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Bravo Is Pissed At Luann de Lesseps For Timing of Divorce

Somebody’s in trouble…

Bravo producers are not pleased with Luann de Lesseps and the timing of her divorce from Tom D’Agostino.

Page Six is reporting that producers are “annoyed” that Luann and Tom filed for divorce after the RHONY cast spent 10 hours filming a three part reunion.

“They are going to have to reshoot,” one source revealed. “Otherwise, the reunion shows will seem hopelessly out of date with Luann talking about how much she loves her husband and how they are working out their problems.”

While the timing of the announcement was bad for Bravo, it was a very good move for Luann.

“This is the time of the year when they are figuring out the next season,” another source added. “Guess who will be the show’s biggest housewife now that she is single again and back on the dating scene?”

According to friends of Tom, he feels Luann used him for the show.

“He got played. It was all orchestrated. Without Tom, they wouldn’t have had a season or the season before” a friend of Tom claimed. “And next season, it will be ‘reinventing Luann’ thanks to Tom. He should be getting a check.”

However in person, Tom is singing another tune and claims,“There was real love there, and this was a real marriage.”

Luann is just the latest victim in a string of failed RHONY marriages. Ramona Singer, Jules Wainstein, and Bethenny Frankel all had their marriage implode in front of the cameras.

“Bravo just ruins marriages,” a source wrapped.

I’m not surprised Bravo is pissed at Luann. I’m sure reshooting the reunion will cost Bravo a lot of time and money. I’m really shocked Luann and Tom didn’t wait until the season wrapped to file for divorce.

Are you surprised Bravo is pissed at Luann for the timing of her divorce? Does Bravo need to reshoot the reunion to make it current? Does the timing of Luann’s divorce guarantee her a spot in the season 10 cast? Do you think Luann used Tom for the show? Were Tom and Luann really in love?

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  • Bravo is a succubus that pimps and profits off these people’s real lives. Yolanda waited until the whole season taped to announce her divorce think Luann gave her marriage an honest trial and Bravo should is a little respect and compassion.

  • I bet Luann is pissed she gave up her title of Countess for a lousy 7 months of marriage.

  • She will be back with bells on are ya kidding!! She can’t get enough of the spotlight! Don’t be surprised if he shows up with that chick Missy??at parties next season I think that is her name ?? She was at Ramona’s party also. Ramona knew they had a realtiinship and invited her to her open house! Watch and see the shady shit he pulls tonight! I think her and Tom were just as hot and heavy as Luann! He is one shady pile!! I feel bad for Luann! Even though I said it would not last I still feel bad I don’t know if she really loved him or just the idea of being married?

  • It looked like Tom was loving being on TRHNY and Lu was so full of her self she knew she could not trust him.

  • Good luck on trying to get her to come back, altho…. If they give her enough money and ensure her she comes back for the next season, or two, she just might. It’s sad to think anyone values being on a reality show more than she wanted to be married. I now think Tom did love her or why else marry after all the years? She wanted someone rich on her arm, and a storyline.. Was this all calculated on her part? This whole thing is disgusting. Most of the women are disgusting. I’m disgusted with myself for even watching, let alone caring what these women will do week by week to lower themselves for a paycheck and notoriety.

  • Hell, Luann was the only “housewife” on the Housewife show. Now they all are divorced. The name of the show should be “Divorcees of New York” I think there are more divorcees in the housewife franchise than wives anyway – oops, forgot about Carole and Dorinda – they are widows.

  • Why does anyone care what Page 6 says anymore? There’s no way they are going to reshoot the reunion and I highly doubt Bravo is pissed about the timing. It happened, move on.

  • There’s an article ‘out there’ right now that says Tom wants Lu to reimburse him for a kitchen renovation. 😀

    How come I get the feeling that Lu & B become besties over their divorces … for two minutes …. and then one will try to trump the other in who has it harder.

  • I don’t think she used Tom at all. She wanted to be married. I think he used her. He wanted to be a ho and he kept getting caught!

    • He’ll probably just have her on WWHL without another guest and let her speak her piece. That will be the end of it. They aren’t going to reshoot anything.

  • Hello!! LuAnn signed for being a housewife. That’s a job! Who knows if she will be demoted to a friend from Real housewife to punish her for hiding and not following up with her job….

  • such a pile!! Lu is Bravo platinum right now – the story that keeps on giving. It will be awkward to listen to Lu gush about her soul mate, knowing, the truth.