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Is Gretchen Rossi Returning To RHOC To Out Eddie Judge?

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley recently appeared on The Tomorrow Show and made some pretty thirsty claims about the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Part one of their interview is here.

Being that Gretchen and Slade are super desperate and had so much to spill we decided to break down their interview into several parts.

During this part of the interview, Gretchen confirms she will be appearing on the RHOC this season but hints that her return won’t be dramatic at all.

Oddly enough, Gretchen swears she’s not returning to RHOC to out Eddie; admitting if that was her motive she would have done it years ago.

“I did come and film 1 episode for Vicki’s party and– because Vicki and I are legit good friends now. She invited me to her birthday party and I went. But let me just tell you if I was coming back to out Eddie, that would have happened a long time ago.”

Gretchen and her long-time douchebag boyfriend Slade Smiley recently revealed that they believe the rumors that Eddie Judge is gay.

However, Gretchen wasn’t done talking about RHOC and went on to gush about how much Bravo loves Shannon Beador’s marital issues.

Gretchen says Bravo sees Shannon and David’s issues as TV gold; insisting that the network can’t wait for them to implode because it will be great for the ratings.

“I think that Shannon has definitely had some issues with her marriage and I think that slowly things keep seeping out and I think that there has been some ‘oops’ moments like the phone call that she made to Vicki about being abused or hit or whatever, by David and I think that these things are slowly kind of seeping out,” Gretchen explains.“And she’s trying really hard to keep the lid on it. But I know that the network loves that kind of stuff. Because they’re just like at some point they’re like the lids going to get blown and it’s gonna make such great TV.”

As for her own time on RHOC, Gretchen says it was nothing but stressful.

“The night before the reunion show I literally was on my floor, curled up, hurled up in a bottle and I—fetal position. And I looked at him [Slade Smiley] and I was like I’m going to wake up and have cancer from this show…I felt like I was losing my own self-integrity through the show because you just have to kinda become this other person then, then what you really are in your real life in order to stay involved in it.

It seems to me that Gretchen is taking on Vicki’s opinion of Shannon BIG TIME, more on that in a minute. First off, Gretchen claims to be a HUGE gay advocate and supporter but the fact that she would label someone gay and even think about outing them on TV is disgusting. Talk about being thirsty. It seems to me that Gretchen has issues with Shannon which makes no sense. I get that Shannon’s marriage issues are good for ratings but Gretchen seems to almost be salivating at the idea of Shannon and David’s marriage imploding. Meanwhile, Gretchen is full of shit and would return to Housewives in a minute if they asked her. Gretchen would sell her self-integrity to the highest bidder if it put her back on RHOC.

Thoughts on Gretchen’s claims? Is Gretchen disgusting for even thinking of outing Eddie? Does Bravo love Shannon and David’s marriage issues? Will David and Shannon’s marriage implode? Did Gretchen become a different person and hide her real life on RHOC? Do you think Gretchen lost her self-integrity while being a Housewife?

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  • Ok come on. Who has not looked at Eddie Judge and thought this guy is either Gay or Bi…..Just because she outed him does not make her not like gay people it makes her mean for not minding her own business. I am sure there are literaaly hundreds of gay men wondering why this gym bunny has not stood up for his community given the platform he has and come out of the closet.
    She done thrm both a favor in my book.

    • Not me. He looks gay? That’s not even a thing, and it’s so offensive. Gay people, like straight people, come in all shapes, sizes, looks and behaviors.

  • Btw the real story is coming from Tamra’s ex bff Ricky who claims he walked in on Eddie having sex with another man. Gretchen was reacting to hearing that story from him. And with how vile Tamra was to Gretchen from day one who can blame Gretchen for running with it really. I think Tamra and Eddie have an open relationship and she should just own it and be honest about her life for once.

    • Gretchen was also an ass ; it was a two street and Gretchen wanted to be her friend again . Gretchen got called out and was backed into a legal corner because of it . She shouldn’t have been dirty and had a younger BF on the side who called Tamra and Simon

    • Wow, good info Dave! I just don’t like anyone’s sexual proclivities used against them and Gretchen seems happy to do so. Now, I hate Tamrot, and Eddy seems slick and a bit sleepy. From the start their relationship seemed phony to me, so almost anything done to her that would rain on her parade sounds swell to me.

    • If this were true, don’t we all think that Ricky would be selling that story? He’s an angry ex-friend out to get Tamra.

  • NO, NO, NO! A while back, I might have said, eh..okay if she returns. But, I don’t want to see her back, not with that agenda, certainly not to “call out” anyone!! With Slade for a mate, I don’t think she can talk about any of the girls and Lydia. I don’t think we really have to entertain this idea though. Bravo doesn’t like her or Spade anymore than we do!

  • I usually like Gretchen but she’s scraping the barrel for a storyline. The producers want her and Tamra’s old friend Ricky to stir shit up and throw claims out about Eddie being gay. Disappointed in Gretchen unless this will secure her a spot for next season, otherwise it’s just a classless move on her part.

  • I don’t know if Eddie is gay and I don’t care. I DO know that Shannon is an awful person and that she is annoying me with every single minute she is on the screen. She is an argumentative person and a nag. I feel sorry for her family. She is loud, screechy and horrible…just like Vicki. That’s why they don’t get along….they are alike.

  • Gretchen is not being offensive, this blog is really reaching to bash her. She’s commenting on a rumor that’s been out there since day one. Anyone who didn’t get a gaydar ping from Eddie must be blind and deaf.

    • I think it is offensive to say, if you knew what I know we’d all know he’s gay. That’s not right.

      • I had heard for past 4 years that Eddie has a lover at the Gym, and the lover is growing tired of Not having some limelight

  • So low …. And if Bravo rehired her to do such a thing they’d have issues to include legal ones .
    Secondly – LOL Dirty Gertie – friends ? Legit ? With Vicki ? Oh me sides!!!!! Gosh you are dumb . You were a filler honey . If she wasn’t on the outs with her old friends you’d never be invited and furthermore , what did Jeff die from ? Hope not cancer . What would that really say about you ??

  • Gretchen’s not outing Eddie. Plenty of others already have. She’s just asking for clarification on the rumor.

    • She’s desperate and will do anything like you said . She’s sold her soul many years ago

  • I personally didn’t get that G has all this hate for Shannon. Clearly she watches the show and sees what we all see in David & Shannon’s marriage (a ticking time bomb). And she was on the show and knows how things work, so she knows damn well just like the rest of us, Bravo is milking Shanon & David’s issues. As they should, they signed on and continue to sign on to be a part of reality show. Now I am not saying she isn’t influenced by Vicki. However, I just don’t see the extreme dislike in the quotes you posted.