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Lisa Vanderpump and Andy Cohen React To Eileen Davidson Exiting RHOBH; Plus Both Hint About Season 8 Casting Rumors!

Eileen Davidson shockingly announced that she would not be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season 8 and now a few members of her Bravo family are reacting to the news.

The daddy of the Real Housewives Andy Cohen dished with Access Hollywood about Eileen’s exit and how it will shake up the RHOBH cast.

“I know Eileen’s leaving, I love Eileen,” Andy said.

So, does that mean there’s an opening in the season 8 cast?

“It means there’s a new space for a new Housewife doesn’t it,” Andy confirmed.

As for rumors that Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof may be returning to RHOBH, Andy played coy.

“Could they? It looks like a bunch of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills past and present in Las Vegas,” Andy hinted.

When asked if he’d like to see Camille and Adrienne return, Andy says  “I always want former Real Housewives to come back. I would love it they came back…I would love it. I cannot confirm or deny anything at this point.”

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump also spoke out about Eileen’s exit.

“It’s always good to have the cast kind of turn over a bit. It, you know, keeps it fresh,” Lisa said

“Listen – I hope she’s successful in her future. She had a good time on the show,” Lisa shrugged, “but I didn’t get on with her obviously, so I’ve gotta be honest.”

Lisa also dished on the recent cast trip to Vegas. “Of course I had fun in Vegas, and you know: what happens in Vegas comes right back home with you!”

“I’m not allowed to confirm that or deny,” Lisa said of rumors that Teddi Jo Mellencamp is joining the RHOBH cast.

However, LVP would confirm that Adrienne was in Vegas “as a friend,” adding, “having the OG’s kind of come in… it’s organic really.”

I’m super excited for RHOBH to return! I really hope both Adrienne and Camille will be back.

Thoughts on LVP and Andy’s comments? Do you want Adrienne and Camille to return for season 8? Do you think Teddi Jo will be an excellent addition to the cast? Are you sad to see Eileen go?

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  • Glad to see her go, she added no excitement to the show. So self righteous all the time. A Debbie downer!

        • uggh…it’s like wildfire throughout RH franchise..whatever gets them quoted…aka organic! sheesh

          • It’s like they’re all given buzz words to use or something . Why can’t they be original and not just copy the same expressions lol

      • Damn Sam . I use that LOL but I’m not on tv repeating and using buzzwords , so I’m good , yes ??!!!! Organic is being shelved along with : jealous, hater, bully .

  • For LVP to say it’s good to turn over the cast is ridiculously stupid becuase that would mean her old saggy ass would be the first there . Just saying .
    But I’ve said for years there needs to be a limit for how long a HW can stay full time on the show . Nobody is THAT interesting that I need to watch them for more than 4 or 5 years

    • Ha- thought same . Where’s her turnover lol??? Been waiting since she turned into a mega beast of sneakiness

    • Hahahaha Rain??
      As soon as I’d read the article I bet hubby you would be the first one to post your opinion. Thank you as we’re now going to a restaurant of my choice???????????. I also agree that they should have a turnover of HW every 3 years. The irony of her statement is that she cannot see that she’s shot ‘herself in the foot’??? If/when Bravo decides that they no longer need her services, she’s given them the perfect ‘get out of jail’ card!!! ????????. OMG It’s hysterical!! ?????????????????? ???????

      • Hey cutie ?????. I find her double standards mind boggling ????
        I hope you’re well sweetheart ?

        • I’m well thank you and how are you?? Still keeping your head held high I hope!! Thanks to you I’m going to my favourite restaurant Friday evening. Yay!!! Even though you thought I was defending LVP and not her humour I find that she is very two faced at times and I can’t believe she has given such a perfect get out of jail card. She’s not as clever as she thinks is she????????. Oh well the higher they climb the faster they fall down again. Still love your posts even if I may disagree sometimes. They are unique and funny even if I don’t agree. Can’t wait until Friday though. ???????????????????????????

            • It’s an Indian Restaurant that serves the best food in the North West of England. They make a naan bread that melts in your mouth and tastes devine!! The food is out of this world, it’s properly spiced to create the heat and do not cheat by using Tabasco sauce, like a lot of restaurant do. The meat in the meal again just falls apart, no gristle or lumps of fat present and melts in your mouth as well. The service is excellent and staff very friendly. We cannot find another Indian restaurant that comes close to beating it. We don’t go that often as it’s a 160 mile round trip to get to it. I know you Americans travel great distances without a care but to many it’s a long way to go for a meal. We have taken friends in the past and whilst they love the food they didn’t like the prices. Hahaha. They think we’re mad to go so far but it’s worth the journey. My mouth is now watering at the thought of eating now??????????. I owe you a big Thank you as it’s all down to you posting first. I won the bet ????????????we were not due to visit it until the end of August. ????????????????????

  • I’m really starting to think that Yawnleen finally connected the dot …that since season one on RHBH, she stopped getting nominated for daytime emmys. People watched her bashing/slashing/lying and backstabbing in her actual life….not in a pretend situation.

    Looks like eileen is enjoying her life without RHBH am I …now her instagram is jammed with pics of family gatherings, parties, filming with her hubbie and chilling! Good for her.

    • I’m happy for her too . She’s not a nasty vicious biatch that’s looking to fight so good for her for not conforming !

      • Except that’s all she did the last two seasons lol. Then demanded 234598 apologies from the person she attacked.

        • Annoying maybe for pushing the apology but she wasn’t crazy yelling malicious like others . I have to say though , I do understand her intent with wanting genuine apology especially from that Lisa. shd never list self control and that was refreshing among that crew . And attacked lol? Making a point , disagreeing – doesn’t equate attack .

          • She was extremely dismissive to certain people – cutting Dorit off “you talk too much” – telling Kim repeatedly at the reunion “BYE KIM! BYE KIM” as Kim was mid-sentence. She was very nasty to people she didn’t like, and had this nasty snarling face when they spoke, but then would make ridiculous excuses for Rinna and Erika whenever they behaved horribly. She wasn’t consistent or fair at all in her judgments. Imo she was the nastiest person on the show after Rinna and Brandi.

            • Really ? Who the heck wouldn’t have shushed Kim at that point? No one here hardly could even stand she was getting articles about her ! And Dorit was trying too hard to recycle pettiness to have airtime outside of being a minion( IMO) . ( if that’s a word)
              I don’t think nasty . I think she was sick of trying to be the only decent speaking adult and doormat so come reunion time, her patience wore out . Also why is it ok for Pump to jab at Dorit for talking too much but wrong for Eileen ? As for horrible behavior : they all have moments but to me as a viewer there is a difference between poked ,prodded ,and instigated vs. defending yourself against it