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Lala Kent’s Rumored Boyfriend’s Estranged Wife Basically Just Confirmed Their Relationship!

The cats out of the bag….

Lala Kent may have made peace with her Vanderpump Rules co-stars Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney, but it seems their suspicions about her rumored boyfriend were spot on.

In July, the estranged wife of Lala’s rumored boyfriend sent a now deleted tweet to Stassi basically confirming that Lala was/is sleeping with her husband, Randall Emmett.

“@Stassi Thank u for being the strong, beautiful woman you are. Queens don’t compete with hoes, and we both know the biggest one of them all! ” Ambyr Childers tweeted.

Now we can’t confirm or deny if Lala and Randall are even still together at this point, but they were together as of May.

However, Lala did hint a while back that her boyfriend’s identity would be revealed one day.

As for now, the mystery remains.

I’m curious to know if any of the VPR crew saw these tweets. And I’m so interested to know how and why Lala reconciled with Katie and Stassi. I thought hell would freeze over before I ever saw that happen. At the point, I don’t really care who Lala is dating if she’s happy but hopefully we are all wrong, and she didn’t wreck a family.

Thoughts on the tweet? Is the tweet uncalled for? Do you think Lala started dating her man when he was married? What do you think prompted Lala, Katie, and Stassi’s reconciliation? Will we ever meet Lala’s, man?

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  • When it happens to Lala, then she will know the brides broken heart and family. Until then it’s just a girls game. Married men are off limits until they do it right. And if they want you bad enough they will come to you in the right way. Unfortunately in this throw away world it rarely happens that way.

  • You cannot steal anyone’s husband. LaLa gets to live her life with the man who loves her.

    • Why would you pursue someone with a wife ? That’s not very nice . She can live on with her man when he isn’t married 🙂

      • Lala is very pretty and could get a good looking, single man. The fact that she ended up with this married man (who is not cute at all!) says a lot about her ethics and motives.

  • Lala didn’t wreck a family, Randall did. Why is it 2017 and women still hate on other women? Blame the man who took vows!

    • Why not blame both? It doesn’t have to be one or the other. If you go into a relationship with someone that you know is already in a relationship, you are just as culpable. I do agree that the it’s ridiculous how the woman always gets the hate, but she shouldn’t be exempt from it, either. Both people willingly participated. Both people are assholes.

      • No you are not as culpable. You haven’t taken a vow and made a commitment. Is it right to be with someone who’s married? Absolutely not, but it still 100% is the married party’s responsibility. They willingly broke their promise.

        Women will never move forward because they buy into the myth of ‘the hussy that stole my man’ – which btw is great for men because they can get away with cheating and just blame the other woman (which you guys are proving in this thread). Women who play into this agenda are even worse than misogynistic men.

        • Yes you ARE as culpable. Because it takes TWO to commit adultery. So it’s still 50% EACH’s responsibility.

          Women will never move forward if they show their support to other women by sleeping with their husbands. In fact, it’s one.of the WORST things to do to a fellow WOMAN…………..helping to wreck her family. Hardly supportive, LMAO.

          Women will never move forward if men treat them like children that are so easily influenced and taken advantaged of, that they can’t say “no”. I said “no” to a married man once. He told me that he was in lousy marriage and that he was only with his wife “for the children”. So I told HIM: “So you sleep with other women ‘for the children’ too ?” I don’t think he appreciated my sarcasm. He started getting all defensive, lol. But I think he knew at that point that “we” were a no-go. And just for the record, he WAS attractive. So I WAS turning down a man I would have liked to have slept with. I then explained to him that his kids probably wouldn’t appreciate him betraying their mother. And if he was going to act like he was making this enormous sacrifice by staying in an unhappy marriage, then STAY in that unhappy marriage. Being faithful in that situation IS the SACRIFICE.

          Did any of what I said to him sink in ? Probably not. I’m sure that he probably found someone else to fool around with………. but some men are only as faithful as their options (i.e. available “hoes”).

          Also, as a self respecting woman, why would I want to be someone’s whore ? I’d actually be in a WORSE situation than the betrayed wife. I mean, at least if SHE finds out about him, she can leave, take the house, the children, a car, get a divorce settlement, etc.
          A “whore” gets NOTHING. Which means that when a man propositions you this way, you’re actually in a worse position than his wife.

          Even if whore LaLa marries Randall, he’ll be in a worse financial position than he was with the FIRST wife, because he’ll being paying a divorce settlement, alimony, child support, etc. Lala will get him a little poorer than he was during his first marriage.
          His punishment will be not seeing his children every day either.

          And that’s IF LaLa gets a marriage proposal out of this. If he becomes LaLa’s husband, she’ll never be able to trust him because apparently he’s a douche.

          Meanwhile, his ex-wife can find another man and possibly a faithful one.

          How about since I’m assuming you’re a man because of your name, Dave, that you keep your comments strictly about the MAN in this case (Randall) and you let us talk about this HOE LaLa..
          If you don’t like misogyny, then stop YOURSELF from being so patronizing and telling us WOMEN how we should think and feel about this fellow woman.
          Because I didn’t hear anyone absolving Randall. I just saw where they called Lala a “hoe”. And that name is VERY accurate..

      • I wanted to but she blew it time and again . She really better cowgirl up and issue apologies ; for lying , for NDAs , for verbal attacks against coworkers when they were telling truth . Ugh . Twit ! And if course Pump coddled and defended her for quite some time before ALAS- she sucks and everything said was true about her !

        • I knew once Lisa was so nice to her at the reunion that she will be coming back . It’s the oldest trick in the book saying you’re not coming back. Stasis did it twice already lol

  • That woman has every right to be upset with LALA, but her husband is the one who took the vows , not LaLa !! Cheaters will cheat regardless of who the woman is!

    Sad . Bigly sad !

    • Not is there is NO woman. That’s why women shouldn’t act like LaLa and be the willing other half of the equation.