting. To start off like that would be a real drag…

    • FUCHESS!! I’m in love with the guy who plays Luis’s therapist on Suits !!! Swooooon ??????
      TGIF sweetheart

    • Awesome point my bud!

      New season, second chances…etc. They have the best lives in RH franchise – mind boggling that they keep this in their lives:

      – backstabbing
      – bitching
      – setting each other up
      – physically fighting
      – lying (well..who is perfect ??

      why not

      – being supportive when one is going through life issues or something else..
      – being encouraging when one is going through a rough patch
      – throwing lavish parties
      – attending soccer/sports events of their children
      – keep the birthday/anniversary bashes ( just don’t bash each other)
      – charity events
      – travelling the world

      That would be awesome – and shouldn’t be too much to expect. Less clawing for the diamond

      • Excellent! Wasn’t that what vit was supposed to be originally… what made the show soooo popular? Now, if we could get nack to that, sign me vup!!

      • Kyle is my favorite also. I started watching the shows when I randomly found an episode that had Kyle and her family and like you , I think she is the ideal picture of a RH

        • I like her family unit but not necessarily a fan of her lol . At times I can agree with something about her or from her though

          • No problem michers ??? to me she represents that perfect California life , you know what I mean ? One of the things I like about her is that she is always nice to the newbies and gives eveyone a fair chance

            • I get it ! BUT her personality changes coupled with some of her friend selections also at times how she treated others – yuck . The way she did the whole sites thing was ugly to me as well

  • Rinna is a Camera Thirsty P.O.S. who is loyal to no one but her Bravo Paycheck. Hopefully Kyle has waken up and learned that by now she’d be a fool not to. Erika was probably off recording her next unneeded single to shove down our throats all next season. I think Camille needs to be Full-Time taking Dulleen spot and this Teddi chick can be a friend off in Eden’s spot. Still think we always need Kim in the mix perfect mix of Crazy and Compassion. Anyway eagerly awaiting this next season.

  • Sick of the Erikas and the Pumps pushing the gay agenda and shoving the homosexual lifestyle down our throats . I don’t want to see that . It’s a way to brainwash all of us into accepting something that is unacceptable. I know most of you won’t like my opinion but I have freedom of speech and I will use it

    • Oh for heavens sake , don’t come here with this homophobic nonsense because I won’t stand for it . Who’s ‘shoving ‘ what down your throat? How are gay people living their natural lives considered shoving, brainwashing or any of this ridiculous bs that you’re spewing ?? How or why is it affecting your life ? Do you live in a gay club?

      It’s one thing that you don’t approve of homosexuality but to think that somehow Erika, Lisa and whoever are pushing some gay agenda is delusional and plain stupid . Once again, we have a viewer who takes these shows way too seriously and reads too much into what these women do or say . Get a life and recognize that it’s just a show and supposed to be fun !!!
      I suggest you educate yourself , learn to expand your mind and find peace with others who are different than you .
      Or you can just go back to Finding Bigfoot or whatever the F you do on a Friday

      • Mother of ???, breathing righteous fire ?! When it comes to it, you’re always on the side of justice and fairness .

          • My friend Fuchess, long time ! I’ve been good , I was on vacation for 10 days so wasn’t posting here . My gal is fine and we are just having fun , spending quality time together and all that . I was thinking about you because you asked me once how she would react if she found out about me watching the these shows lol. So when I told her , she laughed for like 10 minutes and then said it was ok , I think she was worried I was going to tell her I was married or have 3 kids or something . It’s all relative I guess

      • Rain, you made me get up and cheer ! YASSSSSSSSSSS. Thank you for standing up and defending us. You may just be gayer than me lol. I dislike all the ugliness online , people disrespecting groups of people or just name calling others or even the wives . It gets to be too negative. Don’t they have better things to do lol?
        Do you mind if I copy this and forward and post it elsewhere ? This is amazeballs and you kick ass

        • You’re too sweet and kind Gaga! Nobody deserves to be thanked for saying what I said but I appreciate your kind words.
          The online ugliness isn’t going anywhere unfortunately. I , myself am guilty of it at times so I’m not standing on any soap box . I try to learn and grow . The Bravo shows for me are a fun escape from all the political blogs that I post on, so it’s not something I really take seriously or dwell on. I don’t even think 90% of those HW even dislike who they claim to dislike . Sometimes the fans are way worse than the HW , me Included ???. I’m old and tried and this HW stuff doesn’t keep me up at night ?
          Have a good day GP ????

            • You’re so sweet michers !! Did you read somewhere that Willa ford so also filming for RHOBH ?? I read that somewhere once but nothing since . All I know about her is she was some kid of pop star or something . She is a bit younger than the other women. I think the more new blood the better so we don’t recycle the same stories

              • I did see that somewhere but is she friends with Dorito ??? If so , will she be her own person ???

                • I’m not sure who she’s friends with . Now that we are stuck with Dorito , I hope she branches out and tries to form friendships with the other ladies , and drop that fake accent

    • All for free speech but you don’t need be so harsh then use free speech shield ! You can express an opinion without targeted hate

  • Kyle – the bundle of awesomeness – beware of Kyle – once she decides “enough” ..Kyle will not let LR off – with a set of eyelashes! Man the ball of crazy that is eden sassloon – she is tweeting to the newbie – sending her prayers and “eden” hugs! hmmm…ok

    Be interesting which butt LR’s lips end up – why isn’t Erikant at the lunch? Erikant better get her “who gives a F” ready – she gave a billion of f’s..all season ..about her bare butt …so …hopefully she will concoct another lie for her fans to swallow.???

  • Kyle only ‘feuds’ with Rinna on screen but otherwise she maintains this ‘forgiveness’ towards her in interviews and appearances . I can’t figure it out .
    As long as Rinna is the ‘villain’ of the show , she is not going to be fired , which is a bummer . We know now how Andy thinks and as long as there’s extensive blog chatter about Rinna and her antics , she is considered ratings gold. And thanks to Kim’s ridiculously stupid bunny stunt , she provided Rinna with some viewer support (in some blogs) that Rinna never had , going into the reunion. So thanks for that , Kim!!!!!! That plan sure backfired

    Let’s hope there’re better stories other than pervy creepy men staring up women’s pussies and pretending to be ‘outraged’ . Who knew that LVP was only following our leader and grabbing em by the pussy ???? I’m sorry LVP, I misjudged you ?

    • Stupid Bunny Stunt. Kills me! LOL. Don’t know if I should get a tee shirt with that or “grabbing em by the puss…” Mebbeee borrow THAT tee from Erica.

      • ??? so many t shirt ideas ?????! I’m an old hippy woman and I haven’t worn panties since I realized that my mom wouldn’t find out if I didn’t, so that’s like a hundred years ago ???!
        According to Andy it’s one of the most iconic HW moments ever ???? stupid Kim !!! Now look what she’s gone and done

    • I hear ya, Rain, and agree! When we continue to rant and rave about a “villan” it only encourages Bravo to keep them around. We have to state our cases and quit feeding the animals. TGIF!! ?????????????????

      • Exactly FUCHESS!! That’s why Vicki is still on, and Kenya and Porscha etc etc .
        TGIF to you too ?????

            • Once it’s over, I think I’ll go back and watch it again from the beginning. A gift that keeps on giving!

                • See, I only watched the last few episodes before the new season began just to remind me what had last happened… I still have 2 episodes to catch up but now I think I’ll just save until the show is over, vthen just binge before starting again. ??

                  • Binging is the BEST!! I’m throwing a ‘Mother of Dragons’ party for the finale ?????. This is big and requires a celebration ?

                    • Good for you! Will you decorate, and how? Theme food, as well? It sounds like it will be great fun!

                    • Well I just read there is a season 8 !!!!! What ?????? ?????. Apparently there will be 6 episodes for season 8 ???

                      I do have a costume indeed ( grandma geek chic lol) , I am Mother of dragons after all ?? but my friends will help decorate and bring the food . Some of my friends have so much GOT decorations . There will be a dragon cake and dire wolf cookies for sure . We had one a few years ago and it was fun. Of course all my gay friends want to be Kalisi or Cersei ??? so it’ll be kinda like an early Halloween party

                    • OMG!! GREAT NEWS!!

                      Your party sounds like it will be awesome!! How fun!! Share a pic or two if you can!!