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Gretchen Rossi Defends Standing Up For Sidney Barney; Denies Claims She Did It For Press and Attention!

Gretchen Rossi is shutting down claims she publicly showed support for Sidney Barney to get press.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star took to Facebook and denied claims she’s thirsty.

“My publicist called today to inform me that several media outlets have requested to speak with me about my post today……and I respectfully declined. I don’t need to post for press,” Gretchen wrote. “I posted because I felt convicted to say something in a world where Doing what is right isn’t always the most popular thing to do.”

Also, Gretchen denied claims she’s “jealous” of Tamra’s life.

“And just for the record to Tamra’s childish response, “Thirsty” is choosing to stay on a show for fame and money using your daughter as a storyline (even after she has asked you to stop) versus having an actual relationship with your daughter. There is nothing about your life to be jealous or obsessed with. I have chosen real love and relationships over everything else you perceive to be of value.”

Furthermore, Gretchen defended getting involved in Tamra and Sidney’s issues; claiming that she couldn’t sit by and see a child be abused.

Also, adding that doing what’s right doesn’t depend on whether she’s has kids or not.

“So a question for all of you out there to ponder is….. If a child is crying out for help claiming verbal/ emotional abuse, and neglect…do we as humans stand by and do nothing about it? Or do you get involved and do what you can to make sure this child’s voice is heard and encourage them to stay strong,” Gretchen explained. 

“What I know for sure is whether I have a child or not it has no bearing on doing what is right,” Gretchen added.

“Whether this was Tamra’s child or anyone else (adult or a child) who was being verbally, mentally, or physically abused by an individual, I believe it is our responsibility as humans to stand up,” Gretchen said. “Sadly we have all witnessed the physical and verbal abuse from Tamra on the show; throwing wine in Jeana’s face, screaming in Vicki’s face on the bus f- you and hitting /threatening to kill a cast member in Ireland (just to name a few) So what would make anyone assume her daughter is not telling the truth? You might not agree with me choosing to stand up, but if I don’t, who will? We all have a choice; I made the tough, unpopular one today.”

To wrap up her defense, Gretchen says she hopes the “lies and abuse” can stop and that Sidney and Tamra can reconcile.

“I pray for reconciliation and for the abuse and lies to stop and that this can be repaired. I believe the Lord can truly work miracles in families lives, let’s hope this is one of them,” Gretchen concludes.

Thoughts on Gretchen’s post? Do you think Gretchen was looking for attention and press with her post? Or was Gretchen truly concerned for Sidney? Was Gretchen wrong for getting involved in Tamra and Sidney’s fight? Do you believe Tamra “abuses” Sidney? Sound off below!

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  • Gretchen you are so ignorant!!!! Again you know nothing about the situation and how or when it began. Gretchen DON”T have kids ever. You think about it. How would you feel if Tamra stepped in and started giving advice to your child when you and your daughter MIGHT be having conflict. You say you saw her being abused. How? At that point it’s NOT YOUR JOB to go behind Tamra’s back and start having conversations with her daughter about what her mother is doing wrong. This is deplorable I know Tamra can be a real witch but in this situation she is right. Gretchen has no business talking to Sydney. If she were an adult with even a tiny amount of respect she would tell Sydney that it’s not right for her to be involved and she and her mother and father need to get together and work things out. Sydney is a KID she has no experience in family crisis. Hell this started back when Simon and Tamra separated. Im sure there were words flying around that she heard from her parents that she did not like. Don’t you think Simon could be responsible for some of the damage that was happening around divorce time. Does anyone remember when Gretchen got involved with Lynn Curtain? Now Lynn was a dumb wit, She couldn’t speak a declarative sentence if she tried. Gretchen again tried to stick her nose into that family drama. Im still trying to figure out why Wretched and Sleazy have not gotten married and had kids of their own. (God help that kid having her and sleazy as it’s parents) I guess Sleazy is still shooting blanks. Anyway someone needs to put Wretched in her place and tell her to stay out of people’s business. Im familiar with this situation I had a defiant son. We had never had a fight, we never were angry at each other but he was showing signs that he just was not going to follow the rules of the house. I later found out that he had a friend at his high school who’s mother was kind of taking care of him. He would get out of school and without alerting me to what his plans were he was always over at this friends house. I found out that my son had told a whopper of a story about what a bad mother I was (I have 5 children and they were all raised the same way). She would ignore my calls but finally she answered and I told her That i did not like that she did not call me to discuss what was going on and she came up with some lame excuse. She was giving my son 400.00 a month for expenses and she was feeding him, she bought him clothes. I told her I did not have a fight with him and he was just telling me that he was not going to do what I said. SO I called the police and had her served with a
    order that she was “Contributing to the delinquency of a minor” and if she continued she would be arrested. She stopped having him at the house. God only knows what went on in that house. He was there when his friend was not home so he was alone with the mom.
    Sickening. I told her that too. She did not respect me for one minute to call and talk to me about it so I took my own actions. Today is a dad married, has a great job he is really doing well. He hated me after I confronted the mother but now that he is a dad of his own he got t.
    Maybe thats what Tamra needs to do. Send the cops to Wretched’s house and tell her that she is “overstepping her bounds or contributing to the alienation of a child to it’s parent. Once that happens, Wretched will put her tail between her legs and run. If not she will see herself in the slammer giving make up advice to a 250 lb. woman named BUBBA. She can give a way her plastic purses to the inmates/

    Gretchen your a stupid ass

  • Give me a break, why did she even comment in the first place if she didn’t want to be in the press again. She is fake

  • Like Gretchen, don’t like Gretchen…regardless think some of the things she said did make sense and rang true, no matter what, if any, agenda she had to post her statement on Sidney’s FB page. Going way way back, Tamra has “abused” other housewives on this show, whether she was verbally attacking them or whatever. Tamra is not an angel at all (and neither is Gretchen for that matter). We can’t forget what Sidney said in her FB statement.

  • Team Gretchen on this one. Tamra refused to comply with Sidney’s request to keep her HS Graduation out of the press. Tamra still spins this as Simon’s fault. Good for Sidney standing up for herself and good for those who respond to her to stay strong.

  • Gretchen is doing the same thing as Tamra, using this girl for a story/ attention. If she truly cared about Sidney she would of sent her a PRIVATE message offering her support. Gretchen is a joke.

  • Go Gretchen! She has a good heart, and has known the Devil herself Tamra up close and personal. She knows what she’s talking about here.

    • No one with a good heart would publicly insert themselves into this drama. If she truly cared for or was concerned about Sidney, she would have reached out privately. And to imply anything that happens on a reality show can in any way be compared to a real life mother-daughter relationship is insane. Gretchen wants nothing more than to be back on the show. This is her latest attempt to insert herself, and it’s disgusting.

      • Gretchen has more of a right to speak on the matter than you. She actually knows these people in real life so she’s very qualified to comment. She knows first hand Tamra is a sadist and abuser.

        • Dave , that was a bit harsh to swizzle, babe ????. We all have the right to comment, that’s the whole purpose of this site ???
          I respect your uniqueness and your bold opinions , even though we rarely agree , still enjoy reading them ??????

          Have a great day xoxox

          • My point was to say that why is Gretchen getting bashed for commenting, when we’re ALL commenting, and she actually has an inside look into the situation which we don’t.

            • You’re right, I can see that now after reading your rationale . I misunderstood so my bad . I’m glad you didn’t take offense because I meant non! I hope your day is going well ???????

        • I’m not going on Sidney’s Facebook post and commenting on the situation. I never would. It’s not appropriate to insert myself there. Gretchen shouldn’t have publicly inserted herself either. As I said, if she really cared, she would have reached out privately. She only made the comment to insert herself into a personal family situation…and that’s disgusting.

          On this blog, I can most certainly comment.

    • Dave Im guessing that you are not a parent. First of all Gretchen KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT WHAT HAS gone on in the household. There are always two sides to a story and listening to a 17 year old about her anger towards her mother Wretch jumped on the Hate Tamra train. Don’t you think the statement that Tamra being selfish and only caring about herself originally came from Sydney? NO WAY. That statement came from Simon. I would bet those words abuse emotional and psychological did not come from the mouth of a child. Simon has been saying hurtful things about Tamra and Sydney being mad at her mother. Gretchen is not a parent let’s see what happens IF she and Sleazy have a kid and someone else tries to stick their nose into family business. Gretchen does not have a good heart. The very first time Tamra requested that Gretchen no longer contact Sydney Wretched should have respectfully backed off and shut her mouth.Im shocked that Simon has not also complained about Wretched’s involvement in this situation.
      Wretch needs to shut the F up and keep her nose out of other people’s business. She obviously has no good sense or an education of any kind because she chose Slimey and after 5 years there has been no moving forward with their plans to get married and have a baby. So her ability to make good choices is truly lacking. I have read the few stories that Wretch put out and she is the ONLY one who used the term physical abuse. What an idiot. Do you think under ANY circumstances that Simon would have put up with any type of physical abuse? Let’s be real he would have taken that right to the media to prove that Tamra is a horrible mother/
      Where are the bruises? Where are pictures of the injuries. It’s all crap. People are quick to jump in and blame but let’s be realistic much of what has been said is coming from listening to Simon and Wretches big mouth. So sad if everyone just kept their noses out of other peoples business they could work on the issues and a family. No way will there be any closure with this until Sydney grows up and is willing to sit like an adult and discuss her issues with her mother. A therapist would be really good. Not to condemn just to remind them to talk not blame. Syd has a lot of growing up to do. I want to stress one thing I am NO Tamra fan at all. This is not about her character on a reality show.

  • Holy crap! who is she kidding! this from the Big Head – who was eager to marry slimey, until she was aware of his $135K bill! and this from Big Head who bought her own engagement ring/rented Rolls/threw her own engagement party..and when Bravo wouldn’t pay for wedding…she still can’t find a parking lot to get married in.

    • Samael,

      I notice you like to objectify and denigrate women on the regular. What’s at the root of these unrelenting personal attacks. Is your, “big head” regarding Gretchen psychologically linked to your little dick?

      • I don’t like the comments of always putting down their looks either. Looks don’t define a person, put down their characters and choices all you want. What they look like shouldn’t matter. I doubt he would speak like that if we were discussing males.

        • Not to condone or defend any denigration of looks towards the wives, but I believe the reference is to her inflated sense of self…it’s “all gone to her head”?

          In which case, who wouldn’t agree?

  • How about taking her own advice and stop using this poor girl for attention – because she is just as guilty as Tamra.
    Why is she not privately praying for this poor girl and reaching out to Simon to make sure she is ok? She is an attention whore just like Tamra.

  • I’m sorry , who are these ‘news outlets ‘ wanting to interview her ? ???
    And she ‘chose love’??? With who ? Slimy Slade? Boy , is she milking this !!! Rihanna was right , she did find love in a hopeless place ???

    BUT, she did land a few good punches on Tamra. Those fake kitty claws are sharp!!

    • Damn right you don’t see her pointing out Vicki or Kelly’s behavior – or even apologizing for her own atrocious behavior towards Vicki and Alexis?!?! Freaking hypocrite.