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RHONY Producers Looking To “Diversify The Cast” For An Epic Season 10!

If you keep up with AATRH (which you should be), you already know that Lara and I are ready for some new blood in the RHONY cast, especially since they’re approaching a milestone 10th season. It turns out that producers feel exactly the same, so it’s common knowledge amongst the cast, crew, and Bravo they need to make some big changes!

While I’m hoping that they bring in a few younger women, and phase out/demote some of the vets (sorry Ramona, Sonja, and LuAnn, I’m talking about you three), producers have something different in mind; according to Page Six they’re currently on the hunt for, “a minority” to join the cast!

After nine seasons, the show’s been very white, and in the most diverse, melting pot of a city,” an RHONY insider confirmed; adding that the network is in agreement that this is exactly what the franchise needs!

The source continued by revealing that it’s almost time for the casting process to begin stating, “They just shot the reunion — so now is the time [that] they start really looking at what they’ll do with the next cast.

Another insider close to the cast admitted, “New York is such a diverse city. The show should definitely reflect that.

Allegedly the Queen B aka Bethenny Frankel is fully on board for a cast shake-up, as is the big daddy Andy Cohen, which is why she started the chatter in a recent interview.  “I would like to see some younger cast members. I’d like to see an African-American woman on the show. I suggested someone who didn’t work out. There are really no Jewish women in the cast. There are also no Asian, Latino or gay women on the show. I’d like it to represent New York more,” she explained to Parade Magazine a few weeks back.

Although Jules Wainstein was Jewish and Asian, her personal life crumbled and she left the show after just one season, but her co-stars weren’t in favor of the way she discussed her religion and ethnicity anyway; it’s agreed that producers are looking for someone a bit more subtle about where they come from.

At this point any new cast members will be ladies associated with the RHONY cast, so Bethenny and LuAnn D’Agostino have already suggested friends to test for season 10; swift move LuAnn, if you’re friend is on the show, you definitely will be back next season!

Unless you’re famous, you really have to be friends with someone on the show to get cast,” the source wrapped.

A rep for Bravo did not respond to the claims, nor were any specific women mentioned as being on the chopping block. Once the reunion airs the cast gets a few week break from the craziness until the casting rumors start and more is revealed about season 10; the RHONY ladies are infamous for leaking stories, and we’ll keep you informed as soon as more becomes known about what to expect for the epic 10th season of RHONY!

Thoughts on producers attempting to diversify the cast with “a minority?” What/who came to mind when you read that? Are you hoping for some new, young blood for season 10? Which cast members should be out or demoted for season 10? Did any of the cast members plant this story? Any suggestions for season 10? Thoughts on season 9?

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  • I think a minority would be a great idea! I also think demoting Sonja, Ramona and Luann to “friend” status would also be a good choice. Sonja and Ramona is bats**t crazy and Luann is too consumed with herself.

  • lol… Very white ? So are they going for very black ? Maybe others weren’t interested ? Thus all started with Jillzy, Beth Mona and Bravo kept with it bug im not sure anything will totally revamp renew refresh this franchise . At end of day they all across Bravo board, end up lather rinse repeating no matter what they look like which , I can’t believe that’s a thing to go by

  • So it’s ok we can watch Dorinda vomit up endless Christmas decorations but go forbid, a Jew talks about observing Shabbat? F these anti-Semite women. They’ll go ballistic at the first mention of Kwansa or a quncinera!

  • There are millions of women in all the HW states, why not give others a chance. Once they get their products out there like wine, hair products, clothes,make up , books more wine ,and giving all the restaurants they eat at free advertising, btw do they do anything besides eat and drink ,lunch and dinner ) it’s time for them to move on and let someone else get a chance, need new faces and storylines,it’s like watching an hour infomercial. All the fame goes to there heads and they are not like able anymore. Maybe next time Bravo , you can actually hire real housewives.

    • Also I read on Page Six this morning it’s not looking good for him and that Jill is “praying for a miracle “. So sad..

        • Amen. I just hate Pharmaceuticals that they won’t let a cancer drug be brought to fruition. They could still make money..maybe not the trillions they make now, but they still would be highly profitable and more well regarded…js and imo…

  • Let’s start with firing Moaner, after that, it’s a great idea! Long time coming! I’m tired of these all black and white casts. Let’s get some diversity!

    • Bravo can try and diversify all they want but ultimately it’s going to be still backstabbing ,petty ,fighting for airtime and seat next to Andy ! These shows will always have same recipe , same outcome no matter who is cast ! What is neede is a good overall flowing chemistry with wit bouncing off one another . The dark cloudy bs needs to get gone

      • Oh, I’m with ya michers! I’d like to see diversity plus going back to the original premise of the show. I loved the shows when they first came on! Now, not so much…

          • Smh, yup, we do, lol ?. But, I’m on the verge, the precipice, close to, omitting the OC and ATL from my repotire ?. I’ve cut out Potomac and will probably cut Dallas as well. Like Rain said, there’s so many other really good shows out there. Sigh, I hope Bravo changes it’s course on these shows…

  • DON’T touch the current cast, these ladies are golden and each brings something to the table, the way I see it. And please no Jill either, I just never understood why some would want to see her back.

    As for “diversifying”, so long as it feels natural and organic, it’s going to fall flat without a connection and a certain chemistry with the other ladies. Diversity hires seldom work out or benefit anyone, really. The person in question needs to be interesting/capable in their own right & not there just to fill a quota.

      • Basically that I’m all for diversity, it is welcome and needed – but the HW has to be interesting not just a token whatever merely for the sake of it.

        e.g Jules, as others have mentioned – I personally liked her – but it had little to do with her ethnicity or religion, really I could care less (no matter how many times she mentioned it lol).

        There is such a thing on this day and age, whether it’s a company, movies/tv (even to parties!), where someone goes: “too white, find me a ____ (insert minority here)” – just for the PC or to appear a certain way and I find that flawed to say the least and potentially more harmful than otherwise.

    • I can’t stand Jill anymore and it was nice Dorinda put her in check while appearing this season. We don’t need anymore gossip bashing if Ramona( Jill’s friend of umpteen years..) she just wanted to move up gossip ladder and shit on Mona , Beth … All who genuinely liked her !

  • Suzette Snider had her own reality show Growing Up Twisted. She is married to Dee Snider of the singing group Twisted Sister. She would be a hoot!

  • Victoria Gotti. Best bombshell dropped in HW history! Let’s see her around these NYC girls! LOL!

  • Sonja and Carole have to go for sure. They’re so irrelevant at this point. Would love to see Jill back sparring with Ramona again. Jill was the only one who could put Ramona in her place properly.

  • Cant get rid of Sonja, Ramona or Dorinda. Get rid of Carole, Lu and I would even say Tinsley. Carole has brought NOTHING for the past three seasons. Literally NOTHING. Lu… your storyline has gotten boring and I think its time you leave RHONY and go to Palm Beach, since you talk about it so much. Tinsley is just annoying. She had no storyline either, and is no fun to watch. Ramona, Sonja and Dorinda are the real socialites of NYC, and they bring the drama and the fun as well. I wont watch if Sonja or Doris gets cut off.

  • I say bring back JillZ or at the very least, use her “circle” to search for new cast members. Love or hate her, she was instrumental in casting the original RHONY. From what I’ve heard, she is still very much a part of “society” in NYC and is invited to more events than the current HWs. I’d like to see more actual events/parties ala season 1&2 than just made by Bravo outings.

    • Agree about actual events/parties, fashion shows etc – the way it used to be. I liked it better when they filmed in the summer too and they would be in the Hamptons having poolside dinner and all that.

    • Which, I have to say surprises me due to how she acted last two seasons she was on- she was AWFUL but then again, society loves a good kiss ass which I’m sure she does well to stay in the crowd !

    • I sooo want Jill back !!! my fav HW of all time didn’t like the way she treated Bethenny but that is c JMO

      • Favorite housewife of all time? I don’t want to see this superficial twit on my TV ever again. Her voice was like figernails on a chalkboard. I saw her on a wife swap episode. She’s useless

  • “unless you are famous” – Bethenny was sleeping in her car when she started – she couldn’t afford rent!! Who were the super stars in RHNY Season one? Jill?

    Jules would the criteria for RH going through divorce with douche and dealing with douche and his girlfriend. Said this for seasons, RHNY needs a reacast

    – no bethenny
    – no ramona
    – no sonja
    – no carole

    this has zip to do with age – they bring zero to RH. This is why the Bravo reality show in the summer for NY – “Summerhouse” is such a hit..none are superstars – all are climbing/changing their careers and all like to party hard.

    • HEY S A M M Y ! ! !

      I think the problem with “diversifying” is… Bravo can’t find women of color or certain religions to join the cast, no matter what age, because… who wants that cluster muck? Same with some of the other franchise.

      Jill would probably come back if asked, and she’s Jewish.

      Bravo will possibly downgrade some of these women. Sonja, absolutely no story line. Carole, absolutely no story line. Tinz questionable. Lu is the only married one (for now), so she’s questionable.

      Dorinda back for sure. Beth will be back, if she chooses too. Moaner will be back, if she’s not murdered by one of the house staff in Mexico.

      • I don’t understand why Carole is there – for at least the last 2 seasons her storyline is attached to Bethenny’s butt.

        OMD I can’t believe how many times Bethenny shocked me last night..I actually agreed with what she – calmly – spoke to Ramonacoaster. When Bethenny needs to protect her bank account Bethenny sure knows how to do it!

        I can’t belive how much Ramonacoaster was kissing Bethenny’s butt!! Dorinda..her talking heads were epic!! the gifts she gave were awesome!

      • Exactly – first paragraph well said ! I think that also . Anyone that had pride left ( just kidding slightly ) said hell to nah to the nah nah nah lol!!!

    • Summer House isn’t a hit. It did ‘ok’ for Bravo but was never in the Top 20 cable shows – it did like 600k an episode whereas RHONY does 1.4+ mil an episode.

        • I liked Summer House and will watch next season, just saying it wasn’t a hit if you look at the factual numbers. Ratings weren’t even half of what VPR pulled in its debut season (or the most recent season for that matter).

          • I like looking at those #’s …and I believe them…can you believe Andy tweeted “due to ratings” is why they are renewing Summer house? a bunch of people corrected him…he ignored facts…and now we have season 2.

      • Got it ???, I really like Jules – I follow her on twitter and she is doing amazing with her new business. Jules isn’t for

        • Haha, no she’s Not! Nauseous comes to mind. ? But, to each his own. Just give us something different, something else.

          • I do enjoy your honesty …hmm..nauseous ??? based on that – her return would not be welcome!!

    • It’s ridiculous that in the ‘melting pot’ of the world that they wouldn’t cast ethnic women . Would be nice to add some other ethnicities to RHOA while we are at it

      • Hiya Kirby! I just said the same thing! I’m tired of that casting…boring, and not realistic. Although there still remains people that do not have diversity in their lives, most of us do, and we’re the better for it.

        • I couldn’t agree with you more FUCHESS. The only diversity in NYC can’t just be the chauffeur or the waitress ??. I would’ve prefers if they cast a younger minority instead of Tinsley . Bravo has been trying to improve their ‘younger’ demographic numbers . But a successful young ethnic NYC woman could’ve been a better jolt . Same goes for RHOA, other than Kim, there has been no other women other than African American . They can make the argument for RHOA that it has the best numbers of all the HW shows but you can’t say that about NYC, or BH whose numbers are lower than years ago and could use some improvement .
          Ironically , the season with Brooks cancer lie was one of the best OC numbers ever . It’s kinda sad isn’t it ??

          • Oh my goodness, beyond sad, and we, the public, should be ashamed that THAT’S what we were interested in! I can make my comments on the ATL but I’m not up to getting into racial issues, ya know? The ATL, I think, definitely needs to be broken up. I’m over it.

            • After the last season, I thought Andy would definitely take drastic measures and change RHOA. But it’s all about advertising dollars unfortunately. Why is stupid Porscha still there ?
              What’s been happening on the HW franchises has slowly crept into ‘dirty’ territory , wether it’s what happens in Atlanta , the Brooks cancer lie , vulgar Kelly and so forth . It seem Bravo thinks that ratchet is in

              • Total viewers isn’t as important as the 18-49 demo and Andy lost that years ago to Love and Hip hop, hence his anger at VH1. LHH easily doubles the demo of most RH shows . Atlanta is maybe 30% behind demo wise . Advertisers aren’t interested in women my age ??. But LHH generate even huge overall viewers not just demos . So bravo is losing the reality war and nothing they’ve tried has worked so far.

                I’m not discussing the QUALITY of the shows , simply revenue

                • I know you enjoy Love and Hip Hop ??? but I wish you’d quit lol. I just don’t get the appeal nor the success

                  • Oh they’re quite entertaining once you just surrender to it ??? it’s a completely different view of a world that I know so little of and it kinda fascinates me
                    Happy Friday babe ????

                    • Atlanta is my favorite but I watch Hollywood ! Ray J and Princess ruin it for me. But I don’t like Tierra and Hazel E and all that garbage
                      Atlanta is more fun for me ??

                    • If Rasheeda don’t leave that dirty hubby , I will know that show is the fakest!!!! How many seasons do we need of shin cheating and spreading his baby maker ????

                    • Sadly, a lot of women don’t leave. Also once they have children, they kinda just stay out. HE is SOOOOO the father !!! To me, it’s not just the cheating, but banging strippers is a whole other level .. bleach that cooch Rasheeda!

                    • Righhttt???? She portrays herself as boss ass bitch and trying to be independent but is still with his lame ass . Makes no sense .

                    • It’s generations of women being programmed to stand by their man . It’s tragic and sad but still happens

                    • True … IDK why I thought that airing it on tv last few years would be THE ultimate kick in the pants to wake up ?????

                • No I did not ???. There is language you pick from other dudes but then there is language you pick from shows like HW , so ratchet I definitely heard first time on Atlanta . Also ‘tea’ , ‘Felicia’ and some other words that I was not privy to . I feel a gentleman needs a well rounded education FUCHESS LOL

                  • And that is one of the things that make it popular. A peek, something different, spectical, amusement, other side, and so on…imo

                    • Hiya FUCHESS ?????? I’m no longer going to be watching Atlanta , way too much for me . I’ve never really been that much into it to begin with

                    • I totally agree with you and understand!! I used to love RHOA when it first came on. It was fresh, new, funny and finally showed wealthy black American women and the fun and problems they tackle. Tv hadn’t seen anything like it before. Then, Bravo wanted more, and more, and Moore, and they provided it, invented it, rolled in it until it was ugly. It got too ugly, imo. It got way right of the original premise of the show and that’s so sad. Im still unsure if I’ll even watch the new season. I was hoping that since MudDuck is gone, it would be a better show, but they are already starting a shitshow with Kim and Keyonce which is unsettling and a peak into where they want the show to go. But, maybe, just maybe, the other gals, weary of all the drama and dirty games of last season will try and offset that. Am I asking too much? Probably, but again, I can only hope. Will wait and see. I figure I’ll know within the first FEW episodes, otherwise I’m out for Good! That’s my opinion.

                      TGIF !!! ????????

                    • Hiya FUCHESS ??????. More , and more , and Moore .. EPIC ?? I luv it ?.
                      It’s an awful show now and I can’t honestly stand one more scene with Porscha in it . All the shows used to be about wealthy women living fabulous lifestyles and I enjoyed he travel, the food and the parties . Now it’s merely all an excuse to more from one fight to another and one ‘scandal’ to another . I seriously doubt that I will be watching any shows if they continue this race to the bottom .
                      TGIT to you too ?????