Gretchen Rossi Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of Orange County - RHOC Tamra Judge

Gretchen Rossi Sends Support To Sidney Barney; Slams Tamra Judge For Fake Life And Being A Master Manipulator

Gretchen Rossi is once again showing how thirsty she is and is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star has inserted herself into Tamra Judge’s ongoing issues with her daughter Sidney Barney.

Following Sidney’s recent Facebook post blasting her mom, Gretchen penned her own Facebook post and sent her support to Tamra’s estranged daughter.

However, Gretchen’s post also accuses Tamra of living a fake life for TV, being a master manipulator, and using religion to perpetuate her lies.

Gretchen writes:

“I write this with a conflicted heart but after reading this verse this morning during my devotion I felt the Lord was asking me to speak up. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest.

Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them”

You can continue to manufacture a fake life all you want for TV, but good always overcomes evil and the truth always finds its way from the darkness to the light. You can try and mask it for only so long until the Lord no longer has tolerance for the evil you perpetuate into this world and onto others. You have always been protected by people who sadly only care about ratings and money, but the world is finally seeing your core and the master manipulator you are. Your lies about others have ruined and destroyed lives, businesses, and families with no remorse or responsibility from you. You might have tried to hide behind a religion and a platform that continues to protect you and perpetuate your “fake life” & lies but sadly for you Karma always seems to figure out a way to sneak back in and find you.

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money” Matthew 6:24

I hope one day you will TRULY be able to see the light and be able to ask for forgiveness to all those you have tried to destroy and hurt, because only then will you truly be free.

Isaiah 48:22 “There is no peace,” says the Lord, “for the wicked.”

You know who you are.

However, this is what my God has instructed of me so I will listen

Romans 12:19 
“Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Thank you, Lord, for not allowing evil to win.”

Tamra quickly responded to Gretchen’s post; calling her former RHOC co-star a “piece of shit” and telling her to move on with her “sad empty childless life.” 

I think Gretchen needs to mind her own business. First, off Gretchen doesn’t have kids so doesn’t understand what it’s like to have a child and be estranged from them. I find it hilarious that Gretchen is accusing Tamra of living a fake life for TV, considering she recently admitted that Bravo manipulated her and Slade’s reality on RHOC. Gretchen, go back to the cave you crawled out from and stop inserting yourself into something you know nothing about.

Thoughts on Gretchen’s post? Does Gretchen need to mind her own business? Has Gretchen crossed a line by inserting herself into Tamra and Sidney’s feud? Do you think Tamra is faking her life for TV? Is Tamra a master manipulator? Does Tamra use her religion to perpetuate her lies?

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  • Gretchen does need to mind her own business but ugly, nasty Tamrot continues to throw her daughter under the bus, and over the edge by continually talking about her daughter and their personal issues when her daughter has asked her to stop…for years. So, anyone can comment about it, really. If the POS, lying, deceitful kundt REALLY wanted a relationship with her daughter, she’d never, ever mention it again in print or Tv, let alone doing another Tv show about fractured relationships. I truly feel bad for her daughter. She asks only one simple thing from her “mother”, and that Bitch just won’t give it to her. A reality show is more important. Say what you want about Gretchen but I’d prefer her over the despicable Tamrot.

  • Aren’t the “kids” always off limits no matter the age including your own? All Tamra had to do was respect her daughters wishes not to be filmed or her name mentioned on TV, so now was your big mouth worth another 3 years or never of seeing your daughter. In Sydney’s post she was pissed, she’s embarrassed by her mom, I would be too. Either Tamra stop letting the diarrhea flow from your mouth, or get off the show and fix your relationship with your daughter if it’s that important to you , before it’s too late,

  • These so called ladies kill me they want to quot the Bible and then through out the “f” boom. The Bible tells us it’s not out goes in the mouth it’s what comes out the mouth because that is what is in the heart comes out mouth. Tamra knows how her daughter feels so she needs to keep that part of her life off the air.

  • Gretchen go get her. After Tamra said all those lies and spread so much shi* about you, its your turn to get all that dirt out. Tamra you have been exposed honeeey!

  • Why did Tamra share the graduation photo’s? All she had to do was not publish them. Why did Sidney go on FB – because Tamra won’t shut up and did the alienation documentary. I don’t blame Sidney at all for getting in her side of the story.

  • WOW! Gretchen is a nasty , desperate woman. Using a mother/daughters issues to grab attention is beyond disgusting. Maybe her “devotions” should include praying for the strength to avoid delighting in/exploiting others issues for her own benefit. This bitch is byond despicable.

  • Can I just add that Sidney didn’t do herself any favor by posting that message on Facebook to begin with because she just added fuel to the fire. I don’t even think that she is wrong to not want to be mentioned on tv. Something else happened to make her go off because tha picture was posted a while ago and she is just now mentioning it. Since we don’t know these people, we can only speculate.

    • She posted because she was disgusted that Tamra threw a phony event for ‘erased parents’ on TV and fake cried. She has asked Tamra time and time again to stop talking about her on TV and she won’t stop. Sydney has every right to put her side of the story out there since Tamra is constantly talking about her to an audience of millions.

      • Sidney knows how her mom is and it seems that Tamra is hell bent on talking about their relationship. Since Tamra doesn’t seem to want to respect her wish about mentioning her on the show or on social media, she should just cut her out of her life. Sidney is now an adult and as such knows what she is willingly to put up with. For her peace of mind she needs to distance herself from her mom and concentrate on herself and school.

  • Gretchen should mind her own business? But it was okay for Tamra to accuse Slade of being a dead-beat dad. Team Gretchen on this one.

    • People forget so quickly. It was none of Tamra’s business to talk about Slade’s children but now Gretchen is a villain for talking about Tamra’s? Hypocrites!

    • He is /was a dead-beat dad! His ex sued him. Gretchen has no kids, nor is she married to Slade. They are both leeches.

  • Here’s my take on the Tamra/Sidney situation. 1. Sidney doesn’t want to be mentioned on tv/social media by her mother so Tamra so respect her oldest daughter and not mention or post anything about her.

    2. Sidney has no right to try and force her mother to quit reality tv as the bases of whether they have a relationship or not.

    3. The fact that their son wants nothing to do with Simon tells me that whatever is going on in the family is not all Tamra’s fault.

    4. People should never take side in a family situation. Gretchen can support Sidney all she wants but it should have been done in private or better yet stay out of it.

    • That son they keep showing is Tamra’s son with her first husband. He is not “their son”. Simon is not his biological father.

      • FYI Tamra and Simon have 3 kids together. Tamra has 4 kids in total. Ryan Vieth (first husband). Tamra & Simon have Sidney (who lives with Simon), Sophia (shared custody between Simon and Tamra) & Spencer (live solely with Tamra). We don’t see Sophia or Spencer on RHOC because Simon said no more cameras when they got divorced.

  • I think it’s pretty ironic that you say “Gretchen should mind her own business” when Tamra is the one and only that has made the issues between her and her daughter EVERYONE’S business! There are a ton of others that chime in with their opinions on this issue so in addition to telling Gretchen to mind her own business, tell everyone else that has ever typed their opinion on the issue, including yourself by writing this story.

  • Gretchen is disgusting for even getting involved and acting like she gives any damn about Sydney. Grow up and mind your business!

  • I think it was good for Gretchen to post to Sidney what she did, also Tamra needs to stop causing trouble for everyone. Tamra is a ”puppetmaster” and stirs the pot. she should grow up and act like a mother at 50 years old she should of learned by now, Sidney deserves to be happy and without Tamra in her life is a gift, I give kudos to Sidney and support to Gretchen .Kelly should watch out for TAM-ROT

  • “Childless” life – typical Tamra to go for the lowest form of insult that she knows will cut deepest. She is gutter trash and will never change, just pure evil.

    • Just like the “childless” Blogger also said about Gretchen, because oh I forgot this Blogger knows them so well lol lol

  • Since when did any of this become Gretchen’s business to talk about on social media?? It’s ridiculous how she will do anything to keep her name popping up. So over Gretchen and slime ball Slade. Go away already.

  • I’m torn! LOL! On one hand all this from a girl who became friends with Tamra. And on the other hand I don’t blame Gretchen for publicly siding with Sidney. I see both sides!!

  • Gretchen literally spent all afternoon yesterday on Twitter retweeting things about this and responding to people who were saying what a terrible mom/person Tamra is. Gretchen is so pathetic. This situation does not concern her at all. Since when is she Sidney’s adopted mom? Gretchen is just trying to capitalize on this drama to secure a spot next season. Despicable. Maybe she should worry about parenting her fake fiance.

    • I don’t get how people like you miss out on such a simple logic. Gretchen using the situation with Sidney and making her point does not translate to Gretchen even pretending to be concerned for Sidney. She is using this situation to make her own point about Tamra. I am not neither side but this illogical thought by many people is driving my crazy. People saying “since when is Gretchen concerned about Sidney?”. SHE IS NOT!

    • Let’s be realistic ALL the HW’s try and capitalize off each other. But hey I guess they were that hard up for money to put it out there for all to pick apart lol I mean really. I hope they find it all worth it at the end of the run and there’s no doubt about it cause it will END lol

    • I really didn’t expect any RH or fired RH to jump into the middle of this. wow..using Tam and Sidney to get interviews..thought I knew how low Big head would go..guess I thought wrong.

  • 2 things

    Thing one

    Tams – you are vacationing in Aruba with your family since yesterday, so..there’s that – and because of all the media fallout – Sidney deleted her facebook account

    Thing two

    Big head has been waiting for this “opportunity” to “slice a bitch” ever since Tams goal was to get gretchen drunk so tams son could “go get some”

  • Regarding this new entry from Lara Sophia. There’s only one way to characterize this kind of hypocrisy: Pot, meet kettle.

    And, not for nothing but, Gretchen actually knows Tamra so I would think her observations are infinitely more valid than a stan like Lara Sophia.

    • It’s creepy to what lengths Lara will go to defend Tamra. I think Tamra is paying this site off to write the stories in her favor.

    • I agree with you both. It’s odd to me Laura is so willing to say negative things about a teenager and blindly believe someone who tried to get Gretchen drunk so her son could sleep with her. I think Tamra has shown the kind of person she is.

  • SFTU Gretchen slime! This is thirst of the most desperate and pathetic level
    Don’t use a child to further your agenda !!