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Jill Zarin Reconciles With Ramona Singer Amid Husband Bobby Zarin’s Cancer Battle

Despite her husband, Bobby Zarin’s recent hospitalization Jill Zarin put on a brave face and hosted her 5th Annual Luxury Luncheon over the weekend.

The bittersweet event, which raises money for the International Thyroid Oncology Group, was especially difficult for Jill this year since she all she wanted to do was skip the event and be by her husband’s side instead

“Bobby wanted me to be here. I didn’t want to come. I wasn’t going to postpone it, I was going not come, and people would understand. But Bobby said you have to go because we’re going to raise money for thyroid cancer,” Jill told E! News.

As for how she’s doing since Bobby hospitalization, Jill says “I’m running on full adrenaline. I haven’t eaten in days. I’ve lost eight pounds.”

Jill also revealed that she reconciled with Ramona Singer; saying that Ramona has been by her side non-stop during Bobby’s hospitalization.

“It means everything to me. Ramona came to the hospital and sat with me for a few hours. She’s been emailing me and texting me every day,” said Jill. “The past doesn’t mean anything; it doesn’t mean anything to us. Others haven’t called, but…I’m blessed, I’m so lucky, I’m surrounded by friends.”

For now, Jill says she and Bobby are taking things “one hour at a time.” Adding, “He had a good day yesterday.”

At her Luxury Luncheon, Jill was surrounded by many former and current Housewives including a few of her Real Housewives of New York friends like Cindy Barshop, Tinsley Mortimer, Luann de Lesseps and Kelly Bensimon.

Ramona, who also attended the event with her new boyfriend Steve, opened up about being there for Jill despite their past issues.

“When I heard about Bobby, my heart broke. Jill and I have had a very interesting relationship over the years. But the thing is, when someone needs me, I am so there. When something bad happens in someone’s life, you need people around you,” Ramona explained. “I went to visit Bobby, he was in great spirits, God Bless him, and Jill and I had a 45-minute talk. I think we both let our walls down and it was woman to woman, friend to friend. It was a wonderful chat, and we came away from it in a really good, bonding manner. Sometimes, unfortunately, tragedy brings people closer.”

I know we all make fun of how insane and crazy Ramona is but I think she does have a compassionate and kind side to her, especially when the cameras aren’t around. We all saw how great Ramona was with Bethenny during her health scare last year and now this with Jill. It’s so sweet to see the Housewives come together to support Jill during this difficult time. The AATRH team continues to keep Bobby and Jill in our prayers.

Are you surprised Jill and Ramona have reconciled? Do you think Ramona has a compassionate side we don’t see on RHONY? Can you believe Jill is holding it together so well?

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  • Debbie Reed

    Ramona saw how things were going w/ RHONY, and so rushed to get on camera through Jill Zarin. Sorry but Ramona still looks awful from the face peel!. Careful Jill Ramona is apparently going to tru and use you.


      You and me! ?


    So, in order to deflect the horrible press she’s been getting regarding her atrocious behavior, she reaches out to Jill, in her time of needing support. Because they’re both RH, they’re ensured press coverage and suddenly Moaner is so sweet? Nope, don’t buy it. It was engineered for Moaner. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m too suspicious. Maybe I’m too cynical. I hope so..truly, because Jill doesn’t need those type of people around her now. No one would. I guess I realized how little I think of Moaner. Prayers to Bobby, Jill, and family. IMO, so don’t shoot me. ?

    • rhfan

      Right! I agree with your take on R! Lol. I’m just as cynical and I give most things the side eye. ?

      • FUCHESS

        Haha! Me and you, r hfan. ?

  • Niki

    Ramona forgot her eyebrows in a different purse.

  • samael

    I am in shock!

    Jill just completed an exclusive with “Wetpaint” when asked if she would consider returning to RHNY….

    “Maybe, just to keep me busy. That’s the first time I’ve ever said that, but maybe,” she revealed. “To give me something to do because I don’t know if I can just sit at home.”

    what about Bobby, the husband with terminal cancer?

    • michers

      Also I thought she screeched at people that she ” ran” Zarin Fabric store ?

      • FUCHESS

        Oh yeah!

    • Gia F.

      One would think caring for


      Wow, she didn’t mean after he passed? Smh…

  • rhfan

    TBH, I’m not surprised Ramona reached out, the luncheon was coming up. Ramona”reached out” to JillZ last year and got an invite then failed to invite JillZ to Her events. This is typical Ramona reaching out to get “recognition’ as the friend who’s there for everyone. She has done it with almost all the HWs, past and present. I think R is about trying to stay front and center without focusing on her personal issues and the best way to do that is to “be there” for her “friends”. She may be compassionate, but IMO I have yet to see it beyond a surface level.


      Ah, at last! I think so too, r hfan. Thank you.

  • September24

    Shame on Jill for calling out the others who haven’t been in touch. Yet.

    • michers

      Isn’t she something lol? She always does things like that ; poor Bobby is fighting and she’s all ( I haven’t eaten, I lost weight)

      • September24

        I caught that one too. Vicki RHOC would say the very same thing. It’s all about her. LOL!

    • rhfan

      I agree, JillZ does enjoy making it all about her and pointing out those that haven’t been there, yet. That is a quality I don’t care for.

      • FUCHESS

        Hmmm, strange, I didn’t read all that into the article. Is my mojo on tilt??

        • michers


    • Gia F.

      Yes I agree

  • michers

    Read this last night and that’s great – that’s how it should be between adults who had such history . Doesnt always matter how many one knows , it’s sometimes who is with you in times of struggle / need .

  • samael

    When the actual “real”world takes over, these RH know the difference and react to the human situation.