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Katie Maloney Tells All On Relationship With Lala Kent

Almost paradise?

Katie Maloney and Lala Kent squashed their longtime beef during a recent trip to Mexico but has their reconciliation lasted?

Surprisingly, yes.

Katie opened up about ending her feud with Lala but admits the two are still working on their new found friendship.

“At the reunion back in February we squashed it,” Katie told The Morning Breath.“I kind of had a moment of clarity, especially after the wedding.”

The Vanderpump Rules star admits she didn’t want to fight with Lala any longer and says peace “felt really good.”

“Getting to know her has been really nice and eye opening,” she added. “We actually get along better than I thought we would!”

Lala is also getting along with Kaite’s BFF’s Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute.

It’s still unclear how their reconciliation went down.

Are you surprised Katie and Lala’s reconciliation has lasted? What do you think prompted Katie and Lala to make peace? Will Kate, Stassi, and Lala’s peace put a damper on the VPR drama? Are you excited for season 6 of VPR?

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  • If Stassi made up with Lala, it’s only for the attention Lalas getting, and the others made up with Lala only cause Stassi did, they don’t have a mind of there own.

  • It’s all LVC’s doing and this ‘Lala is a special snowflake’ treatment is BS. You could basically get away with murder as long as you kiss LVC’s decaying ass. Disingenuous.

    • I don’t think that’s it, I think LVP cares about who makes good TV and Lala makes good TV. Plus she’s young and hot, meanwhile the other cast members are getting a bit old for this type of show. Maybe Stassi can go on RHOC or something.

      • Well, it could be argued that e.g Kristen and Stassi are/were “good TV”, but they dared cross LVC.

        Lala would fall off the face of Earth during filming, left the show mid-season and crapped on everyone in it – while James as well, has behaved *horribly* for like ever – but it’s all good, because they both pray at “Queen” LVC’s church of BS – not necessarily because they’re good TV.

        That’s the point I was trying to make. And it’s just the truth. ?

  • Nope not surprised at all because they are thirsty girls they need a story line and a train reck like her makes for great TV until she no longer does! …

  • LaLa is the IT girl now and those mean girls are all kissing the ring. LVP is shrewd to entice LaLa back into the show . She’s excellent television

    • Yeah the WeHo witches would never have befriended Lala unless viewers hadn’t sided with her when they tried to bully her off the show. I wouldn’t trust any of those winter-bodied hags.

      • Absolutely!!! You’re spot on! It was clear to me when LVP clearly sided with LaLa at the reunion , that LaLa is coming back .
        The mean girl squad is overplayed and Brittany just isn’t that exciting , nor is James’s new gf (???). LaLa is the spark , regardless if we love her or hate her . And geez , if I looked like her , Id have a sugar daddy too ???????