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Do You Believe Karen Huger Has Secret Boyfriend Named Blue Eyes?

Accusations of infidelity were flying during part 2 of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion.

The most shocking? Charrisse Jackson-Jordan’s claim that Karen Huger has been unfaithful to her husband of 20 years and has a boy toy on the side!

So, So, scandalous!

“People say you have a boyfriend. Do I talk about that?”Charrisse says. “Blue Eyes or whatever his name is?”

The accusation shocked the Potomac cast, and their OMG reactions were all caught on camera.

Meanwhile, Karen played coy about the rumor and claimed it was from years ago.

So, who is Blue Eyes?

Well, some claim he’s Karen’s bodyguard while others say he’s her driver.

What do know is, Blue Eyes does exist, and all of the ladies have met him.

RHOP newbie Monique Samuels commented on the Charrisse’s allegations following the reunion.

And while Monique isn’t sure the rumors about Karen and Blue Eyes are real she was “very shocked that Charrisse went there” at the reunion.

“Who knows if it’s true. That remains to be seen. I have met a blue-eyed gentleman who I thought was her driver, but then she said security. So maybe he’s her security driver, so I don’t know. I have met ‘Blue Eyes.’ A few of us have met him before,” Monique tells The Daily Dish. “But whatever their relationship is beyond that, I can’t speak on. Unless I see something with my own eyes, I don’t believe it happened.”

As for now only time will tell if Blue Eyes and Karen are a secret item or not. But you know what they say where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

I think it’s clear that Karen has a lot of skeleton’s in her closet she’s trying to hide so who knows if there’s any truth to this allegation or not. Somehow, I think there’s a hint of truth to this rumor.

Thoughts on Charrisse’s allegation? Do you think Karen is having an affair? Does Karen have skeleton’s in her closet? Are you surprised the cast has met Blue Eyes?

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  • I really doubt it. Sure she makes a spectacle with her outlandish show of affection towards her husband but I think she genuinely loves him.

  • I doubt it’s true but I also doubt we will ever get a straight answer from Karen. She has a Phaedra-like way of stepping around questions without answering them. To me, that type of deception is always suspect.

  • No . I think when they make assumptions sometimes about each other people take it and run with it thus, creating the gossip . I really don’t see her doubt that to her hubs

  • So no one can talk about Charisse or Eddie, but she can go around and spread rumors? She is bizarre.
    I still want to know how Monique’s friend “knows”

    • Naughty you but me too lol
      Charisse is odd ; weird accentuation a with speech , pretends she’s a rapper one minute but classy host the next … She’s a mess and annoying as hell .

      • She also is kinda like Diana Ross, sometimes looks good sometimes (more often) looks like she needs a bath.

        • OMG- I was trying to figure what wanted to say but ya nailed it lol! Some talking heads , some episodes and so on – she looks great ! Then others I’m like wth is going on ?