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Brandi Glanville’s Worst Verbal Attack Against Ex-Husband Eddie Cibrian & “Bonus Mom” Leann Rimes!

The feud between Brandi Glanville and Leann Rimes has seemed to calm down in recent months, yet recently Brandi went off against her boys’ “bonus mom,” LeAnn Rimes, as well as her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian!

Brandi is unfiltered and vulgar, so her big mouth tends to get her into trouble time and time again, but her latest rant is said to be the worst verbal assault yet; however, it may be warranted, especially because the Cibrian’s will be watching the boys while she’s away filming Big Brother!

Before entering the Big Brother house on Tuesday Brandi spoke to MailOnline and became completely unhinged when asked about her ex, his wife, and how they’ll do taking care of the boys while she’s gone!

He’s so dumb. I see him all the time. He makes my skin crawl,” she said of Eddie Cibrian. Clarifying, “When someone sleeps with someone else they are no longer attractive to you. All that is gone,” Brandi admitted.

It turns out that the Brit’s don’t know much about Brandi and her tumultuous family situation, so she gave them some insight into the man that left her, and who he chose instead.

My ex-husband’s an actor, and he married a c***-try music star,” she confirmed. Adding, “I don’t have a drinking problem, I have a f***ing drinking solution. Rosé all f***ing day, and go f*** yourself,” she asserted! (It seems that some of the rumors surrounding Big Brother have prepared fans and her roommates that Brandi is a BIG drinker!)

Meanwhile earlier this summer Brandi told E! that she was confident that Eddie and LeAnn were headed for divorce, and even accused LeAnn of following her and her young boys to a California restaurant as a way to, “hurt and torment” the former RHOBH star!

As expected, Eddie immediately denied these claims and alleged Brandi was paranoid and obsessed with his relationship with LeAnn!

I’m actually team Brandi on this one; LeAnn needs her own baby, and even if she can’t biologically have her own, she has enough money to adopt! She has disrespected Brandi as a mother so many times it’s ridiculous, and although they had made up for a few weeks, it’s safe to say they will never actually be civil for good!

Thoughts on Brandi’s rant? Was it the worst she’s done yet? Was she right to trash Eddie and LeAnn? Is Eddie a good dad? Does LeAnn think Brandi’s kids are her own? Is it disrespectful to Brandi to constantly see her sons via LeAnn’s social media? What do you think Mason and Jake think about the feuding?

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      • Let me clarify…if you liked Courteney Stoddenn (which I heard she was popular with the uk audience) you will definitely like her .

        • Hi I’m sorry to show my ignorence but who is Courteney Stoddenn???
          Ivd watched Brandi on RHOBH and saw how she manipulated those aroumd her to do what she wanted them to do. She caused arguments and sat there with a smug grin when the arguments escalated. She used Kims problems as a prop and a storyline so would not be fired. Her language and drunken behaviour only embaressed herself and her children. She said the most hurtful comments and made up stories in order to create false drama. When she was caught out she said sorry but still did not learn. Oh well a lot of Brits will like her as do Americans, but this Brit does not and never will like her. ????. ???

          • I’m glad to hear that..Brandi can be vile and a dram queen. But deep down I think she’s still really hurt because her husband left her for LeAnn Rimes

            Courteney Stoddenn is a younger version of Brandi…most famous for marrying a 50 year old actor at 16! She came out on I think Big Brother UK…heard she was popular for her drunken antics like Brandi

            • Thanks for the information about Courtney. I also agree with you that Brandi is damaged by the breakdown and public humiliation of her marriage. Her rants against them though have only damaged her children. By acting out in the worst ways only hurts her and her reputation in the long run. Once you’ve got a certain reputation though it sticks with you for the rest of your life. Maybe that’s why she came to the UK as not many people know who she is. I’ve watched the last 15 mins of the show tonight and am amazed at her acting skills and the fact she is being polite and ladylike. It won’t last long though!!! ????????????

              • Definitely won’t last…she’s a loose cannon. You can’t really predict what will set her off but when it does watch out it’s not pretty!

                • That’s so true!!???. I’ve just apologised for the over the top insult to those who like Brandi. It will be interesting to see if they still admire her at the end of BB. It just goes to show how you should choose your words carefully.?????????

    • Aiden

      too cool!! I’m in Canada!! ??

      I read brutal reviews about Brandi – but you know that’s to be expected…snark at it’s best!

      • If you follow the big brother Facebook page you’ll see that after tonight’s episode she is liked

        2 years in a row my favourite US American reality star has hit the finals – tiffany pollard, mob wives Renee

        So hopefully it’s 3 years with Brandi

    • Only those who are brain dead would like the infantile nasty piece of work that is Brandy. What an insult to us Brits. ???

        • Aiden
          I also owe you a personal apology as I did not realise my first post was an reply to your post. I thought I had posted in join in the conversation so it would be a general comment. It was never meant to be a personal attack as I don’t do or even believe in that. I much prefer to be able to disagree and still respect one another’s opinions. I’m mortified that it seemed as an Personel attack against you and I am sincerely sorry!!!!! I have to admit I was posting with a migraine on the original post so eyesight blurred and I was also in an angry mood due to my migraine but that is no excuse to personally attack another poster. Again I’m so sorry for any distress or insult that I caused you!!!. ??????????

  • I think this is an old comment from her ,not new ,but she’s right – he is dumb and she’s a cuntry crooner . She doesn’t owe the cheating pigs crap .

  • Years and Years and Years ago, when Brandi was on her 3rd or 4th chance with me – I tweeted her that she would slay on Big Brother, cuz she fights dirty and rolls in the gutter AND she knows how to manipulate and lies. Those are her strengths – truth. You should see her intro..she is init to win it..still stymie’s me that an almost 50 year old woman prefers to behave this way..but ..a pay cheque is a pay cheque.

    Brit. media – wow..they are trashing Brandi..she has had one or two positive reviews.. if I recall BB (it’s been years) your intro – can work against you..they will bash

    – 2 days ago she was proven a loser and a liar
    – 2 days ago she was forced- to crawl and publicly apologize
    – eventhough Eddie and Lee are whores…CBB will flip it to “who would want you”
    – she was fired from RHBH
    – no one wants to publish her

    in CBB Brandi will be strong and has a good chance – if she doesn’t play victim too much.