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Joanna Krupa Addresses Divorce From Romain Zago: “I Was Blindsided”

Joanna Krupa may already have a new man but the former Real Housewives of Miami star is now speaking out about her painful divorce from Romain Zago.

In a new interview with InTouch Joanna admits that she was “caught off guard” when Romain asked for a divorce in mid-December 2016.

“I spent many nights crying. It was the worst Christmas imaginable, “ Joanna explained. “I felt like my life had been turned upside down, and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I cried. I couldn’t eat. I probably lost about 7 pounds.”

“I was heartbroken. He had wanted a family, but I was always traveling and made work my priority. As time has gone on, I’ve realized we were both unhappy,” she added.

Now, seven months later the model turned reality star is on the mend and ready to reclaim her happiness.

“I feel alive again. I finally woke up one day thinking, ‘I’ve got to get myself together.’ I had been dead inside. I realized I’m healthy, I’m successful, I have an amazing family and friends, what am I crying about? Life is too short.”

Joanna says she and Romain are on “great terms” and speak every day.

“We were together 10 years, and I want to respect that,” Joanna admits. ” We were both at fault, we both neglected the relationship, but we’ve found forgiveness. I’m finally enjoying life again. I’m going out to dinners with friends and planning a vacation.”

I think it’s odd that Joanna and her ex-speak everyday considering they don’t share kids or anything but to each their own. It’s sad to see any marriage fail but perhaps these two can find new relationships that will make them happy and fulfilled.

Are you surprised Joanna was “blindsided” by her divorce? Is it odd that Joanna and Romain still talk daily?

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  • Sheba

    This made me so sad. I was rooting for this couple. It was obvious how in love they were and they both said they may someday make it work. I believe her because I followed them both on Twitter and about that time, Romain made a really odd comment about shutting down all social media and something else but was so long ago I can’t remember. They were the most beautiful couple I’ve ever saw and hope they end up remarried.

  • Emilia 221

    I used to watch Bravo when her show was on. Rumors were that she was a beard for him. It was predicted they’d divorce after the show went off the air. And when it did, Joanna removed all Romain from her SM. It seemed they’d been separated since before the finale aired.

    • Vita40

      Sorry, but you are incorrect about some of your information. I follow her on social media, and she and Romain posted pictures/videos of each other and tagged each other on Instagram quite often, after the show was no longer airing. That went on for quite some time. Now, more recently yes, they stopped tagging/liking/posting.

  • Dave

    Not buying it, imo their whole relationship seemed fake. Doesn’t make sense to get married when one wants to have a calm life and the other just wants to get drunk and fight all the time.

  • samael

    They both filed for divorce…how is that “blindsided”?

  • September24

    BS she was surprised! Work was her priority. She was the priority. Romain never was. Wish it could have worked out – they would have beautiful children.

  • michers

    Not buying she was blindsided.They had issues before even married . She is full of ___.