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AATRH Exclusive: Danielle Staub Has Bathroom Sex At Gorga’s Restaurant Opening! Jacqueline Laurita Reacts; Calls Danielle “Disgusting”

Oh loves where to start….

Back in June, AATRH EXCLUSIVELY broke the news on our #podcast that Danielle Staub had sex in the bathroom with her then boyfriend, now fiancé Marty Caffrey at Melissa and Joe Gorga’s restaurant opening.

If you didn’t listen to our podcast (episode Pay Attention Please chronicles the Gorga’s party drama) check it out here, > MUST LISTEN.

Now months later this story is circulating on all the gossip sites, and people are having a field day with it.

So, let’s break it down. I still suggest you listen to our podcast for all the dirty details. Trust me there’s a ton!

At Melissa and Joe’s restaurant opening, Danielle and Marty went into the bathroom and had sex. Jenna and I chatted with the RHONJ couple in front of the bathrooms just before they walked in and got it on.

However, their secret rendezvous was overheard by Teresa Giudice and her makeup artist Priscilla DiStasio who were in the next bathroom. We passed Teresa and chatted with her as we headed back to the party from the bathroom. She looked amazing – one hot mama!

When Danielle and Marty emerged from the bathroom, Danielle re-joined the cast who were all filming in a big circle. See our exclusive photos below.

The never shy Danielle happily announced that she and Marty did it in the bathroom. Surprisingly none of the ladies were too shocked. In fact, all the women laughed about it, and that’s when Teresa confessed to hearing them getting it on.

From what we witnessed, first hand, Dolores Catania didn’t “go nuts” as some sources suggest. Dolores was taken aback by Danielle’s confession, but she never freaked out.

All we heard Dolores say was that she would “never” do that and that she and Danielle are very different, but she never yelled and remained completely calm.

Now we can’t confirm or deny if Dolores freaked out in her confessional or later that night but from what we witnessed Dolores’ alleged freak out never happened.

Here’s a clip of Danielle telling the group about her sexcapades. You can see how surprised the ladies are and how happy Danielle is.

It should be noted that Melissa didn’t seem upset about Danielle’s bathroom romp at all like I said they all laughed about it.

Danielle’s bathroom sex will most likely air during season 8 considering it was the most exciting thing to happen at the opening.

Meanwhile, Danielle’s arch-nemesis Jacqueline Laurita caught wind of Danielle’s bathroom deeds and had to comment.

On Twitter, Jacqueline wrote,“Really?Isn’t it obvious I think it’s #disgusting!Keep it classy #RHONJ! #IHateRacism #DirtyPig #Engaged22x #NotAuthentic.”

As we previously reported season 8 of RHONJ will “air this fall” and our sources tell us that “everyone” at Bravo is “excited.”

As of now, there’s no word on if Danielle will be a full-time Housewife, but our RHONJ sources say Danielle “deserves to be a full-time Housewife” and “brings it big time.”

Again, if you want more details on what went down at the Gorga’s restaurant opening and more EXCLUSIVE RHONJ dirt listen to the AllAboutTRH Podcast, available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Thoughts on our eyewitness account? Are you shocked Danielle and Marty had sex at Melissa’s party? Do you believe claims Dolores “went nuts?” Was Danielle’s behavior disgusting? Is Danielle inauthentic? Should Jacqueline stay out of the RHONJ drama? Do you think we will see Danielle bathroom romp on season 8?

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  • Nikki

    Oh but It was okay for your daughter to get knocked up before marriage & for you to date Chris Laurita when he was engage to another woman oh & you and others stood right there happily while the Gorgas had sex in the Punta Cana rest room. Yeah sure Jacaloon whatever. Hope your husband doesn’t get prison time for being a theif & a liar.

  • Giada Marco

    I think Danielle’s behavior was inappropriate, she is a grown woman with no respect or dignity for herself, the boyfrine must be a douchebag as for Jacqueline
    , she is no longer on the show and should mind her own comment and business, Danielle is NASTY

  • jlf

    I just can’t get myself to like MeHo and now Danielle is back can’t stand her either. Both of these fakes belong in the same boat. I have never liked them never will.

  • Dave

    Who cares! Danielle won’t be the first nor the last to hook up in a bathroom. I bet you Tre and Joe have done it too. Jacqueline is so sad and thirsty to get back on the show. Shouldn’t she be out there looking for a job to pay off their bankruptcy? I hear Chateau Salon is hiring?

  • justanothermary

    I do believe Dolores when nuts. This was a family occasion, what if a kid had walked in on them or a child was in the bathroom next door instead of Tre? At least when the Gorga’s and the Giudices and the Wakelis were doing it, there were no children present. I’m disgusted by all of them having public sex in front of each other, but they’re adults, it’s different.

  • michers

    Why are there tables for an ambiance setting in a damn parking lot LOL????????

  • So they had sex big deal leave Danielle alone


    As if we care what the Former Vegas Showgirl thinks. Danielle is back for a reason and she hopefully will be bringing ‘IT’ to this season. Lord knows they all could use some fresh energy and storylines this season if anyone is gonna tune in all season.

    • swizzle

      Not former showgirl…former trade show model, which I learned by listening to either the Kate Casey or Heather McDonald podcast is code for call girl.

      • Dave

        Jacqueline should just own up to being a call girl. Honestly who cares? If that’s what it took to take care of her daughter at the time, good for her! I think that’s one of the reasons Jac is so unhappy, there are too many skeletons hiding in the closet.

        • Rain

          ???????? you crack me up so hard Dave , love it!!! sadly it’s still hard for women to admit much in our current society , because the judgemental machetes quickly come out. But you’re right , I don’t think anybody’s sexuality should be anybody else’s concern . And if I had a nickel for every guy I did in the 70s, I’d have a whole mountain of nickels . No shame , tsk tsk ?

          • Kathy L

            Rain, I just love how you word things.

            • Rain

              Thank you Kathy L ??? you’re sweet xoxo

        • michers

          Yeah really and I love how she makes it known that Dolores runs right to her and spills filming details . She’s such a pathetic ( expletive )
          What’s ” disgusting” is her bullying and harassing women then exploiting her son for sympathy and a story

        • Mar

          Right she should. She keeps calling Danielle a pig. Like that going to stop Danielle from spilling the beans on Jaq.

      • Pell Mell of Snicker Hell

        What exactly is a trade show model?

        • swizzle

          Otherwise known as both babes, they are hot girls used to drive booth traffic at a trade show.

  • samael

    uggh..morally vacant M can’t say a peep! her and hairy back hubbie nailed each other in the classiest place of all..bathroom on a beach! And jack ass…classless nutjob https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a13435a78ca0dd2c8c86f13cbec7e577368d686dc87d428bbbd68d31c4df932.gif

    • September24

      Morally Vacant! LOL!

  • Khipp

    A thought. Why does production have two tables set up in the parking space parking lot? To make MeMe at ease in comfortable surroundings?

    • samael


      she’s having a clearance sale at her new site…that parking lot!! ???

    • rhfan


    • michers

      Damn I just said that too lmao .. Great minds 🙂 I didn’t read comments until now !

  • HWjunkie

    If I was Melissa I would have been pissed. It was the opening of her restaurant. Classy as ever Danielle, but at least she will bring drama

  • September24

    Jacaholic doesn’t like bathroom sex? Isn’t that where Ashley conceived…. Oh Never Mind! LOL!

  • September24

    Did Marty use a condom?! LOL!

  • September24

    Love the Pay Attention Please podcast!!

  • September24

    Love the exclusive pics!!

  • Bartlebug

    WAIT!!!!! What the HECK was M Gorga doing in this photo????? Why is she lifting her dress at her lower lady parts? Never mind Danielle, just wondering if Joe and her got there first! I would NOT dine there! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/57a6e98ab040e8247ab9bf312ed0884003db26ae0247e466edc7fb94475d587a.jpg

  • September24

    Ms Marco did the same thing on her vacation. Cameras were rolling – we all saw it. Oh did Jacaholic miss that episode? No comment? #Ihatehypocrisy.

  • rhfan

    To have sex in a public bathroom, who cares! To announce it publicly, on camera for her daughters and their peers to eventually hear about is ridiculous and disgusting. Danielle is still a nasty attn seeking woman with no thought to how her behavior affects her daughters. She should thank God, her lucky stars that her daughters have turned out so well.

    • michers

      That’s where she loses me . She whined and cried about picked on , mean girls , and her daughter’s blah blah but then pulls this as if no one should think anything .

      • rhfan

        I agree. She was always crying about the others and I thought the others should’ve backed off n front of her girls, but really Ds own behavior was to blame.

        • michers

          I hated that it looked like gang up and at times it seemed that way but just as soon as people sympathized , she did another Ahole move .. Ugh

    • Nikki

      It’s interesting cuz she is who she is & extremely honest with her kids unlike Teresa Giudice who seemingly hides things from her kids. I think Danielle’s kids Christina & Jillian are exceptionally bright & I think they understand that this is all done so their Mom can make 5 to 7k a month & support herself & them. I think they just turn a blind eye cuz they know the real her. Just my opinion

  • Cori

    Surprised? Not from her. A big deal? Also no. I’d rather hear about Danielle having sex in the bathroom then watch siggy cry and babbling on with her nonsense.

    • Nikki

      Oh girl ME Too!

  • JohnDoe54


  • shonnette1986

    Jacaloon needs to shut up and get a job..so glad she blocked me in twitter

    • michers

      People wear the block from her like a badge of honor lol ! I love it

      • shonnette1986

        Yes, I was happy! Lol

        • michers


    • Pell Mell of Snicker Hell

      Wow!!! Really you must have really gotten under her skin lmao!

  • shonnette1986

    Not surprised at all, this is right up Danielle’s alley…but who cares, it’s no biggie..I’m glad she’s back! Dolo and zigzag need to go!