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Tamra Judge Calls Vicki Gunvalson “Delusional” And Laughs At Vicki’s Claims That She Owes Her An Apology!

Tamra Judge is telling it how it is!

In her first Bravo blog of season 12, Tamra is calling out all the bullshit. #YesBishYes

The veteran Real Housewives of Orange County star is responding to her former BFF Vicki Gunvalson’s claims; calling Vicki “delusional” while laughing off the idea that she owes Vicki an apology.

However, Tamra’s blog isn’t all sass. She also talks about her rekindled friendship with Lydia McLaughlin and how hard it is for her to see Shannon Beador struggle with her weight.

See what else Tamra had to say below!

How’s everyone doing? Hope you’re having a nice summer. It’s good to be back.  

AVA BAY-BA as I call her, isn’t she the cutest little red head you’ve ever seen? I can’t wait for you to get to know her better. She is a funny little girl with lots of facial expressions and attitude. She looks just like her daddy with her mama’s smile…and ears. Next week is her second birthday and you’re all invited. 

Lydia’s back! 

When I got baptized I had not talked to Lydia in some time. She had moved to Newport, had another baby, and we just lost touch. When she found out about my baptism she sent me the sweetest text and we met for lunch. As a new Christian it’s really important for me to surround myself with other Christian friends, so I’m very excited about Lydia’s return.

Lydia invited me to her bible study and I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know any of her friends and I’m always afraid I’m going to say the wrong thing or ask the wrong question. All of her friends were so nice and made me feel comfortable. To have them pray over me showed me what true compassionate women they are and how lucky I was to meet them.

When Lydia started talking about Vicki I really didn’t want to tell her all the things that had transpired last year. I’m really trying to keep things in my life positive and I didn’t want Lydia to get involved. In my eyes it was over and I had moved on. Going to lunch with Vicki is not something I wanted to do and I didn’t know how to tell her.

I knew when I told Eddie that Lydia asked me to go to lunch with Vicki he wouldn’t think it was a good idea. We’ve talked about this a lot and when someone starts attacking your family there is no going back. It really does come down to this…if someone has no problem lying about their life, they will have no problem lying about yours. That’s not the kind of friendships I want. She’s had six months to call me and Eddie to apologize and she hasn’t. If this was something Vicki felt in her heart that she wanted to do I would be more than happy to, but that’s not the case. At that time I truly wished her well but I needed to remove myself from her toxic behavior. 

Kasey is my beautiful niece (my brother, Kenny’s daughter) and my God-daughter. I love taking her out and spoiling her. So when she told me she didn’t know what she was going to wear to winter formal, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take her shopping with Shannon and Sophie. Ohh to be young again, the girls looked beautiful in all the dresses. 

It breaks my heart to see Shannon so unhappy. We have become so close over the past two years and I’d have to say she has the kindest heart and is a wonderful friend. We talk a lot about what’s going on with her and I just want to see her happy with herself. I know she will lose the weight and I can’t wait to see her back to her confident self.   

It seems like Vicki had a lot of negative things to say about me in this episode. Here are just a few of her immature comments that truly show her character:

“Her gym that has an empty parking lot.”

“Who cares about her fitness competition? Go to work.”

“They’re not the popular girls. We’re the popular girls. They want to be like us and they can’t be.”

“Tamra has lots of skeletons in her closet.”

Vicki is truly delusional, she insults me, my husband, my business, my fitness competition and the relationship with my daughter, just in the first episode. Then says how SHE was done wrong and how I owe her an apology. PLEASE! It’s almost laughable. I think we all know why she’s been called a liar.

Kelly’s comment about my competition was ignorant. I would love to see Vicki and Kelly go through the training for six months and step on a stage. Everyone there was a winner in my eyes for having the discipline, setting a goal, and sticking to it. It’s a lot more work than picking up weights every day, but I wouldn’t expect them to understand that.  

I’m sorry you can tell by Vicki’s comments listed above that she is petty and immature. The whole “popular girls” thing takes the cake. What is this high school? A woman in her 50’s should give two shits about being popular. I don’t think Tamra or Shannon owe Vicki an apology especially over Brooks’ cancer scam. Vicki was in the wrong, and she needs to own it!

Thoughts on Tamra’s blog? Do you think Vicki is delusional? Does Tamra owe Vicki an apology? Should Vicki apologize to Tamra and Eddie for her comments about Eddie’s sexuality? Can Vicki and Tamra ever be friends again? Do you think Tamra will help Shannon lose weight?

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  • As much as I dislike Tamra, I can’t disagree with a single word she says. That being said, if two cast members want nothing to do with another and have cut them out of their lives, watching them forcefully film together just because they “need” to be on TV is awkward and no fun. I think Tamra and Shannon hold on to this show for dear life and being the two women that dont want to film with Vicki- because she is the OG and will never leave, is ridiculous.

  • I’ve said it once and I will say it again. I do not believe Tamra has changed! I believe this is an act. Let’s not forget the last time she said she had changed and then goes screaming and running through a hotel after being a complete witch to other people. I have watched this show too long to believe she has done a 180 in personality. The Watch What Crappens guys said it best – Tamra is basically a convicted felon on death row who starts shouting Jesus every time she speaks until her sentence gets commuted to life in jail. Sorry i just can’t believe it, not yet I would need another two seasons.

    • I think Tamra is the same woman she’s always been… nasty, cunning and spiteful but then invokes Jesus’s name and religion when she’s in a hot spot. I believe she is more religious now but a leopard never changes her spots. She tried to hide behind Christianity but the old Tamra never left. Vicky does the same thing. Religion is a just an excuse for bad behavior. Lydia is the only true Christian and walks the walk.

    • I know , right ??. Vicki is not only disgusting, but also insane . This is taking being ‘unaware’ to a whole new dimension.
      Happy Monday ?

      • Happy Monday Rain! Hope you had a great weekend! I will agree she was extra cray-cray during the first episode. I’m just over the victim mentality – MOVE ON. Am I right? Vicki needs to put on her big girl panties and take accountability. Will you be tweeting with us tonight? xo Lara

        • I feel that Vicki has no other storyline than playing victim now . That and her love tank of course ?? I just can’t stand the woman . She’s devoid of any decency or sense of awareness.
          But I’m actually NOT watching the show (for now) in protest . I’ll probably break down eventually and watch ???.
          But I do enjoy reading about the episodes and commenting . Have a good day Lara ??

          • Hahaha hey good for you taking a stand! When and if you breakdown make sure you join us! Thanks Rain hope you have a good day too.

            • Oh of course ! I’m constantly reading and commenting on the stories . The minute Vicki turns on Kelly, I’m tuning in ?????

              • I think it’ll be Kelly who turns on Vicki actually. She wants to make up with Shannon and Tamra.

                • I think Kelly would only do that AFTER VIcki dumps her , sort of a reaction . We shall see I guess ??

      • Ughhhh… I really don’t know what else we can say about her that hasn’t been said ! It’s just frustrating the she has a green light to continue this debacle .
        Happy day to you as well honey

        • This is why I struggle with this OG nonsense. Being OG doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fired for outrageous lies and behavior ! Argh

          • Yeah really . Until Brooks , I was ok as a viewer with her . Sure she still had annoying moments and was hypocritical but most of the women doing these shows are !

            • Brooks was a game changer and took things to an unforgivable level . Same as Pheadra with those ‘rumors’.

    • Hey Michers! Hope your having a great Monday so far! Vicki was straight up delusional in the first episode and her first blog! I just can’t get over Vicki saying she wanted to be a popular girl – WTF? I’m going to hold that against her all season LOL! She’s too old to care about being popular – she’s not in high school or pledging a sorority. xo Lara

      • Hi and good morning Lara !! I cringed when she said that on top of being grossed out that Kelly now goes to her work just as Tams used to ! Vicki is going to keep going for shock and awe as Andy and Bravo have allowed her to do so . Considering she is still filming after cancer gate , it will take an act of God or Congress to remove her from our tv. Hope you have a great Monday !