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Siggy Flicker Announces Her Return For Season 8; Plus Spills On What Fans Can Expect To See!

Siggy Flicker is back!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star officially announced her return for season 8.

“Guess what I’m back,” Siggy announced in a video on Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

So, what can fans expect from season 8?

“I’m not going to say that this season we get along about everything,” Siggy hints. “We do have our ups and down, just like any authentic friendship. We fight, we make up, but at the end of the day, I love being with them.”

However, there’s no official word yet on who else will be joining Siggy for the new season but we do have our suspicions.

From what we can gather the season 8 cast will consist of returning Housewives Siggy, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Dolores Catania.

We also know that newbie Margaret Josephs will be joining the mix and former RHONJ star Danielle Staub is also jumping back into the drama.

Meanwhile, it’s still uncertain how big or small Margaret and Danielle’s  roles will be in season 8. The question on everyone’s mind is will Danielle and Margaret be full-time Housewives or merely friends. Don’t leave us hanging, Bravo!

I mean most true RHONJ fans already know who will be a part of the season 8 cast; it’s just up to Bravo to confirm it at this point. Oh, the games Bravo plays. I don’t get why Bravo acts like fans don’t know who has already been filming the show – leaks, spoilers, and pictures have been everywhere. I think Bravo should just announce the returning veteran Housewives before filming starts to save everyone a big headache.

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Are you surprised Bravo is playing dumb about the season 8 cast? Why do think Bravo is taking their time with confirming the cast? Do you think Margaret and Danielle will be full-time cast members? Does Danielle deserve to be full-time or will she do better as a friend? Are you excited Siggy is back?

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  • Off Topic – FYI – Hold on there Kiddy Kats. I couldn’t get Shipp back but…Ta Da, I got Khipp. YAY! Not much of a difference, same avatar. Now I’m happy.

    Sorry for the confusion with Chaplin’s Hat. What a cluster muck deleting and re-entering. Now I have to delete Chaplins posts. Oy my head.

  • Im only looking forward to Teresa’s. scenes. Gonna be very short episodes for me?????
    Fast forwarding Messy’s annoying scenes immediately. The others scenes may go serve myself a cocktail may not forward as fast as Messy’s.

  • It’s going to be interesting to see how ziggy deals with Kim D – her bff – slamming and lying about Teresa either getting a divorce or cheating on joe etc. her M.O. is to giggle and walk away..isn’t she a relationship expert?

    • See ,that’s too much trouble to have a friend to me ! The Sig continues to surround herself around troublemaking instigating fools who spread malicious stories about other women who have truly been welcoming and genuine to her . I get that some can be friends with everyone however at some point among SO much nasty , you need to make some choices . I have been able to be a friend with others who don’t mesh well with everyone j DJ but they aren’t slandering them either lol. I think she meant and means well but that’s just too much toxicity to try and be peacemaker

      • it’s a mystery to me how both ziggy and Dullores allow their bff to do this without standing up for Teresa. What kind of friendship is that?

          • That’s it September24 – how sincere is this ziggy if she can be buds with kimD and still call Teresa a friend?

          • Good morning Just

            Prison changes people, that is not me being naive, this is me using real judgement about Teresa and how she deals with issues, and she has changed. Teresa is not a whore

            • If she is seeing another man at this point I hardly think that would make her a whore. I kinda hope she is. There has to be a lot of resentment under Tre’s cool exterior and she needs to release that and find happiness elsewhere. I don’t think Juicy is worth waiting for.

              • Well – she is married and that would do it. Teresa is a family person and believes in wedding vows and is learning she is able to be a strong single parent with the help of family.

                Everyone deserve’s a second chance, this is his – I feel.

    • Siggy is no relationship expert, so there’s that.

      Ever hear of that old saying, “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”?

      Jac, Kim D & Dolores. Need I say more?

        • She’s gotta be talking out of both sides of her mouth, sam. No doubt about it.

          Besides the fact, she needs a real friend to tell her to get a haircut. Pronto.

          It drives me nuts, I tell ya. Especially with all that goddam crying she does. It’s gotta be like wet mop!

          • yeesh…kinda weird that she is buds with Teresa – cuz that is not Teresa’s demeanor at all.

  • I’m good with the season 8 cast just as long as Teresa is still a full-time housewife and the Laurita and Wakile families are not featured this season!

    This season is like a mystery so far. I kinda like a that! Last season, Jaq was on social media trying to get the world to hate Teresa. I’m sure Bravo will allow a few storyline leaks to help promote the show. Which, Kim D. and her notorious benefit fashion show was leaked. But, did Kim D. make the cut?

    • You make a great point! It will be refreshing to see the show where everyone does like each other. No-one bringing hatred like Jac and Kat – they obviously had their own agenda’s and it failed. I love Kim D and she can scream from the rooftops about Tre all she wants, no-one cares anymore. Tre was interesting before her incarceration and after her release. Get used to it.

        • I don’t like watching Teresa because you say she’s a bafoon. I speak only for myself, not all the “people”, but Teresa was put in different situations and seeing how she handled herself (on and off camera) was interesting. She had her own family publicly turn on her for fame and fortune. Her so-called friends even turned on her, too. Then, of course, the indictments and guilty plea during season 6 was played on RHONJ, but more brutally in mainstream media. Then, of course, Teresa’s release from Danbury was filmed for the show. IMO, Teresa’s life is the closest to “REAL” reality

          • Ugh suddenly a migraine .. Anywhoo , well said honey 🙂
            One thing I did always like about Teresa was how she conducted herself no matter the poo flung at her especially from people so close to her ! From her social media to interviews she is a model employee to Bravo. Hate all ya want but ya can’t say that’s false 🙂

            • How in the world would you know she is a model employee????? I have no idea and neither do you…

              • You’re so funny ! You stay on ready to try and argue .
                If you read properly and not just try and find something to argue , what I am saying is that based on what she has shown us in comparison to other HWs and social etiquette and behaviors , she wins in that category . She doesn’t Twitter beef, run to blogs or mags about the others and refrained from low blowing back when they have come for her. It does not mean I’m hugging trees or anything lol ; just pointing that out .

              • Yes Tre is a model employee. She said as much to Andy at one of the reunions and he agreed. Too bad you don’t watch the show. You would know all this.

          • Teresa was “Put into different situations”???? Teresa put herself in all of those situations (with the help of Joe) and then CHOSE to make it public. Life is all about choices. She made and makes poor CHOICES…. for money.

            • What poor choices is she currently making?
              Appearing on the show is a no brainer considering the massive debts, etc., so what could they be?

      • I wish Kim D. never publicly admonished a murdered man for driving her car the night of his murder. The thing that turned me against Kim D. was allowing Bravo cameras to film a benefit for the murdered man knowing how notorious her fashion shows get. Kim D. could have easily said, “NO!” when asked to film at that particular benefit. But, you know, who knows what Kim D. was told when they filmed at her benefit fashion show? Still, by now, I think most Housewives viewers know how low Bravo Andy will go for drama. Uhm….Russell Armstrong (RIP).

        • Thats my problem with Kim, too. The blatant exploitation.

          I have no problem with her shit stirring. Girl can’t help herself!

    • Hi CS!!!! I’m glad those two are find but I think Jac feeds Dullo and Sig. Hope Sig put end to that fit herself

  • Authentic friendships? There is nothing authentic about Ms Marco. Scammer. Wants viewer money to pay her mortgage. I will take “on the fence” Siggy and “Dull as Dirt” Dolores over her.

  • Bravo is playing themselves . We already knew basically last few months who was filming , they went to Italy , there were some petty cat fights allegedly … I really don’t think there is much to surprise it hide from us at this point lol