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Jill Zarin Open to Returning to ‘RHONY’: “Maybe, Just to Keep Me Busy”

Jill Zarin may be dealing with her husband Bobby’s cancer battle, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t thinking about the future.

During her 5th Annual Luxury Luncheon, Jill revealed that she’s open to returning to the Real Housewives of New York.

“Maybe, just to keep me busy. That’s the first time I’ve ever said that, but maybe,” Jill revealed to Wetpaint. “To give me something to do because I don’t know if I can just sit at home.”

However, Jill makes it clear she’d only return to RHONY if Bravo asked.

In fact, Jill would love to come back to repair her friendship with Bethenny Frankel, which she’s hopeful will happen one day.

Jill explains that it would mean the world to Bobby if she and Bethenny reconciled.

“I would like to fix things with Bethenny, that would be Bobby’s wish actually. He was never happy the way things ended with her, and he really wishes he could have done more and talk me into it,” she says.

“He told me not to do things I did, and I didn’t listen to him, it’s probably my biggest fault, that I never listen to him and I couldn’t reverse what I had done. I’d say that would be a wish for him, that we just, we could be best friends again.”

Adding, “But that’s not for me to do, or to reach out. This is in her court now. But Bobby would really love to see that.”

Bobby is currently hospitalized due to cancer complications and was unable to attend Jill’s event in the Hamptons but urged his wife to not cancel the luncheon.

And Jill couldn’t help but gush about her husband during the event.

“Bobby has a lot of patience, he accepts me for who I am. He doesn’t give up on me; he keeps trying to fix me and make me better,” she shared.

“I love everything about him, and he loves me unconditionally.”

Meanwhile, Jill’s possible return to RHONY couldn’t come at a better time as she recently reconciled with Ramona Singer.

I’d love to see Jill return to RHONY. Oh, the drama I can picture it now.

Should Jill come back to RHONY? Would you like to see Jill return? Can Bethenny and Jill reconcile? Are you surprised Jill and Ramona have made amends?

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  • missroxmiss

    I Love Jill,I would love for Jill 2 come back she is a OG…I really think that her run on the show ended when she upset Ramona…Ramona is Trash pure and simple Ramona should of been dropped when she got violent with Kristen and threw ca hard plastic wine glass at her… I feel embarrassed for her her behavior is disgusting …..
    what her husband is going through is heartbreaking…. he is a very sweet guy from what I saw on the show;.
    JMO Tamratt Tamballs,GreyGooseShannon,IckyLyin’Peepant’s,UnstableRomana should of all been let go way before Jill

  • shaw

    Jill is like marmite people love her or hate her I would like Jill Z back because it would make good TV and boost ratings

  • nywatcher

    Okay, now the real true Jill is coming out, making plans even before poor Bobby has died. She would be the third widow on the series.

  • justanothermary

    She’ll only come back if Bravo asks her? WTH does that mean? So she refuses to sneak in under Lu’s trench coat and photo bomb every scene?

    • samael

      just!! awesome response! ?????

  • Ronnie

    How pathetic. Using the sick man to get on the show when Bravo had shown you they don’t want you back….

  • Tapestry10

    Second only to Vicki, Jill Zarin is the most heartless (former) HW when it comes to cancer. Clearly not giving a damn about poor Bobby, she hosts a “luxury luncheon” while he’s in the hospital with “cancer complications?” And while he’s suffering she tells the world she wants to be on reality tv once again. Just what a cancer patient needs. He’s suffering in chemo and radiation and she’s preening before the camera. What a bitch she is. Bethenny would never, ever allow Zarin back on. The last time she was there, she was urging fellow cast members not to film with Bethenny. Bethenny would never forgive that. Would you?

    • justanothermary

      That’s just the tip of the iceberg with Jill. The horrible things she has done, both on and off camera, makes her the 2nd most vile and disgusting HW of all time, 2nd only to Vicki. She should send Vicki a casserole for taking over the number 1 spot.

      • Tapestry10

        I know she’s been horrible on camera, but I can’t recall right now what she did off camera. Can you remind me what it was?

        • justanothermary

          There was a big deal about her writing her own reviews for her book on Amazon and other sites. It was really funny because she wasn’t good at covering her tracks. There was also her buying all the followers on Twitter and such. Bethenny had a gig on a morning show and Jill called up the station and pitched a fit about how it should be her, or that she should be with Bethenny. He threatened to kill a bloggers’ dog. She planted stories with Rob Schutter and Page 6, but the worst thing was when Lynn Hudson, a much loved blogger and friend of mine, died, Jill said ON TV that her sudden heart attack was Karma for having a hate blog about Jill. If Jill really thinks that she’s so important that God stuck down Lynn to please her, she is a very sick woman.

          • missroxmiss

            Alot of celebs buy Followers on social media guess they can buy lists

            • justanothermary

              That’s the LEAST of the crap Jill pulled.

          • Tapestry10

            This is riveting stuff! YOU should be writing a blog. I hadn’t heard most of this. I did hear that she bought followers, and checking it out at the time, it looked like her Twitter followers were a bot army. She threatened to kill a blogger’s dog? (You said he. It was “she” right?) OMG the Jill Hudson story is just horrifying. Real malignant narcissism there. You are so right. The stuff she did off camera puts her in second place after Vicki–and she SHOULD send her a casserole. Thanks for all the info. You have a really fantastic memory. Looking forward to reading your posts, which are always great.

            • justanothermary

              Thanks Tapestry! The whole Jill thing really stuck with me because I was part of Lynn’s blog and it meant a lot to me. We had a real field day finding more and more stuff on Jill. She’s not a good person.

              • Tapestry10

                What was the name of the blog? Did you decide not to pursue it when your friend passed away? Do you ever think of doing another one?

                • justanothermary

                  The blog was I Hate Jill Zarin. After she passed it became LynnFamily. After a while it just sorta drifted away without Lynn at the helm.

                  • Tapestry10

                    Sorry I missed it. Because I certainly do hate Jill Zarin.

                    • justanothermary

                      LOL – It started because, back then, we could post to the Bravo blogs. Suddenly Bravo started letting only positive posts come through on Jill’s blog. It was a joke! She must have been a real pain deal with. So Lynn created a place where we could complain about the housewives (not just Jill) without being censorship.

                    • Tapestry10

                      What a petty thing for Bravo to do. And what a terrific thing for Lynn to do. I’m very sorry we’ve lost her. Seems like she was not just a loss to you but to the world.

                    • justanothermary

                      That’s a fact.

              • Tapestry10

                Tried to find you on T**tter, but there are several with your name. r u there?

                • justanothermary

                  I am once in a while. I think I’m the only justanothermary.

  • Vita40

    Idk, but the whole Bobby would love to see me & Beth reconcile thing rubbed me the wrong way. Makes it feel like she’s using him to get Beth to talk to her.

    • swizzle

      100 percent creepy to use your very ill husband in that way. She makes it sound like Bobby’s dying wish is for her to be best friends with Bethenny again. I hope Bethenny sends flowers and a lovely card to Bobby and continues to ignore Jill.

      • ScottyBman

        Exactly what I was going to say…literally exact thing. literally. (btw, hate the overuse of the word literally)

    • michers

      Me toooo! Guilt trip . Not cool .

  • Laurie

    Do it Bravo!

  • samael

    – her husband has terminal cancer -she needs a distraction?
    – wants to be buds with Bethenny – she needs cameras?
    – her husband now has terminal cancer…wth?

  • September24

    Busy? Get a hobby! LOL!

    • michers

      Maybe Beth can remind her of that

    • missroxmiss

      that is funny as hell the 1 thing that did bother me about Jill is that she is a busybody

  • pastagirl

    OMG…ya think? She has been dying to come back! “All Bravo has to do is ask!!!!” I always liked Jill, thought she was funny and outrageous too. Loved her parents! I would like to see her come back too!

  • Dave

    Make it happen Andy!! This season has been so dull, Jill would be a welcome jolt of energy and drama.