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Dina Manzo’s Wisdom For LuAnn D’Agostino Following Her Public Divorce Announcment!

LuAnn DeLesseps wasted no time in dropping the “D’Agostino” from her name on social media, and although we don’t know exactly what caused her to FINALLY leave her sleazy husband Tom, it’s assumed that infidelity (on his part) was a huge factor.

Everyone knew that this couple was doomed, however, no one expected them to split this quickly; especially after their 3-day over-the-top, flashy wedding festivities. LuAnn refused to listen to any of her friends or co-stars’ warnings about Tom and his playboy past (and present), so, unfortunately, she had to learn her D’Agostino lesson the hard way.

LuAnn and some of her oldest friends were feuding over her decision to go through with the wedding, especially after last season ended with picture proof that he was unfaithful; she decided to give him one more chance, which she now must be regretting.

Lucky for Lu her co-stars are rallying around her offering support and kind words during this difficult time. But let’s be real, some of them must be having their “I told you so” moments behind her back, although LuAnn does have a lot of Bravolebrity friends, some we didn’t even suspect!

Former RHONJ babe Dina Manzo is no stranger to cheating husbands, divorce, or hard times, so she offered LuAnn encouragement and support on social media; her words come straight from experience and are definitely genuine!

“DinaManzo: I’m so incredibly sorry. Stay Strong.”

Some of Lu’s RHONY co-stars are going over-the-top with their responses/interviews about the bombshell divorce, but Bravo fans can see right through it; let’s just hope none of them end up as Tom’s next prospect, although with this crew you can never say never!

Thoughts on Dina’s post? Do you think she also reached out in private? Are Dina and Lu friends, or was she just being nice? Do you miss Dina on Bravo? Do you think Tom cheated? Will any of her co-stars end up hooking up with Tom? Does this ensure her season 10 RHONY spot? Are some of her co-stars going overboard with their interviews about the split?

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  • Dina did a reality show about her wedding to Tommy an d he was so not into it all that was a red flag

  • Im am NO DINA FAN. I think she is pompous and has an enormous ego. She is also a huge hypocrite. If anyone had commented on her marriage to Tommy she would have shot first and asked questions later. Lu did make some horrible mistakes but they are her mistakes and no one has the right to stick their nose into her business. If she wants to talk about it she will bring it up. We will hear about it all because Ramona will never be able to keep her mouth shut. Sonja may ha a hooch the size of the Holland Tunnel but Ramona mouth is a monument in itself. Leave Lu alone she now has a storyline for season 10.

  • “…Stay Strong” LOL, that’s the statement that constirutes “wisdom”? Yeah, that’s some real Dalai Lama worthy stuff right there. Sorry, but Dina made a simple generic comment on Twitter. Nothing special, nothing noteworthy.

  • Dina married a man for man for money who later dumped her. Thank goodness he had an ironclad prenup. She then started dating a married man with children. Shut up Dina

  • Dina did the same thing as Lu. Married a man who was caught cheating on her right before the wedding.

  • I’m glad that Lu is being given support – so important. In my world, eventhough knew what she was marrying, she enjoyed being married. When I watched last nights episode – I was surprised that Lu’s update at the end of the show -it mentioned the divorce.

    btw, about no one saying “I told you so” – just watched video interview of Sonja – for page six – she gave this hours before the airing of the episode…”I know Tom better than Lu”