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AATRH Exclusive: Are the RHONJ Scrambling To Save Season 8 With Fake Storylines?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is returning for season 8 this year, but in the meantime, rumors continue to swirl about the cast.

The latest rumor plaguing the RHONJ cast is that they are faking storylines to salvage season 8.

Sources claim Dolores Catania’s season 8 storyline is a complete “farce.”

Adding that,“The producers and Dolores are desperate because she has no storyline.”

The so-called RHONJ insiders also claim that producers were so “desperate” to save the “weak” eighth season that they brought back Danielle Staub to create “drama.”

However, AATRH insiders are telling us a completely different story.

While our sources wouldn’t tell us storyline specifics, they did make it clear there’s no shortage of drama for season 8.

Sources say that the cast and “everyone” at Bravo is “excited” for the upcoming season.

Our sources confirm that RHONJ will “air in the fall” and hints that the Bravo did this because they know the “ratings of RHONJ are going to skyrocket” as a result of this push.

As for the drama, sources tell AATRH that the “fighting will go to Dolores and Siggy Flicker’s front door.”

Hinting that Margaret Joseph’s and Danielle Staub also “bring it big time” this season.

AATRH sources make it clear that fans won’t just be seeing drama from Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga during season 8; saying that ALL the Housewives are bringing the drama and getting their hands dirty.

Insiders also say that “Danielle and Margret are fabulous additions and good Housewives.”

While there’s STILL no word on if Danielle will be a full-time Housewife or simply a friend our source says “she deserves to be a full-time Housewife.”

So what else can fans expect from season 8?

Our source wraps up by telling us fans should expect a lot of “honesty” and “truth telling.”

I am so excited for season 8 – can’t wait!

Are you excited for season 8? Do you believe rumors Bravo is scrambling to save RHONJ with fake storylines? Do you think Bravo’s decision to push RHONJ until the fall is a good idea? Will Danielle become a full-time Housewife? Thoughts on our source’s season 8 insights? Sound off below!

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  • LOL its a tv show…me…I want to see how Teresa handles being a single Mom, the death of her mother (which will be sad), supporting her husband in prison and Melissa with her separation of her store partner. I also want to see Siggy again (she is very funny). So there is some fakery its TV after all. I will am enthusiastically waiting to see what happens on season 8 of RHONJ

  • Dolores and Siggy added nothing of entertainment value to that last boring season. Why are they even back?

  • Dull doesn’t have a storyline? What’s the producers benchmark – Jacaholic drinking Baileys, having meltdowns, not showing up at Reunion time?!

  • I bet its wacko? Who else would put stories out about RHONJ only her crazy ass because she didn’t enough money offered to her now she’ll bash the show and think without her it’s dead. My bets on wacko for this ??

  • hmm…after perusing the comments…I must comment…let’s see….when Teresa Giudice and family blasted the ratings with 4 episodes,…without even showing up…well…to me the obvious is..Teresa is not the issue..the cast is dragging…in the ass area.

  • It is obvious SOMETHING is not right with this upcoming season. NJ typically premieres in July and this time we don’t even have a firm date! I don’t buy that it got pushed because of Dallas – they wouldn’t push back a show with decent ratings for a show with horrible ratings – if anything they would push back Dallas’ airing to accommodate NJ.

    I just hop it isn’t like season 6 with the messy segments filmed months apart and then spliced together, ugh that was awful.

  • You want a better show? Get rid of Ms Marco. I would watch Dull any day over that shore wh*re!

  • I stopped watching along time ago?
    Making it all about Teresa was a BiG Mistake! Siggy and Doloris need to go. New cast members or bring back some of the old ones and new story lines are a must.. NJHW is the weakest of the franchises. Revamp the whole thing! Gotta cone up with something good to bring back the viewers cuz I know I’m not as interested in watching as I once was?

    • And see I think Teresa is the only one with real storyline and authentic compared to others . The ratings actually made it all about Teresa and I’m guessing fans as well . Others were supposed to be the big hit but she turned out to be the polarizing one. I also think all franchises are a tad vanilla last few seasons lol, not just nj. Pretty much same crap in different cities

      • Tre isn’t authentic though. Tre always covers and tries to paint a pretty pretty picture. When life got really real and she had to face some hard truths, she found “handlers” who, basically, kept her in check so she wouldn’t break probation or do anything stupid in public again. It has hurt the franchise.

        • Hmm… IDK .. I think under circumstances she handled herself best she could especially when lawyers were making sure she had to watch what she said . Also she is only one to me , that has displayed genuine emotions not just Botox face and what not lol !!! Plus , her familia came on tv just to bash her and get paid to do so , so taking that into consideration I would stand by my initial post lol 🙂

          • Sometimes I think we don’t get a real reaction out of Tre because she has to go home and sort things out in her mind. That’s way she hangs on to one word, like unattended, and can’t see what the rest of the statement was. I don’t think she understands a lot of what goes on around her.

            • I think that was more so to do with shock and awe due to blood relatives having a go at her but we most likely won’t agree here lol. For instance unattended : said by Katfish , who came on as a sneak attack , wanted to be peaceful( lol) and get along only to in next breath push her buttons and attack in some way .

    • Let’s be honest most people stopped watching after Caroline and Jacqueline left and the numbers prove it. As horrible as they were, I think viewers felt the show changed way too much with both of them gone simultaneously. I think if Jacqueline had stayed maybe it would’ve softened the blow a bit (although those twins and Amber were sooo bad…)

    • Off Topic – Cody could bust balls. X marine. Salute! Semper Fi Cody.

      The little weasel Paul (and other jealous house guests, and Paul’s minions), are trying to crack Cody. Not happening.

      A lot of bad press for CBS and BB Production for allowing the bullying of Cody to happen. It was horrendous. Paul (little man complex) and his minions disparaging Cody’s military service, calling him a liar, trying to get him into a physical fight. Really bad stuff.

      Tonight is live TV, and another eviction of a house guest. Cody and his house squeeze Jessica are on the block for eviction, so the others think that they can get rid of Cody (or Jessica) by casting their votes to evict one or the other. Surprise asshole Paul and minions, who don’t know this… Jessica has the “Haulting Hex” and can take her and Cody off the block and they will not be evicted. And she plans on doing just that. Should be interesting to see Paul and his minions faces when they find this out. Again LIVE!

      Damn and I wasn’t going to get hooked this year. Well, I did.

      You have a good day kiddo.

  • I think – because RHNJ was pushed back due to Teresa’s mom passing away (R.I.P.) — rh blog sites (not ours) have nothing except innuendo and gossip.

    I am shocked that ziggy hasn’t been dropped like a wet sack of cement – what is her storyline..outrage about cake?

  • Why did they even bring Delores back? The biggest thing that went on for her last season was when she put her dog down. The problem with the HW shows is they bring on too many people and viewers get bored, I would’ve thought Danielle would’ve replaced her.

    • Don’t forget her kitchen remodel that her ex paid for. I agree, she is kind of boring but she does seem like she has a temper that she was trying to hide last season so maybe we will see it this season.

  • Fake story lines for Dolores I read one I believe to be Fake Is Dol ex is moving back in with Dolores so she has a story line personally I don’t believe this, but it’s out there. Her ex lives down the street with his lady and they have children together allegedly.

  • One of the rumors I’ve read is the reason they’re holding back until Oct. is for rating purposes cause that’s how sure there are that Season 8 will take Jersey to the top again.