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Slade Smiley Claims He’s Always Had A Job But Couldn’t Talk About It For Privacy Reasons; Plus Gretchen Rossi Says Bravo Poorly Manipulated Their Reality!

The thirst is real for Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi.

You may be wondering why we keep writing about the former reality TV couple considering how thirsty they are, well their delusions of grandeur are just too good not to.

In part three of Slade and Gretchen’s appearance on The Tomorrow Show, the perpetually engaged couple open up about why they haven’t walked down the aisle and how Bravo “manipulated” their “reality so poorly.”

However, the kicker comes when Slade claims he’s ALWAYS had a job and Gretchen claims he’s NEVER been a deadbeat dad.

The million dollar question for Slade and Gretchen is why haven’t they married yet?

Gretchen says they haven’t walked down the aisle for many reasons including Slade’s son’s health, financial reasons, and the fact that they are trying to have a baby via IVF.

“Well here’s the thing, Slade and I don’t necessarily do things small. I mean who knows we might just tomorrow go and decide we’re gonna elope but we don’t normally do things small. We kinda like extravagant, big, over the top things. Feels a little irresponsible right now to go do that when you know his son is struggling still, we’re going through some you know, financial stuff with that still and always,” Gretchen explains. “Um, we’re trying to have a baby that’s very expensive especially because he had a vasectomy 15 years ago and we’re having to do IVF. Um, so our money right now is really being focused on these other things. We don’t feel like going and spending $200,000 on a wedding as the most responsible thing do right now. We feel like we’re already married, we don’t feel like having a certificate that says we’re married is gonna show that we love or committed anymore to each other. So that’s just where we stand today. Now if I win the lottery tomorrow or I just have stupid money bleeding out of you know, the backyard on trees, then I might go ‘Ok let’s throw a big wedding.’”

Slade then jumps in and claims he’s ALWAYS had a job but says he couldn’t discuss it for privacy reasons.

“My company is a privacy company, and we do some things with the DOD and the DOJ…It’s something that obviously we didn’t talk about a lot. Uh, we’ve only recently started making this technology available to the private sector. Before that, it was just government contracts. So not something that I talk about a lot. Um, and on the show, you know, their whole story is, ‘oh, he doesn’t have a job. Like, he, he’s not really working.’ And, and so we’re in, in line, uh, getting on a flight somewhere, 300 and some passengers, and some woman is very excited because she’s a fan of the show, and she wants to come up and take pictures, and so we take pictures, and she’s very nice, and she wants to call her husband and she can’t wait to tell him that, you know, she had a chance to meet us. So she calls the husband, and she’s on speakerphone, and she’s standing in line with all these people. And she’s like, ‘oh, it’s so great. You know, I got to meet Gretchen and Slade, and they were so nice.’ And on the speakerphone you hear him go, ‘oh, does that douchebag have a job yet?’…It just kinda shows you how damaging that the perception that the network wants to put out there about you for their story when people really don’t know the truth.”

Gretchen says that Bravo not only manipulated their reality with Slade’s job but also with his child support payments.

In fact, Gretchen says Bravo distorted her and Slade’s reality so much that it forced them to leave RHOC.

‘There was this entity that he was not able to discuss at the time. And so it’s something that we got so frustrated about because, you know, if the network ever paid Slade for an appearance, the money would go directly to Grayson’s [Slade’s son with brain cancer], uh, charity, and they knew it, because we’ve had them pay the foundation and they would still allow the women to say he’s a deadbeat dad, doesn’t take care of his son,” Gretchen explained. “So it’s stuff like that that was really difficult on us, and it’s part of the reason that we honestly left because they just manipulated our reality so poorly…I literally catch him [Slade] in the bathroom in the middle of the night bawling his eyes out because of the situation with his son, and I see how actively involved he is with his son and, and the issues that he’s going through and you have people literally in, in 144 countries watching this show that are going, ‘you’re a deadbeat piece of shit dad,’ it’s horrific.”

I have so many issues with Gretchen and Slade’s claims, first, if Slade always had this job why wouldn’t he say I have a job with the government, and it can’t be discussed any further than that. Plain and simple, dude. As for the child support issue if Slade was really paying it then why not bring the receipts to prove it. Gretchen could bring email proof she was offered acting jobs and the Fox 5 news job but can’t locate evidence that Slade’s paid his child support? Now I was never a Gretchen and Slade hater but I think if these rumors were lies they could have done a better job of clearing their names.

Thoughts on Gretchen and Slade’s interview? Why do you think Gretchen and Slade haven’t tied the knot yet? Do you think Bravo manipulated Gretchen and Slade’s reality? Do you believe Slade’s always had a job and just couldn’t talk about it? Was Slade a deadbeat dad? Would Slade and Gretchen come back to RHOC if Bravo asked them?

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  • I do believe that Slade paid child support and I don’t believe he was ever a “deadbeat dad.” He’s a complete douche who spent money like it was salt water when he was making it, and lost everything when the bottom fell out. Tamra was the author of the “deadbeat dad” story. HOWEVER, I don’t believe AT ALL it was their choice to leave the show. On the special Bravo did on RHOC’s season 8, Andy Cohen and other producers flat out said Gretchen “couldn’t get out of her own way.” They didn’t have the storyline, so they made it up. The Bentley gift was fake, they weren’t doing a wedding, they weren’t having a baby, they just kept faking different shit. I mean, she went as far as to pretend to like Tamra LOL. They were let go. Production would no way have flat out said that on national TV if it weren’t true. Now their reasons for not having a wedding are their business. I don’t care how douchey you are, I don’t wish a sick child on anyone and honestly can’t claim to have any idea what that’s like, nor do I wish to criticize their life choices now that they’re not in the public eye anymore. They should do themselves a huge favor and stop doing interviews, but unfortunately they seem to desperately need the money. Too bad Slade didn’t make smarter investments with his money than flashy cars and wrist watches back in 2006. :-/

  • I think they’re fake AF, but I would never ask anyone to provide proof of child support payments because they’re on a reality show. Slade really doesn’t have to provide financial statements. It’s none of our business. I’m sure the guy pays what he can when he can. Otherwise we’d be the first to hear if he was hauled into court.

    The $200,000 wedding – oh please!! That’s the real reason you don’t want to get married. That shows just how shallow and ignorant they really are. Just because you had a cup of coffee on TV doesn’t entitle you to such a waste of $. This is just because Bravo doesn’t give a shit about them and won’t pay for it. Same old story. As for the IVF… he’s sterile. Go to a sperm bank and buy some. Insert with Turkey Baster and be done with it FFS. It’s more like she probably can’t get pregnant but then again it’s probably a blessing.

  • By working with the DOJ, Slade must mean they were taking him to trial for failing to make child support payments?

  • Blah, blah, blah, don’t wanna hear or see anything about these losers. THEY’RE NOT RELEVANT ANYMORE!!!

  • It’s so funny how ALL of these reality people . .when things don’t go their way . .it is ‘ editing’ to blame !!!! I do not believe that Slade was working 9-5 during the time he was on the show at all. And to say it was the Producers fault for allowing the other ladies call him deadbeat is ridiculous . .the producers do not control what the Housewives say ! Her evidence that he is not a deadbeat dad is to state that IF BRAVO paid him for an appearance they had BRAVO pay the appearance fee directly to his son’s charity. Well firstly Child Support is a monthly payment . . .not a payment made when your Boss gives you a bonus !!!! And how was he working full time at this Privacy Company back then, when he was busy packing your purses for you . . .and trying to be a Comedian ( on the backs on all the ladies ) and trying to be a radio announcer !!!!! And we all know that the real reason they are not married is because (1) they are waiting for some TV show to pay for the whole thing (2) Once he marries her . . his debts become her debts !!!! By the way saw them on Marriage Bootcamp . .she was unbelievable . . if it was possible to dislike her even more . . than watch it. She would not come out of her room unless her full hair and makeup was done . .and then she sat on the couch in a designer dress. She did not participate or understand the premises of the show at all! And do we really think at almost 40 . . . .you are still trying IVF . . .you were pretending to do that like 5 years ago !!!

  • That whole interview was a big batch of horse shit. Dumbest thing I have read in a long time. If anyone believed this crap we just read, please contact me, I have some ocean front property out in Nebraska I’d like to sell you.

  • LOL! Gretchen! They left the show. LOL! You’s got fired. Made up storyline. Bought own engagement ring. Won’t marry unless someone else pays for it – she pretty much just said that in the interview.

    • Yes!! Also she doesnt want to be responsible for his debt if she marries him. Didnt Andy Cohen say once that she was (paraphrasing here) fired as a housewive for exaggerating her storyline to remain relevant.

    • They think they can lie and no one will call them on it . She was fired for being fake and she still is

  • Hold on Lara! Slade doesn’t have to prove he makes child support payments. That was all Tamara and she had no right to say that without her proving he doesn’t. I think she got a taste of her own medicine with her problems with Sidney.

    • Couldn’t agree more even though I feel bad talking about her karma (Tamra’s) in this manner.
      And seriously, wtf and why in the eff does Slade have to prove he’s paying child support to a bunch of nosey women whose business it is not? I’m still not sure what my opinion is, if he pays or if he doesn’t…but it’s not everyone’s business.

    • He was so far behind he should have been in jail but he wasn’t due to suck son . Tamra was hyped up due to his baby mama crying about him and that’s why she said what she did .

      • And I don’t agree with Karma with her daughter either . Different situations and the son decided to not engage with Simon due to that and didn’t want to visit or speak to him . It’s sad ; the kids were in same school and due to daughter going with Simon, Spence( name?) and her didn’t speak to each other I think ??

  • They are either smoking crack or have been hanging around Crooks- because none of this makes sense and the excuses are quite laughable.

    • Exactly and coming from one with certain ties , I would have to say he is a big liar face . Small very small tiny chance I’m wrong .

    • Right..he went from mortgage broker to doing top secret government work. Not true. And the real reason they aren’t married is so his ex can’t access Gretchen’s money. Oh, and their very fake marriage proposal. Yeah…and it was Bravo who was distorting reality. Right.

      • Exactly, because as soon as he gets married to her his ex can go HAM on Gretchens assets also in order to get money from Shade sorry Slade.

  • I knew it Slade is a Secret Agent, lol. Seriously if the DOD and DOJ are relying n this guy. I’m not going to lie, I’m worried. Wasn’t he a mortgage guy, turned Jos agent, then HWs hanger on, now we’re sopposed to believe he’s a tech guy? Sorry, I’m giving this whole Slade working with govt the side eye.