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Adrienne Maloof Trashes ‘Homophobic’ Housewife Peggy Sulahian

Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Peggy Sulahian is quickly becoming public enemy number one among her fellow Real Housewives.

Peggy is accused of being homophobic by her friends and family a claim the RHOC star has yet to deny.

Fans and Housewives have crucified Peggy for her anti-gay stance and now former Housewife Adrienne Maloof is also speaking out.

“What Peggy has done to her brother is absolutely horrific,” Maloof said. “It is extremely upsetting to me.”

“Her anti-gay stance is just plain disgusting. Pol’ and Patrik are wonderful, loving people,” she added. “Peggy knows what she did, and she will have to live with that.”

Lisa Vanderpump agreed with her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star and previously said, “I do not tolerate prejudice of any kind. And I have no interest in homophobia or in disgusting behavior like this. I do not condone or even acknowledge it.”

“Any attack on the gay community is something that I take very personally.”

Even RHOC stars Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd are said to be “furious” with Peggy over these allegations.

It’s also rumored that Andy Cohen has plans to confront Peggy about these allegations on Watch What Happens Live.

I STILL don’t get why Peggy hasn’t spoken out against these claims. I feel like there’s a good chance these allegations must be true if Peggy isn’t denying them.

Thoughts on Adrienne’s statement? Do you think Peggy is homophobic? Are you surprised so many Housewives are speaking out against Peggy? Is it odd Peggy hasn’t opened up about the allegations? Does Peggy need to go if these allegations are true?

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  • mtrae9

    If she is muslim (and I don’t know that she is), they do not tolerate gays. I think she is disgusting if this is in fact true.

  • Tapestry10

    She’s history. She’s a one-season housewife. Homophobia is death on Bravo. Any bets?

  • rhfan

    Well it is true that she kept her brother from attending the funeral. What has not been addressed is why. Whatever the reason, it’s sad. I’m really thinking there is more to this than him being gay. Nobody else has come forward with Stories that Peg has been gay bashing or being nasty to other gay people. Sorry, I’m not buying that these 2 shisters who capitalized off of Anna Nicole!s death and are being accused of scamming kids and their families are being 100% truthful. As for Adrienne judging anyone, I call bullshit. Her and that nasty Bernie accusing/lying about Paul abusing the kids was beyond shameful. Adrienne speaking out about anything/anyone makes me wonder how much truth there is to this.

    • Mar

      I totally agree.

    • michers

      OHHHHHH- I forgot all about that rhfan – thanks for reminder about Hoof and Bernie , so in that case excellent points !


    I think Bravo should find out the truth, and if that is the case, let her go. This is despicable and I wouldn’t blame anyone if they didn’t want to work with her. Actually, I had kind of liked her, but this is unacceptable.

    • Gagaperry

      I hope she doesn’t fake cry her way out of this and come up with some kind of lie

      • FUCHESS

        The truth always comes out, though!

    • Laurie

      Hey that’s what you get when you hire people without proper psychological screening. Bravo hired her; its her family problem. I’ve said it before. Just because someone is anti-LGBT, doesn’t give Andy the right to interrogate her and shame her. It’s her opinion and he probably should find these things out in the screening process if it bothers him. I don’t care what happens to her. Don’t care enough about her yet, but opinions are like assholes. Everyone has them. –Bethanny. 🙂

      • FUCHESS

        I will feel the same way about someone spouting white supremacist BS, etc. If, that’s a big if, she does feel that way, I don’t want to watch, support , a program that in my opinion, condones the belief.

        No one has to agree, or not. This is my opinion only.

  • michers

    I was high fiving this until Vicki was in on condemning . Umm bush have a seat !!! Eddie gay rumor spreading scammer !!

    • samael

      there is a poster here that brought that up..last story – Vile is a hypocrite with this.

      • michers

        She really should have Peggy pinch her lips shut lol

        • samael

          that would be hilarious! Vile can say it is an Orange county tradition! ???

  • Sheryl

    You know, it COULD be something else as opposed to him being gay. We may not know what happened in their family. There could have been a falling out for other reasons.

    • michers

      That’s true too …

    • ~~ La erik ~~

      What other reasons? Maybe Peggy’s husband had screwed her brother. Who knows? Life can be so soapy opera!

  • Kristen

    Peggy hasn’t spoken out about these claims because she has nothing to say! I totally believe this happened. Instead of coming up with some silly excuse she’s just keeping quiet.

    • Rain

      Exactly !! She’s in damage control mode and thinking about how to lie her way out of this one

      • ~~ La erik ~~

        Good luck for Peggy! ??

        • Rain

          She will need a lot of luck ???

  • samael

    So far many family friends that attended the funeral – have confirmed on facebook (rhoc) – Peggy directing staff to remove Pol’s fiance. Many “family” (Pol and Peggy) friends of at least 10 years have confirmed on facebook – Peggy removing Pol from her family and not allowing the to be around Peggy’s children.

    Lawyer usingher own name in interview – confirmed that Peggy removed Pol and Patrik from the funeral service and has removed them from Peggy’s family for at least 16 years. The same Lawyer confirmed that Diko – so respectful was on his cell phone during the funeral services. Many armenians confirmed on facebook that Peggy is choosing to delet her brother just because Pol is being who he is. On rhoc facebook account it is all there – standing for Pol and Patrik – all of these people are using their own names

    Peggy needs to address this with Andy and Pol…zero interuptions

    • Brenda

      So where is the gay slur. We don’t know why she don’t want her brother around her family. Maybe there is a very good reason. People sure are quick to jump on whatever pop culture is bitching about now and never apologize if they were wrong.

      • samael

        “brenda” look it up yourself – it does exist there’s that

        • Brenda

          If I could of found it I would not of posted that I never saw it. Jerk why did you post when you had nothing helpful to say. Being mean to someone hiding behind your computer doesn’t make you smarter or right.

        • Dayle Hudson

          You are being a mean know it all.

      • michers

        I was hoping Peggy would address that if this is not the case because we don’t know if there’s more of a backstory ; maybe family issue that had nothing to do with his sexual orientation . To be accused of such a thing should be handled if in public eye but then again not everyone thinks that way

    • Gagaperry

      You always deliver lol

      • FUCHESS

        Yes, Samael does, doesn’t he? LOL ?

        • Gagaperry

          Yes lol, also knows how to research and find all that information

    • Maxo888

      You never know what goes on in a family… Her brother ran around telling everyone it was because he was gay; however, there could be more to the story that Peggy has not elaborated on. If she chooses to speak, I will listen and then decide. Afterall, Pol did try to make some bucks off of Anna Nicole so he may be selling stories again….

      • samael

        two things

        – you may never knows what goes on in a family
        – his brother has been dealing with this for 16 years
        – peggys response -crickets

        I am listening…only witnesses and family are speaking out – not Peggy

  • Rain

    Peggy , Olivia Pope is on line 1 ! ???

    • Kirby

      We will see what she tells Andy on WWHL ???

      • FUCHESS

        When will she be on?

        • Kirby

          I want to say this coming Monday but I’m not sure . She better be prepping good lol


      Cute, Rain, lol!